Inspiring Alchemy of Soul through Poetry

Inspiring of through , Art of 4 Elements Poetry

In search of the Highest by Nuit

in search of the highest Art of 4 Elements Poetry by Natasa Pantovic Nuit

Magic world within imagination - catch me - descending

Searching for the highest you eventually bump into God

Until then...

Stay the most perfect

most understanding

most unusual

most loving


Celebrating your uniqueness Art of 4 Elements Poetry by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Celebrating Your Uniqueness, by Nuit

Respecting your might

I'll give myself to you

through starry nights

through waves, stones

this strong - this open - this breathless

find me within yourself


Let there be Light by Nuit

and She said - let there be Life

and She said - let there be

and we stayed trans-fixed within Her Game

glued to the existence on this little planet

to the time and space and movement

that can never be




Satia - Dharma - Ahimsa

Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna

Radhe Radhe Radhe

Break the Walls

Shiva Namah Om

Study Being

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiind the key

To the machine

Satia - Dharma - Ahimsa


Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

Vulnerability by Nuit

Its place is not at the beginning

but at the very end of the journey of love

If we feel it at the very beginning of the relationship

we have mistaken it for fear...

Spoon of hopes by Nuit

Silence gathered like clouds

around my arms, chest and throat

I picked it up with a spoon of hopes

that it will last for-ever

Meditation by Nuit

entered on tip-toes

through the depths of mountain caves

Working through eternity

to reach my mind

hidden behind a veil of images

Shaping stones at the bottom of a river

inheriting shapes

for the generations to come

Meditation became my truth Today

Divine Potential by Nuit

Waves of Souls - look at me

Re-incarnated within Golden Rays

Showing me Sacred & Holy Patterns

of Love, Initiation, Light

Restoring itself through the code

of Potential

When I am close to You I get closer to My-Self, by Nuit

When my worlds engulf me I reach for You

escaping into Your Presence, and Your Light

and I for the time when Your Breath will be mine - always

and I would escape from it, occasionally, just for fun...

Getting Enlightened, by Nuit

I got today

I tapped into the Power of Nature

Reclaimed my authority

of the Son of Man and Son of

Through the heresy and anarchy

I connected with the pulsating


and understood

Her Strength & His Love

footprints in the snow of time

undiscovered by Saturn's insight-full torch

karma's cloud colours the

sealing love's bites to meet the magic light


Brain Erection, by Nuit

I woke up this morning with the stars

in my eyes the hum in my ears

It was a huge brain erection

Pulsing through me Boxed in

From Svadistana To Sahasrara Through Sushumna

Her Majesty Kundalini

was biting her tail

Sat-chit-ananda by Nuit

A kiss of primordial Self

within the sat-chit-ananada

in the center of a thousand petal led lotus


giving & receiving


breathing the nature of Para Brahman




SOHAM by Nuit

Watching passing images

listening to the sounds

i feel attached to the sense of beauty

i feel detached from the sense of 'I'

-'I' that is my mind

-'I' that are my feelings

-'I' that are my words or my looks

and I feel closer to the 'i' that is SOHAM



that exist in NON-existence

that breaths through NON-breathing

and connects to Essence that is Being

that knows no beginnings nor ends

So-Ham by Nuit

Emanating divine

Playing football with the divine

Screaming, dancing, caressing divine

and when it is over

knowing that it is never over

that it follows you

that it is merged with you

that It is You

We marked the beginning of an era - salt and water mixed in the alchemy of our souls

Your dreams entered mine unconsciously - leaving little trace within our Mayas but carving the realities of the interior of the earth for some other generations to discover...


Magic Ball by Nuit

a tear slid down my throat

it was bitter - tasting it, my heart shivered

I observed it for a moment with love

and it transformed into a magic ball

with an entrance to the city of dreams

within the soul of a crystal

The tree stood silent and barren

A man provoked me

I could not hear the sound of the rain

Was too obsessed with the notion of Self

I know that the sky Awaits

and today I celebrate

Her Majesty: Flight

clowds spiritual couisons of elephants, Art of 4 Elements by Nataša Pantović Nuit


Spiritual cousins of Elephants

Cross the plain gently

Leaving me in wonder about

Life and rain

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In Search of Perfection

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