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Learning the Art of Self Development we learn about power of mind, consciousness, mindfulness, true love, and we become aware of the possibility to live life in harmony with ourselves, our neighbours, our relatives, our parents, animals, plants, and the planet Earth.  Through a process of self-discovery, we will learn mindfulness, we will get in touch with conscious behaviour and change our attitudes so that we are not ruled by instincts, habits and someone else’s beliefs.

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Free Self-Development Course Download

Online Life Coaching, Free Self Development Friday 12 April 2013 at 8:05 pm

Online Life Coaching

Free Self-Development Tools

We have created for you two Alchemy of Love Self-Development Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting.

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Self Development Course Program

Alchemy of Love Courses Friday 12 April 2013 at 7:34 pm

Online Life Coaching

Alchemy of Love Self-Development Courses Program

12 Modules to Deeply Understand Your Soul 
by Nuit

Alchemy of Love Courses: Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting: 12 Weeks full of Spiritual and Personal Development Transformation Tools

is my newest program that combines meditationmindfulness exercises, soul’s diaryspiritual diaryrelationship contracts, and many other daily spiritual transformation tools to help you live your highest potential.

The course material is available for immediate download as a pdf file. 

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