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Symbolism of Gold

Symbolism of Gold Steiner quote about golden rule of occult science

"The golden rule of true occult science: For every one step that you take in the pursuit of higher knowledge, take three steps in the perfection of your own character."

Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

We constantly seek to materiallymentally and emotionally 'better' our-selves, our-family dynamics, and our society and within this journey we learn about the interconnections of all things, about short-lived happiness and long-term fulfillment, about the ways to treat our Mother Gaia and all the ones that share our little and wonderful planet with us: animals, plants, stones. We constantly learn how to live in harmony and inner peace with ourselves and the world around us. Research and

An Alchemist would tell you that all the beings contain in their inmost centre a precious grain of the elementary gold.  The nature of man reflects the entire universe in miniature. 

: The Art of Perfecting what Nature left imperfect

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Alchemy and Gold

Gold is formed in the centre of the earth, when passing through warm and pure places.  

Gold's atomic number is 79.  It is a chemical element with the symbol AU (or perhaps AU(M)?) the Latin ‘aurum’, meaning ‘shining dawn’ because of its colour.  

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Meaning of Aum

symbol aum

Gold does not oxidize in air or water and it is one of the least reactive chemical element.  Alchemist would say that it contains no life, that it is dead.  Gold is entirely free from imperfections.  Gold is highly conductive to electricity. 

It is believed that most of the Earth's gold lies at its core, the metal's high density made it sink into the Earth’s centre.  All of the gold found on Earth was deposited later by meteorites that contained Gold.

Spiritual Meaning of Gold

Perfection of own character, whether towards more kindness, more truthfulness, more knowledge and wisdom has been with us humans as our noble goal for 1,000s of years.  Excellence is our Inner Gold.

Jung on Alchemy and Gold

"My studies of alchemy may seem obscure and baffle many people, but taken symbolically - the symbolic gold of great worth, or the transforming philosopher's stone 'lapis philosophorum' hunted for centuries by the alchemists - is to be found in man." C.G. Jung

Alchemy represents the projection of a drama both in cosmic and spiritual terms. The opus magnum had two aims: the rescue of the human soul and the salvation of the world…" Interview of C. G. Jung by Mircea Eliade

The unique prima materia, the chaos, or the life force from which the “gold” is produced Jung equate to an unconscious content

“The psychological equivalent of this theme is the projection of a highly fascinating unconscious content which, like all such contents, exhibits a numinous – ‘divine,’ or ‘sacred’ – quality.” C.G. Jung

“Practical experience shows us again and again that any prolonged preoccupation with an unknown object acts as an almost irresistible bait for the unconscious to project itself into the unknown nature of the object and to accept the resultant perception, and the interpretation deduced from it, as objective.” C.G. Jung

Symbolism of Gold

symbol of gold

The Ancient Egyptions had a deep connection to Gold.

They referred to Ra as a mountain of gold. The Royal Tombs were known as the "Houses of Gold" and the Pharaohs were called the "Golden Horus".

In Byzantine Christian iconography the halos of Christ, Mary and saints are often golden.

gold and Christianity symbolism

Wedding rings are made of gold.

Sharing a Mile-Stone.

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