In our search for God we meet Quantum Physics to understand Divine Will Manifested

Applying Quantum Physics Consciousness within the worlds of Philosophy

Mysticism or Magic

Conscious Living by Nuit

In our search for or Good-ness, , , Bliss, throughout human history, we came across the Mother of them all – the mystical, magical, occult, scientific Philosophy.

Philosophy was known as the Mother of all Sciences. It was at the very top of the scientific hierarchy. You may not practice it unless you have achieved enough knowledge and experience so you can call your-self Wise.

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Claiming Philosophy or Philosophy Around the World

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Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

How many times have you heard a quote of a famous ancient philosopher contributed to a contemporary political figure? A quote of a saint, being used within a contemporary power machine? Too many...

Because our s are embodied within this space and time;and our memory short, we tent to forget how many generations embodied this fight for goodness within our beautiful planet Gaia.

Since there are humans there has always been “us” and “them”, so the “them” only recently became visible to our eyes. To all our surprises, this “them” that we learned to hate for so many generations, had their-own advanced civilization where mathematics came from (from the Arab world), where science was regarded as the highest of all human achievements (Africa, India and China), where Laws existed before we decided to conquer them.

As it usually is with the Lady Knowledge, you get both charlatans and wise-men trying to claim it. But who would know the difference when we for 1,000s of years lived within the worlds that know nothing but tales of each other.

We all love the highest manifestation of human potential – the scientists, philosophers, the top musicians and top sportsmen, we give them our support and sincerely hope that our kids will follow their suit. 

Back in time, 2,000 years ago, our inner worlds did not look much different and Kings knew that they are going to be remembered only if the Philosophers acknowledge their divinity so they supported each other.

Back in time, 2,000 years ago, if a person is a Philosopher, the doors of many courts were wide open. But since the travel through space was limited, the gossip, or words of the Goodness had to travel from city to city, carried by messengers whose memory was not always that reliable. So, as in any marketing / money making machine to build the trust, the relationship and the communication took sometimes many generations. It is easy to sell the books if you are Shakespeare or Shankar, so people started publishing books under their names.

We are collectively weary of strangers, because there is no family we can relate to that supported their drive for Goodness. A collection of writings of people travelling to India 2,000 years ago carried sometimes strange stories of our deepest Superstitions -

"Then," he says, "I came to a country very dry and burnt up by the sun. And all about this desert I saw men naked and houseless, and of these some shaded their faces with their ears and the rest of their bodies with their feet raised in the air. Of these men Strabo has a notice, as also of the no-heads and ten-heads and four-hands-and-feet men, but none of them did I ever see, quoth Hierocles.

Within the same writings, we will also find some very valuable stories written 2,000 years ago, we get some interesting meditations about philosophers and their way of life.

“Apollonius therefore asked, as though it was of all knowledge the most difficult, "Whether the Sophoi knew themselves?" But larchas answered quite contrary to his expectation, that they knew all things, because they first knew themselves. That, without this first and elementary knowledge, no one could be admitted to their philosophy.”

“What opinion they held of themselves?" and was told, "that they held themselves to be gods, because they were good men."

“Here, on the other hand, philosophy is a high honour, and before we allow anyone to study it, we first send him to the home of the Brahmans, who inquire into his character and parentage. He must shew that his progenitors, for three generations, have been without stain or reproach, and that he himself is of pure morals and of a retentive intellect. For when an Indian died, a legally appointed officer repaired to his house, and inquired into, and set down in writing, his mode of life.”

“the characteristics of a free people, or at least of a people living under known laws. They are industrious, persevering, intelligent, orderly, provident... There the villages and cottages are neat and clean, and the gardens and fields enclosed by carefully made and well-trimmed fences; there to ensure the irrigation and fertility of the land each village built out in the open has its tank, each farmhouse its well, the work of its owner’s hands or his predecessor's; there you everywhere meet with something that tells of municipal care or individual exertion, but with nothing that is the work of an imperial will aided by imperial resources”

Quotes from Indian Travels 

Applying Quantum Physics to Philosophy the Mother of all Sciences to understand Divine Will Manifested

I will give you my definition of this subject.

If your is not capable of understanding the laws of Quantum Physics (the random logic of the wave behavior and the behavior of the observed particles) and laws of Philosophy (positive charge of a virtuoso soul = free man) and the magic of Taoism ( behaviour of Consciousness) you will not be capable of understanding one of the major laws of Divine Manifestation for the benefit of All – the random probability of your first intuitive thought (applied Quantum Physics) within the Purity of your intention will materialize as Will. Following the rules of Quantum Physics and the wave behaviour probability law, a scientist could even callculate the relationship between the thoughts and Truth in relation to the Yin / Yang nature of the Thinker. In theory, a Philosopher with Pure Mind, will have all his Intuitive thoughts "checked" as Divine. Isn't that amazing!

Many pure men will jump to follow a leader whose drive has this quality of the manifestation of Divine Will for the benefit of All. However they forget that in an essence the logic behind the wave behavior is difficult to measure. There are 2 reasons for it:

1. Yin and Yang Consciousness balance of the Observer or % of Purity a Free Thinker possesses;

2. Random nature of answers if they are measured or observed.

Yin and Yang Manifestation of Consciousness

A young man (age 17) driving a motor-bike, just killed a policeman in Malta, trying to escape when asked to show his non-existent documents. Mind you today was a day of “chaos” in Malta – a simple but powerfull traffic chaos that caused a chain reaction of many angry drivers everywhere (so Yin and Yang balance within the atmosphere was aready distorted). The young man was scared, stupid, un-experienced, too young. He acted upon his negative instinct and caused the death of the policeman. What a sad and deeply disturbing story! He acted totally opposite to Divine Will.

We all have to be careful if our icons are young and still need to learn the logic within the world of “ratio”. Is there a way anyone can materialize Divine Will if not supported by knowledge and experience that are given by age and mature wisdom? For all the Life Followers that now wonder - what would the example of Joanne of Arc teach us? Yes, this would mean that Joanne of Arc even though we all love her story, could not possibly have the wisdom and strength to lead her men into the war.

The power of youth is seductive and can be mistaken for Divine purity (or in her case abused by Authority / Powers as real) however purity needs an inner strength and wisdom to follow Divine. The inner strength and wisdom can be achieved only slooooowly. There are no short-cuts on the way of achievment of , on the way to .

A powerful example of mistreating the Cosmic Logic was when a "pure man" followed a so called angel to kill his son in the forest. If you are a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian, you must have heard of this story from the Old Testament. This act could have only been a test of purity of this man, for no Gods would have ever ordered you to kill your-own son or an innocent human being. As when the temptation of Christ came along after he fasted for 40 days and nights in a desert, he has intuitively (following Divine Will) decided not to tempt the Lord bowing to the essence of egoism making a spectacular throw of might. In Matthew and Luke "the tempter" tempts Jesus to 1. make bread out of stones to relieve his own hunger; 2. jump from a pinnacle and rely on angels to break his fall.

Now, discussing the Yin and Yang Manifestation of Consciousness, one ought to respect the wisdom law that no state is static and that no amounts of  and mystical protection (prayer) can protect pure men from the destortive attraction of Power, that Yang attracts Yin to that extend that Consciousness will get completly destorted with Power of any sort.

So when pure men have decided to follow a number of Popes mistreating the law of Logic following their-own expression of what they called “Divine Will” there was no “sanity checks” approving the purity of these men, so pure men forgot to check the powerful Lady “Logic” that created Laws, and they went into the wars following the Inquisitors killing millions of non-believers, and went into the wars with women killing at least a million of innocent mothers and daughters within the witch hunting craze that followed. More recently, just less than 100 years ago, forgetting the Laws of Logic, they followed Hitler within his attempts to create a better world killing millions and millions of men, women and kids. When these "Good Men" scared of unknown entered America at the time of Colombo, before they massacred American Indians with their fire-guns, they must have been just the ordinary settlers, with their families imigrating slowly, boat by boat, pretending that they can co-exist with natives, but being too terrified to do so. During the very same time they went into Africa and enlaved the whole villages of free men - wifes, kids, husbands - to work as slaves for them... These were horrible times when slavery was accepted as a posibility. Picture that scene. In Australia, they were known as "Bed Men", they were convicts, murderers and thieves sent specially to Australia because the Government did not know what to do with them. The end result was the same - the extinction of the Native Population based on the thought of superiority of the settlers. How sad and deeply disturbing are the stories of manipulation of goodness within people!

Going back to our wonderful collection of Ancient writings I mentioned earlier, let's just try to understand these quotes:

"For a man to be known as a Good man, across the countries, he needed to be a philosopher."

"What advantage he derived from not being a philosopher?" "This, that I possess all virtue and am one with the sun," answered the king. Apollonius: "You would not think thus if you were a philosopher." The king: "Well friend as you are a philosopher, tell us what you think of yourself." Apollonius: "That I am a good man so long as I am a philosopher."

The above one is for all the special souls who believe that being "one with the sun", can possibly give them a "short-cut" and the advantages of Divine Thought. The following is a beautiful meditation about laws of nature for all the ones who wish to learn someting from it.

“The conversation now began; and larchas discoursed on the world: how it is composed of five elements - water, fire, air, earth, and aether and how they are all co-ordinate, but that from aether the Gods, from air mortals, are generated; how moreover the world is an animal and hermaphrodite; and how as hermaphrodite it reproduces by itself and of itself all creatures; and how as intelligent it provides for their wants...”

Within my book A-Ma Alchemy of Love I have discussed the above mentioned subjects, working with the Alchemy of Soul through mastering the Alchemy of Love within the context of the Alchemy of Humanity (the novel is set in China within the Age of Enlightenment). If you intuitively agree with this article, give this book a chance (you are probably ready for it), read it and tell me your meditations on the subject. I welcome your thoughts. I have created a topic within the Goodreads called:

Can Marry or Goddess energy shine Light through Will of God even within a dualistic environment 

What is Alchemy?

Yin Yang Manifestation of Consciousness within the War of Genders

Quantum Physics Applied to Philosophy within Male / Female Relationships

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The War of Genders is as old as Humanity. It has very established patterns within our Sub , or Conscious and Unconscious behavior patterns.

Yin Yang Manifestation of Consciousness within War of Genders

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