Is Mindfulness for You?

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An Honest Look into a Mindfulness Journey

Using Poetry as Spiritual Tool

We intuitively use Poetry to Heal or express Joy!

Why do you think this magic word ‘’ lights up so many fires? Hearing the word we beautifully connect to the care-takers of this world, the carriers of the ancient spiritual practices, the of the soul. We hope to enter the magic dance between the world of energy and the world of matter.

Mindfulness and meditation journey

Promises of Mindfulness

The conscious relationships, change of diets, conscious or mindful living, the balance with ourselves and Nature that creates the transformation within the body, mind and  live as the highest potential promise within all of us. 

Listen to your soul spiritual journey

Is it our for  or the question: How does the mind heal the body? or How to tap into the endless Divine Potential that excites our minds or is it a purely selfish quest: towards more , more Enjoyment, more Fulfilment?. It makes one wonder where does this quest come from? Could it be the religions' eternal promise woven into our sub-conscious mind or a conscious manipulation of all the beings on this planet who wish to capitalise on our Hedonism?

The road to mindfulness promises practitioners that they can finally live their lives ‘enlightened’ without ‘worries’, ‘troubles’, or ‘struggles’. OMG what a tall order! If you are into quick fixes, the magic wonders of fast food, taking pills to improve your IQ, the work with Mindfulness will probably not be your cup of tea.

Researching Mindfulness

Mindfulness and  has become a subject of many studies. Via a variety of techniques, mindfulness allows us to be more aware of our cognitive processes, our thinking and feeling, and therefore improve our emotioanl intelligence and maintain a calmer perspective. Psychologists and neuroscientists from Oxford and University College London plan to recruit children aged 11 to 16 from 76 secondary schools as part of a seven-year study. They wish to test some of the claims about the power of mindfulness meditation to tackle increased stress among the students.

Mindfulness and Religions

Does Mindfulness belong to a religion? Yes, to all of them. Each of the world's religions use spiritual tools such as: meditationprayerdevotional singingpracticing compassion to reach PeaceLove and Bliss. Claiming supremacy over the tools and monopolising such wonderful experiences led to the major holocausts of humanity, burning books of ancient philosophers, and the huge distortion of the Truth

The power thirsty humanity hid the  Essence behind the racism, false spiritual sovereignty, inequality, the destruction of all the other Beings on Earth, behind the sentence: ‘There is only one road to the Truth.’ 

Mindfulness Journey as a Self-Development Journey

self development blessing

The  journey is a beautiful life-long journey. It takes an effort to be commitment to the beauty of life and a courage to fall in love with practitioners of this amazing wisdom. We call them yogis, sages, poets, and feel inspired by their words. Yet, a word of warning, Mindfulness cannot be learned but only inspired.

Will it be your Hedonism or your love for God to push you into the hands of 4 directions of the world is probably irrelevant, the tools have existed since the beginning of time available for all to practice but the true magic is always within the heart of the alchemist himself.

Mindfulness Training and Time for Exercises

Learning Mindfulness gives one a gift of experiencing Life fully

What is Spirituality?

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