Media Manipulation and Conscious Living

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humanity highest potential is still waiting

Media Manipulation and Conscious Living

by Nataša Pantović

Can TV, Radio, Internet or Music kill more of the neurons  they so perfectly stimulate? Also why are we so attracted to this most amazing form of expression?

Peace humanity highest potential is still waiting...

peace humanity highest potential is waiting by Nataša Pantović

Let us Time travel into not such a Distant Past

Our humanity pre-electricity, just around 150 years ago. You know the facts, I wish not to bore you, yet, we all need just a tiny reminder of how the world looked like when the physical struggle was our major one.

No water, no electricity within a typical house-hold, required quite an effort to keep a family running. Washing clothes, or a house was a major struggle, food preparation took a tremendous amounts of time.  A family member, usually a male, would be out all day farming, or within a city working and women would stay indoor taking care of the house-hold and kids.

The physical existence or pollution was our major problem. Keeping the body “clean” meant sometimes endless visits to the water source, to wash, to collect the water, to drink. This endless “dirt” resulted in many diseases, sometimes taking millions of lives.

Did you know that back in time, pre-electricity, Paris had 600,000 citizens, the World had hundreds of University graduates, and our beautiful planet had a total of only 1 (one) billion people!!!


World population according to UN from 1800 to now

Yin and Yang Balance within Human Beings from Ancient China to Conscious Living

Mental Pollution that Tickles our Neurons or our Mental Masturbation that led to wars

The removal of this lets call it physical "strugle" or pollution, giving us an opportunity to have electricity and water, led to amazing advances in science, technology, and an introduction of huge “mental” pollution.

All throughout our history, our countries lived in constant wars. A typical war would last “forever”, sometime even a hundred of years, usually amongst neighbors, every now and then conducting a battle, where a 1,000 men would die and this loss of souls would be recorded within folk stories in the most horrific of ways so we hopefully remember not to repeat it. One of the typical war song, a poem I recall would talk about birds eating eyes from orphans and delivering hands to mother’s laps of every one of her dozen children. Mothers’ pain is memorable. Like children we get scared of horrific stories. Mothers do not like sending husbands and kids to wars...

It was a matter of many “Mad” Kings policies, their imposed Laws, and always handy Ideological Manipulation of Masses that got our men so fascinated by wars.

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In an endless effort to "save lives", "bring freedom", "be the strongest, and bravest of them all", our grand-fathers were convinced that they ought to fight unbelievers, or who ever happens to be on the other side - American Native Indians, Muslims, Jews...

Post electricity, we started again one of our ‘war-games” and ended up with 70 million mobilized men, more than 41 million casualties, over 18 million deaths where 7 million were civilians (meaning children, old people and women). That war left us with 23 million wounded.

A naïve world was the world of our grand-parents, with many farmers families scattered throughout our beautiful planet, believing in all of the fairytales of the world, admittedly easily manipulated by their Kings and Popes, yet these Men they followed were always “appointed” by God. What an amazing drive for “Goodness” within the humanity that tried to trust none but God’s words. The Bible and Religious Scripts were the only books widely read and distributed during these times.

When a „mental“ polution entered our worlds, when we strated using printed press widly, and the magic of radio, and the TV, a major brain washing campaign happened and we entered into a fight between the far right and far left fighters of the world, each one claiming to be fighting for the „better“ humanity. The fight between fashism and comunism. You follow my thoughts. The second world war death figure was 80 million including deaths from war-related disease and famine. Civilians killed totaled 55 million. Out of these amazing 80 million, the US and the UK (countries that later claimed that they have won the war) loss was 500,000. It touched and deeply disturbed many people of the world, as an ideological fight that went out of control it showed us how powerful our science and our inventions are.

Mental Pollution in Todays Worlds

Back to the original question, can TV, radio, Internet or printed press kill more neurons than they so powerfully stimulate? We do not in any way attempt to blame any of these amazing tools for spreading the wars, yet as researchers of and free- thinkers we must see that the manipulation of media IS our reality. Keeping the ideological fire burning, manipulating our basic instincts to help other human beings, leading us to "think" or "believe" or "hate" the other side - who ever is within the other side is part of our day-to-day reality.

Ask yourself a question- Can we now assume that we are not any longer that receptable to hypnosis, or that we learned that blatant hatred leads nowhere, or that we finally understood the commandment “do not kill”, or the one of “love thy neighbor”, and that we are now more or less an educated lot, and that our media is now much more responsible than during the time of our grand-parents when they distributed Hitler speeches and unfortunately were not allowed to talk about Holocausts…?

Humanity divine potential is - Gratefully Giving or Receiving flow

Article Humanity divine potential is peace Gratefully giving or receiving divine flow

It is not our drive towards “Goodness” that separates us from our ancestors. The Humanity drive towards “Goodness” is the greatest drive we have ever experienced. However, by now we know this to be TRUTH, it is the manipulation of this “sacred” drive that leads us to wars against other human beings.

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