Female Logic or Negative Application of Yin States of Consciousness

vs. Positively Applied Intuitive Wisdom Thursday 17 May 2018 at 10:02 am

Applying the Laws of Quantum Physics to Philosophy and acknowledging that the Micro cosmos is deeply connected to the Macro cosmos we came across...

Negative Application of Yin States of Universally feared as “Female Logic”

"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", spoken by a French Queen Marie Antoinette when she learned that the peasants who live and work for her are so poor that have no bread to eat.

Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive or negative. There are negative and positive applications of Yin and Yang states of consciousness within Yin and Yang charged environment.

Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive nor negative Alchemy of Love Books

Having deep respect towards Mother China and Mother India for experimenting with these states of consciousness in the past, in the hope of implementing a Universal Logic within their State behavior patterns, we now know that they have failed because the positive application of Yang states of consciousness – Science was not yet perfectly defined and negative application of Yin states of consciousness – Superstition strongly put a hold to their attempts to develop the Lady Science from their end.

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Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Thursday 10 May 2018 at 3:57 pm

What is Spirituality

Quantum Physics and Consciousness Meditations

Just attended a talk of Dr Andrej Xuereb of University of Malta's Department of Physics entitled “Weird. Random. Quantum”


You must have heard of this fascinating, -blowing concept that when you examine the phenomena’s on a miniature scale, one gets a very different image of reality.

Quantum mechanics rules every single atom and tiny particle in every piece of matter

Getting down to the tiniest of particles - things behave in a way that may appear weird to our logic. We all have a good intuition for a classical physics. The quantum mechanics go beyond our ordinary experience.

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In search of Perfection

Samadhi and Western Mysticism within Art Thursday 26 April 2018 at 08:23 am

Worshiping Silence following the Mastery of the World’s Best Mystics we can touch Samadhi... by Nuit

Conscius Living

What happens when you find a perfect note? What happens when you experience Samadhi listening to the perfect sound or observing a perfect painting?

What happens when your  expand to such an extend that it is blessed by , unexplainable, most subtle beauty?

in search of perfection art of 4 elements spiritual poetry by Nataša Pantović Nuit

At a music concert of Armenian State Orchestra of around a 100 talented and for decades trained musicians a Master violinist Maxim Vergenov, came to give us a solo performance.

Hailed as one of the world’s finest musicians we as his audience had prepared for a treat yet none expected what came some moments later. The one of the greatest living violinist played Tschaikovsky’s only violin concerto with his ex-Stradivari (1727) violin. His music became a transformative experience. The sound became “prime”, leaaving me feel as though there are no other sounds that have every existed on our little planet Gaia. The sound was Divine, has reached a perfect pitch.

A similar experience has happened while I listened to the Rockquiem, Mozart’s Requiem Mass reinvented within a rock performance composed by Stefan Wurz performed by 150 top class musicians and singers at the sacred space of St Agatha’s Auditorium, in Rabat, next to the ancient Catacombs, the sounds transcended the experience into divine.

Following their mastery we touched Samdhi.

In Search of Perfection within in Mathematics

in search of perfection pi

Have you seen a film called π (Pi), written and directed by Darren Aronofsky in 1998. This 84 minutes master piece was filmed using the budget of only $68,000. The film explores exactly this search for a perfect number or sound, for the Name of God, it explores religion,  and our relationship to Universe with the most beautiful of all Sciences - Mathematics. The imperfect, irrational humanity vs our drive towards the perfection of mathematics, and our relationship to , synchronicity, Destiny.

π (Pi) and its Spiral Golden Ratio occurs everywhere

π (Pi) and its golden ratio within a spiral occurs everywhere including the stock market and it is a numerological interpretation of the Kabbalah’s name of God, within the Jewish mysticism, of the Sound that is the beginning of IT ALL.

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