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Spiritual Diary

From Mindful Being Course by Nuit

Mindful being towards mindful living course by Natasa Pantovic use of spiritual diary tool to free subconscious mind and listen to soul

Contemplating , observing manifestations, a dear friend of mine Jo wrote:

"How is it even possible that I grew up without a clue how to share affection, how to handle conflicts, how to understand my feelings and desires, how to express them kindly, how to accept another person's view without immediately taking a position, how to identify and eliminate bias, how to get over possession, envy and jealousy, how to discover and dissect what I really really want... I can call myself educated and successful in terms of knowledge and money, but it must be a glaring failure in terms of being a human being. Learning these skills in my adulthood just doesn't stick. It's too late, my form is mostly done. I can adjust and train and get better, but will it ever become my nature?"

In an attempt to help ALL who wish to start / continue / or improve their jourey towards their highest potential we today share an important  and tool known as:

Spiritual Diary Daily Questions

The Spiritual Diary let us focus our energies towards important things in our lives – creativity, virtues, righteousness, inspiring company, motivational books, encounters, eco living, God.

Spiritual diary and divine flow poem by Nuit

Spiritual Diary supports your no matter who is your Guru

The Spiritual Diary is the King of all Tools that help us avoid the horrible time-wasters that keep occupying our hours / days / weeks / months – TV, Computer, Gossiping, Fearful Thinking – that keep us away from spending time within the creative flow.

The spiritual diary is respected every single day. It is a method of self-study and self-observation that was included within the teaching of many Spiritual Masters.

In an essence, we record the time spent in the meaningful and soul-enriching activities, creative and spiritual practices. Devoting regular time to the  and  is an indication that our curiosity towards Spirit and our relationship with is widening and deepening.

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The spiritual diary is Sacred

It should always be a true reflection of our inner state. Keep it for yourself, no need to share it if you wish not to.

The Spiritual Diary is used to help us identify problems and inspirations on our spiritual path.  After some time, we will be answering the questions such as: Is my meditation improving? Is my capacity for love growing? Is my self-confidence increasing? Do I allow myself enough creative time to be able to flourish?

If your day is truly disappointing, you lied cheated and wasted your time and energy, you will stay aware of this fact and will change tomorrow. If you told lies today, don’t tell them tomorrow. This is very simple!

When we keep a diary, we practice the self-remembering. We remember only if our attention is alive, only if we are awake. That is why we do not remember what we’ve done only a week ago, how did we spend our days…

Spiritual Diary Body Mind Soul Questionnaire

Emotional and Mental Development Mindfulness Training Tools by Nuit

‘If we do not respect our Earth, the World of Emotions & Mental development will suffer.  We all need Rhythm in our food consumption, sleep patterns, cleanliness & exercise regime. This Routine does not come naturally and it is learned and exercised from very young age.’

Examinging the Physical Body 

When did I get up?

When did I go to sleep?

Mark for your sleep / dream

What physical exercises I’ve done today?

  • walking
  • running
  • sport…                                                                                                             

Mark for your physical activity today:                                                                                                 

Food & Drink Quality                                                                              

Food & Drink Quantity                                                                                                

Mark for your health / strength                                                                                              

Mental Body Work

core beliefs work with mental and emotional body mindfulness training by Nuit

‘It is not natural to challenge the existing beliefs breaking patterns, and yet once you manage, you create a space for the new patterns to form, the ones that are filled with Love, Acceptance, Knowledge, and you give yourself a chance to Spiritually Grow.’

Nuit about Core Beliefs

How long did I

-  in the morning, during the day, in the evening

What is the noise level around me (noise from TV, Radio, etc.)                                                                                                  

Did I read any book today?

Did I spend time with the wise and inspiring people?

Did I do any selfless service today?

How much time have I spent in a creative activity?

  • Writing
  • Drawing, Story Telling…  
  • Learning a new skill                                                                                                               

How much time did I spend in nature / with nature

Emotional Body Meditations

How much time did I spend with friends / loved ones in a good quality exchange                                                           

Time spent with useless company / activity

  • Gossiping, TV / Games / Social Media
  • Worrying, fighting, arguing             

Time spent doing nothing / worrying...                                                                                                 

My Children / Parents / Partner / Friends

Quality time spent with my Children / Parents / Partner / Friends 

  • Shouting, screaming, scolding
  • Laughing, playing, exploring                                                                                                        

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My Soul

What are the virtues that I am developing consciously?                                                 

  • Non Violence                                                                                                     
  • Truthfulness                                                                                                     
  • Lightness of being – healthy humor                                                                                                        
  • Love                                                                                                     

Consider also a Prayer, poetry writing, drumming, camping...

For further inspiration please check another mindfulness tool:

Mindfulness Exercise Circle of Life

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best spiritual growth books lists goodreads with Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course

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