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Meditation Techniques

Willpower and Spiritual Growth

Unconscious and Subconscious is Vast like an Ocean

Awareness and wakefulness need to be trained regularly.

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For a successful mindfulness training one needs to have a strong willpower

You train your wllpower when you challenge your existing structures, the existing beliefs, when you go against your hunger, instincts, against your sleep, when you challenge your limits whatever they are.

Willpower and Spiritual Development

It is not natural to wake up at dawn to meditate, and yet it is the most beautiful experience one could have. It is not natural to break the existing patterns, and yet once you manage to do it, you create space for the new patterns to form, you create space for spiritual development to unfold.

willpower exercises, free your mind, new ways of thinking

The spiritual development, and the practice of virtues, will give you a present of heart filled with love, acceptance, and mind filled with wisdom, and you will give yourself a chance to live your highest potential.

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How to Exercise Willpower?

Chose your-own willpower activity. 

Run a marathon, climb Mont-Everest, play football when it is raining, quit smoking, and train for it, prepare for it, execute it.

Eat Mindfully

Do not eat immediately when you are hungry.  Wait a couple of minutes, challenging your hunger.  Exercising your willpower in such a way, you face your instinct to 'attack' the food, to swallow, your unconscious behaviour towards the food.  Check our eBook Guide to Mindful Eating with Veggie Recipes for Recovery from Stress


Benefits of fasting are well known throughout the human history.  Fasting will clense your body of toxics but will also be a wonderful tool to exercise your willpower. Fast on water for more than 24 hours.  Do not eat anything for 24 hours, or if you can extend this period to 32 hours.  Fast once a month during a full moon.  Fast is also a spiritual tool recommended within most of the major spiritual traditions. 

Willpower Exercises

Chose your food mindfully

Choosing your food mindfully, you exercise your willpower, with every meal you take.  You will not just attack any food, but you will mindfully decide about how beneficial a food item is for you before you it.  Chose your food in such a way that you are not harming your body, or your mind or your soul while you are eating.

Mindful Eating and Choice of Food Video 

Falling asleep and willpower

Do not sleep immediately when you are sleepy.  Wait a couple of minutes, challenging your need to sleep.  Become aware of your body 'falling' into sleep.  Extend this period of awareness of the body 'falling' into sleep.  Exercising your willpower in such a way, you also exercises your ability to stay 'aware' during your sleeping time, to recall your dreams upon awakening.

Cold weather and willpower

At the end of your shower, use cold water, challenging your comfort zones.  Swim in cold waters.  In some countries, people also swim during the winter.  Dress a bit less than necessary or do not use heaters wherever you can.

Early rising and willpower

  • Wake up early to walk or jog.  Waking up early will strengthen your willpower, and it will give you time to exercises before starting your day.
  • Meditate early morning.  Stay still, without a movement, within the silence of your mind for 1/2 hour every morning before you get up.  for inspiration, check our Guided Meditations.

Train Virtues

Train virtues through the development of qualities such as truthfulness, honesty, or compassion to all living beings. Just as a marathon runner trains his body through lots of training, you can train your willpower training your capacity to love, to be fair, or courageous.

Train Silence

willpower exercises: silent mind is free mind

Do not give up

Whatever is your willpower strengthening exercise, do not give it up, work with it, explore it, exercises it.  Go against the flow to quit it and enjoy the benefits of your chosen activities.  

Good luck!

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