A True Story about Conscious and Subconscious Learning from Dreams

Conscious Dreaming

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I don’t know what is your relationship with the Mystical “Mare”, but my used to send me Night-Mares in the form of a flying witch until I learned how to fly.

Later in life while studying Theosophists, Tibetan Buddhists, Jung and Castaneda, examined Mystics Magic I understood that the learnings from my dreams were deep and intense.

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

Conscious Dreaming learning from Conscious and Subconscious Mind

The witch used to come and chase me night after night, from very early on in my child-hood. She was scary and persistent, committed to her goal. Whatever my intention as a young was, I was faced with the architypes of humanity, our shadow worlds, and the dark side of human from the very beginning of my mental and emotional development.

Conscious and Subconscious Learning from Dreams

Learning How to Fly

were real, and re-occurring, so I had to return to them night after night after night for years.

Whether I was learning how to fly, breathe under water, or materialize in the forms of different animals, I was led into these learnings unconsciously.

At the time, I had no protection within the physical worlds, with my father dying of diabetes, mum having her nervous breakdown after the death of her father, and an elder sister who was abused for being different, my dreams became a very dark endeavor.

Perhaps reading Dostoyevsky and Sartre at such tender age did not help either, I was directed into conscious dreaming very forcefully, with no choice about it.

My witch would come to visit every night, strong, flying swiftly like any witch from any child’s dream would. Her ugliness was ultimate, her strength complete, focus unshaken, there to kill, abuse and destroy. Night after night, I would dive into the darkness of the room I shared with my sister (who I told you was physically, mentally and emotionally abused from her mum, school-friends, and passers-by) and I transited from one to another dimension of consciousness with the knowledge that I now enter into the subconscious realm of wars.

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Within my childhood dreams the witch kept re-occurring constantly, continuously, persistently. So within the dreams my task was clear – to escape this chase. My socialist upbringing got us trained to rely only on the strength of our-own selves, with no reference to Gods, angels, or fairies and knew nothing about the power of a . Not sure if I was born in a religious part of the world, would the angels have interfered, but within this chase the results were totally in my feeble hands.

I just had to learn how to fly. One night, when the sky was clearer, in the middle of my dream, I suddenly descended, my feet were no longer touching the ground. What a relief! I finally had an escape route.

Magic of Dreams

conscious dreaming talk to your soul realize true dreams

My dreams grew with their beginnings, endings and my learnings all through the years of their re-occurring. I learned how to:

- remember them (Lesson 1 within any conscious dreaming work

- enter and exit them at Will (Lesson 2 within this mystical endavour),

- how to repeat the scenes like one would do it in a movie with different endings (Lesson 3 / 4 / 5 and 6) .

- I learned how to fly faster than the witch, how to swim and dive deep under waters breathing effortlessly (many lessons can be devoted to these beautiful learnings, because this is where the fun starts).

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Helping others in Dreams

Sometime later, within the same dream my family was on an island while I was a dove that ought to transfer them from one island to the other, to the place that is safe. After many unsuccessful attempts, trying to move them from the danger, my task became more profound - how to get them across teaching them how to fly when they did not trust their own abilities to make this step, and my attempts to carry them one-by-one on my back most of the times failed.

This dream through the years of re-occurring thought me the magic of conscious dreaming.

I could descend at Will to any point of its occurrences, I could change its endings, fly, dive, materialize, dematerialize, become a different animal and most important of them all I could stop dreaming at any point of the dream escaping the nightmares.

Working on my emotional actions and response within the subconscious sphere, at one point I turned to the witch and faced her with the loving kindness and she understood that her terrifying purpose was gone, I was no longer scared.

She appeared again, many years later, after I have learned how to, when I have just adopted my kids, she came from the worlds of the archetypes with two other friends. Above my bed, almost materialized within this physical world, her essence and her presence was sooo real. They laughed at the possibility of “sucking” my energy while I watch this happens. Opening my eyes, intuitively I tap into my last lesson from the childhood dreams and had no hatred within me, just a thought – you, my dear friends are and Beauty. Within a moment of confusion, they laughed and disappeared leaving no scars within my sub-conscious .

Waiting for the sun-rise during the Full moon nights at Ggantija Gozo, experiencing Hypogeum, the Malta underground temple during sound experiments while meditating within the Oracle room, Healing with sound with the divine 111Hz, being covered with stars while sleeping in the Tunisian desert under open skies, climbing Nepalese mountain tops, all, gave me an insight that conscious dreaming is a very important part of our upbringing.

Serpent Priests and Sleeping Lady from Hypogeum

So, do study it and do work on your dreams, it is important that we understnad its !

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