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Choosing Conscious Living Celebrating your Uniqueness

Mindfulness as a Life-Style

Choosing mindfulness as a life-style is a difficult task that requires a strong commitment to one's Higher Self. Many small "ego-s" will figth it, with many small excuses. The exercise we wish to share with all that would like to do Mindfulness Training and choose  as a life-style is to start the individual spiritual diary with the help of a support group exercise.

Celebrating your Uniqueness, Art of 4 Elements by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Celebrating your uniqueness Art of 4 Elements Poetry by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

Support - Group Exercise

Chose 3 people to support you within your decision. The alcoholic or drug addicts support groups do this when they attempt to break the destructive habits. One of the techniques is that each member choses three people who will give the mental and emotional support to the addict who wishes to break the patterns.

Choosing a life enriching habit, like not-drinking alcohol, or not smoking joints, or leaving your cigarettes or your , choosing a healthy life-style, choosing to be more peaceful, or choosing not to fight with your kids, chose 3 people who will know that they are your support within this battle against a destructive behavior.

The three people will remind you of why you have decided to be a non-compromising actor on the stage of breaking habits and personal improvement. The three people will voice your-own opinion, why did you decide to do it, and why to believe in your choices. Call them whenever you need the support, and ask them to supply you with articlesinspirationsquoteslife-stories that encourage your inner quest. It is better if the people you've chosen already master the habits that you wish to conquer.

core beliefs work with mental and emotional body mindfulness training by Nuit

A mother took her child to Gandhi, one of these sunny mornings when she has decided to speak to him about all sort of self-development matters. She also asked could he help the child stop eating sweets, Gandhi replyed "come back in a month". Some week laters the mother returned going through the same long journey to visit Gandhi. Sitting in front of him, he looked at her son and said: "Please stop eating sweets", and the child replyed "OK". Mum was a bit worried about this hasty conclusion to her worry and asked Gandhi "Why didn't you say this to my child last time we visited." "I did not at that time have enough power to do so, because I was myself eating sweets, when you last visited. Now, I have been without sweets for a month and can ask your child to follow me within this example."

A Positive Replacement Exercise

The hard fact of our emotional well-being is that if we are in love with someone who has life enriching habits, we will follow these habits much easier. Surrounding ourself with "beauty", "peace", "life", "nature", "health" will all help.

For the "mindfulness life-style" to enter our worlds, do introduce a positive replacement to the destructive habit, a creative impulse you have never experienced before (e.g. painting, pottery or learning a foreign language), or a loving focus (e.g. gardening or walking a dog), or love for a human or celestial being (devotion is healing).

The beauty of this replacement will give you further strength and energy in your drive to be a healthier / happier / better human being.

Conscious Creativity Goals

In our wish to explore 3 levels: individual, collective and a large project scale level while working on new approaches that are not chained with stereotypes, we defined our goals as:

  • At an individual level we wish to explore the 24 hours schedule that will empower creative being and  flow.
  • At a collective level we wish to empower education that is free of heavy conditioning and explores divergent thinking.
  • On a large project scale we wish to empower each individual to share the best of its potentials with the group without inhibitions of a hierarchy, stress of competition, and a constant attachment to the stereotypical behavior.

Work,  by Nuit  

Creative Uniqueness Meditation

While having these goals in mind, I will share with you an exercise that lasts around 15min. It is a , a contemplation on accepting own Being / Creative Uniqueness / Soul’s Whisper.

Sitting still for a long moment, with your back straight and no thoughts, focus on breathing. Consciously deeply relax, feeling your stomach, your face and your shoulders relax. Let this body focus be your reality for a number of minutes. Allow your mind to lead you out of the body, up above your head, up above your room, above your house, above the tree within your gardens, above your town, above the Earth. Stay there for a moment focusing only on breath in and out.

Now Breath in Self that is Pure, Universal, de-touched of many “I”s. Feel what “I” without many egos and roles is, I that is Consciousness, I that is Spirit materialized within your .

Breathing out, concepts, conditioning, subconscious gibberish, egos with many Stereotypes, all that is not mine, all that belongs to other’s fears. Let them get out of your conscious and subconscious mind, , cleanse yourself, feel them leaving your astral body as a color.

This is a meditation that you do before attempting any work, if you need to come back to Self or increase the power of your Soul’s voice.

How to meditate?

Sharing a Mile-stone

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Sharing a Mile-Stone

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In Search of Perfection

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