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Four Elements Baby Blessing Ceremony from Tree of Life

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It all started as a baby blessing ceremony of my two kindred spirits soul-friends. In the middle of the forest, where our camp-site hid, we were greeted by two chameleons mating and we were not dreaming!

Chameleons mating game

We arrived at the campsite overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean sea surrounded by the endless blue and they were immersed within their mating game. Swaying back and fourth they were dancing. The male extended his neck, lifted his front legs balancing skillfully and swayed on the branch in all possible direction. The male also changed colors making his body a living displays for his female. He was showing his strength, his beauty, his power and we were gathered silently observing the ritual. They did not mind us being there and they left after we finished our fascinated around the tree gathering.

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Spiritual not Religious Gathering to acknowledge the birth of this special

This was the beginning of the 4 days camping experience devoted to the baby’s arrival to this little planet. She was born exactly 6 months earlier.

We wished to start the ceremony with a  dance where each of us welcomes this special soul with a little dance and symbolic gesture. Around the circle, we all repeated each participant greetings emphasizing the energy of each soul’s gift.

Baby blessing welcome dance

We chose a chapel that is at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Big Blue. The chapel could fit around 15 people.

mellieha chapel madonna

Participating within the ritual we gave the power to every single soul’s blessing.

Honoring the elements, four directions, four energy manifestations, lighting a candle, incents, acknowledging air, water, fire and earth, inviting the spiritual guides and enlightened beings to be a part of the ceremony – Christ, Buddha, Maria… The blessing was done with rose petals floating in water and with each one us reciting its-own poem, intention, words for the baby.

This newly arrived soul was showered by grace, wisdom, joy and our wish for her to grow into an amazing human and spiritual being. A Tibetan ball, chanting two sacred songs – an Ortodox Christian and Arabic traditional sacred song while each of participants got a grape, prasad - a devotional offering made to be Christ body... The word comes from Sanskrit prasāda meaning 'clearness, kindness, grace'.

grapes as prasad

The rite was followed by raw vegan, gluten free dishes, all served without any plastic plates or cups. 

baby blessing ceremony vegan food no plastic plates

At last we gathered around the fire and danced barefoot under the starry sky.

4 elements baby blessing ceremony around the fire under stars

My Poem / Blessing for the Baby 

Art of 4 elements poem by Natasa Pantovic Nuit Impeccably Living Love

Impeccably Living , Art of 4 Elements Poem

Purified replacing Matter by Spirit Cell by cell…

Nourished by Earth Veiled by Fire

Carried by Air

Dissolved by Water

Filled with God

Intoxicated with God

Becoming Divine

Metal transformed into Gold

Through the supreme Magic of the mastery of

Thoughts and feelings

Evoking the Infinite buried inside

Impeccably and non-compromising Living the Infinite Love

Impeccably Living Love, or Alchemy of Love, Art of 4 Elements  


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