What is Love

What is Unconditional Love Spiritual Quotes Tuesday 11 February 2014 at 09:46 am

Spiritual Quotes

What is Love Spiritual Quotes

Reaching our highest potential, we learn about the energy of love, of falling in love, we explore the flow of energies within our body, and its use to stay healthy and happy.

Training Love and Conscious Relationships

Ama alchemy of love quote by Nuit about love and suffering
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How to Exercise Mindfulness

How to be mindful Friday 24 January 2014 at 11:01 am

Mindfulness Training

How to Be Mindful, How to Exercise Mindfulness

 works with continuous awareness of body, breath; feelings, thoughts, intentions.  Our state of mind, our positive or negative attitude towards the world, is closely related to our experiences of happiness or suffering.   is awareness of everything that is happening in the moment of 'Now'.  Mindfulness is a self development technique that will change the focus of our mind towards happiness.

How to exercise mindfulness, Mindful Being by Nuit quote about happiness and suffering

What is Mindfulness?

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Olivera Rosić

Interview with Co-Author of Mindful Eating with Deliciously Raw Vegan Book Monday 25 November 2013 at 09:53 am

Mindful Eating Book

Deliciously Raw Vegan Olivera 

Olivera loves raw food and whole-heartedly believes in its health benefits.  Olivera is passionate about good tasting food.  She manages to convince anybody who tries her recipes that raw is by no means boring and that it can be amazingly tasty.

Olivera engineered a wonderful concept of connoisseur of raw food.  She is a joyful host of numerous retreats and raw food for health workshops in her farm-house where she presents her guests with wonders of her raw food cooking.  Her mind is always full of little cooking secrets of how to create a dish that is truely unique.

She is a regular columnist of a raw food recipe section of the magazine Live Health

Olivera adores experimenting and creating the most appetizing vegan dishes, delicious freshly squeezed juices and rich chocolate creams with raw coco.

The ingredients of her raw vegan recipes are carefully chosen seasonal veggies and fruits, organically grown, often grown at her home, always raw, and delicious.  Her raw creams, soups, and sauces are the tastiest ever and she knows how to make her guests lick their fingers after every meal she makes.

To Buy the book please check Mindful Eating Book

Mindful Eating Raw Vegan Recipes Book
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