vs. Positively Applied Intuitive Wisdom

Applying the Laws of Quantum Physics to Philosophy and acknowledging that the Micro cosmos is deeply connected to the Macro cosmos we came across...

Negative Application of Yin States of Universally feared as “Female Logic”

"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", spoken by a French Queen Marie Antoinette when she learned that the peasants who live and work for her are so poor that have no bread to eat.

Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive or negative. There are negative and positive applications of Yin and Yang states of consciousness within Yin and Yang charged environment.

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive nor negative Alchemy of Love Books

Having deep respect towards Mother China and Mother India for experimenting with these states of consciousness in the past, in the hope of implementing a Universal Logic within their State behavior patterns, we now know that they have failed because the positive application of Yang states of consciousness – Science was not yet perfectly defined and negative application of Yin states of consciousness – Superstition strongly put a hold to their attempts to develop the Lady Science from their end.

Yin Yang State of Consciousness and Why Confusion

The Universal pattern knows only of a positive or a negative application of a completely neutral state of Consciousness and it is better known as a Yin or Yang behavior pattern within Universe.

There is no flawless Ratio, since there is no Absolute Truth, so following the Logic of “Good” people (the best we could at a time) we called Yin and Yang states of Consciousness – Good and Evil. Philosophers have warned us clearly that “beyond the abyss” the states are neither good not evil, nevethless we connected to these words with a strong force of “Superstition”. That resulted in a millennia of abuse of women, who were carriers of Yin states of consciousness, and in our “supreme” rain  that is a negative application of Yang state of Consciousness over Gaia, its animals and its powerful, breathing, ever-changing atmosphere. This “supreme” rain and such Yang distorted logic led Hitler's army attempts to kill all the inferiors - Jews, Gypsis, Slavs.

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What About Intuitive (by definition Yin) Truth (by definition Yang)?

/ can be known with either intuitively applying Yin states of Consciousness within the completely positively Yang charged environment (early morning, next to the nature within a prayer) or applying Yang states of consciousness (clear “ratio”) with the full respect of the Yin Universal Chaotic and Elemental Logic that can be learned only with the careful loving and detached observation of these forces – through both having kids and animals, or through the full “ever-loving” detachment that used to be practiced in Monasteries.

Yin / Yang States of Consciousness Applied

Yin and Yang Balance within Different Countries

Each country has its own balance of Yin / Yang forces

Within this carefully Universally established () balance we (humans) are more perceptive towards either Yin or Yang states of Consciousness. Each one of us as s materialized within Gaia carry within a perfect combination of Yin and Yang forces. Interfering with forces we work with what Humanity calls "Progress".

Lack of knowledge

The “Fuzzy Logic” or a negative application of “Logic” is a combination of factors that has a tendency to get distorted or see a tree without ever being able to see the forest. We find it within our homes, within our villages, our continents, within Gaia as a far right or far left thinking and it is a simplified way of observing the world and its occurrences caused by the lack of knowledge.

Since I have nothing against females I will now only call this logic - Fuzzy - one uses this adjective to mean "blurry" or "clouded".

Fuzzy Logic at its Peak

Watching a CNN commentator describing the (probably bloody) diamonds on royal hands or tasteless hats on royal heads during a royal wedding, we all could see how distorted this adoration can get. Our commentator had an orgasm talking about other people’s gold and one could not help but feel that It is ALL Shit just the Royal type of Shit.

A balanced manifestation of Yang Consciousness would intuitively feel the same disgust but since this Public Masturbation was on TV, one might have experienced a mistrust towards our own common sense of goodness and pure logic that so forcefully explodes within us as an anger towards this type of mass manipulation.

Guarding ourselves from various chaotic behaviors we have created Laws, Knowledge, and Institutions


When we communicate, walk and talk, we learn about the reasons for different occurrences. Unfortunately, these days, often we stay stuck within our-own cubicles of cars, work-spaces and homes. Like hermits we get our houses cleaned, food delivered, kids educated. We move as far as we are “safe” and we assume that the drive for Goodness exists within only one place, our “safe” environment. We no longer go to the field to cultivate it or to the sea to collect the fish that so beautifully exposes us to other people’s goodness every single day. So we stay suspicious of humanity efforts within this amazing matrix we call Life.

One of the applications of Yin forces called “Fuzzy Logic” hit my car the other day. She came from Brazil, aged around 25, travelling the world. She has it all and knows it all. She went into her rented car (equals will have no trouble fixing it) and went into my lane disobeying the stop sign and hit my car saying “sorry”. I said that sorry is not enough, that she should have woken up before she sat in the car and caused an accident and she from that moment on called me a “bitch” 17 times. She closed her car window and continue sulking because I (who she hit) have spoiled her first morning coffee in Malta. Just a year earlier the same logic with yet another rented car (so, no trouble whatsoever, just returned keys to the agency) hit my car standing on the road wide enough for both cars to pass (the man was probably on his mobile) causing both cars to be written off. My Insurance gave me eur2,000 less for my car. The Insurance will take out their “black book” and decide on the cost according to “what is written in the book” not the market value, and while negotiating they gave me no replacement car, so my 3 months of going back and forth with kids on busses resulted in sometimes 5 hours daily on the bus. Unfortunately for all, the Maltese buses do not function! If you have ever used one you will know why!

Back to this “Fuzzy Logic” that knows IT all and has IT all, for its rich youth is giving her an advantage of no sickness, usually no kids, no grand-parents to respect and heal their sickness, no house to maintain, leading to no gratitude for all that is done before her time by her parents, grand-parents, neighbors, Church or her country institutions (education and medical support that is easily available), so in its naivety, no thankfulness for all the support that Humankind has put within the Matrix called Life.

The “Fuzzy” is by definition “black and white” in its approach

One of Its Representatives approached some men at work yesterday. Closing the roads, the men (30% of the Maltese workforce are men working hard outside), involved in harsh physical work, surrounded by dust at least 8 hours a day, building, fixing, moving the materials around, were replenishing the beach. They do it every year, surprise, surprise, because in our naivety we start believing that animals do not shit, trees do not need maintenance, buildings do not deteriorate and roads stay fixed for-ever and ever. Everything is in a state of order by itself. The men at work were discussing how the sand should be placed, so it does not start drifting, architects, the gang of supervisors, drivers, workers, all at work during early hours of the morning. The female logic approached them scolding them loudly for closing the traffic in such an important road, shouting at them for not working and disturbing all the citizens of this peaceful country.

Yin Yang and Conscious / Unconscious Learning 

Fuzzy Logic as Negative Application of Yin States of Consciousness. Know it all has it all and why do we all so hate it

A very young soul raised within a “Pure” environment (a combination of factors that are food, exercises, trust, mental and emotional support) will respond to the Yin or Yang states of Consciousness immediately.

A boy (carries within naturally more Yang forces) will ask for an explanation a hundred times to build a picture of “Truth”. When a teenager this fact will give him more answers to logical questions science will pose. When a grown-up man he will prefer more definite answers, and chose definite colors – red or white, and the best is if a woman tells him which one of these…

A girl (carries within naturally more Yin forces) will build an image from the available information. She intuitively listens building a picture in her mind that contains some right and wrong information. Because she did not check it within the world of “ratio” (that is not within her inner nature), she is more likely to act destructively later in her youth. While a teenager, this tendency may destroy her self-confidence when the powerful Lady Logic is checked against many “organizational” points. This is why often a woman leaves many “organizational” tasks to her man to execute. In her bloom she is capable of noticing many colors and would chose the most amazing shades. 

That does not make a girl any worse than a boy. In Nepal there is a living Goddess appointed at age 4-5 to lead the Priests, respected for her , separated in a secluded environment, full of “rich” positive impulses, until the moment she gets her first period when she is removed from the position of Goddess. Her "Ratio" at that point became "Dirty" so she is cruelly "Disposed" of.

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Yin Yang Balance within a Murphy’s Law

Observing animals, with a pure connection with various states of Consciousness, my cat (who has a stronger connection to Yin states of behavior than a dog who is a good example of a strong connection to Yang states of behavior) behave in a very particular intuitive way.

This example is from my house-hold, the one that proves that Yang particles attract Yin Universal Forces more Universally excepted as a Murphy’s Law – if you are in a desperate need of something – late finish of a project or a proposal, all the forces will be against you.

Wishing to move my yoga classes into my home studio, I wished to have no interruption whatsoever from any external forces. The carriers of various subconscious patterns within my home were kids, animals, and a man who wished to become mine. I needed to “prevent” various destructions carried by them using “Ratio” so my cat became furious that I have left her in the yard, and has done all possible necessary actions to disturb the peace banging on the window and mewing, including positioning her-self next to my yoga practitioner and cleaning her ass!!!???!!! No need to tell you she has never done it before…

It was at no point intentional!

A man who wished to become mine, has called me to wish me a Happy Women’s Day - exactly when I have started the class – I left my land-line on because there was a possibility that another late yoga student will join us) and my son had a football game that was cancelled so he came back home in the middle of my class ringing the doorbell interrupting the class.

Needless to tell you how discouraged by “Divine” signs I was at the end of the class

However none of the actions were intentional. No bad thoughts, no energy, nor flow intended the destruction of peace within my Yoga Class. They were preventable, so for the next class the cat was in a different yard, land-line off and my son equipped with an extra set of keys but they were not expected... For the inspired ones, do try to understand the logic of Quantum Physics – Random appearance of particles and their positive and negative charge, you will come to some most amazing conclusions following just human interaction within pure Natures Phenomena.

The same “fuzziness” within a different person has told me that my basketball coach is the worst on the island. Don’t you hate it when it happens? I have given my kids to a coach I believe is the best, has a University degree, comes from a country where Basketball is the King of all the Sports, so the knowledge and experience combined, and have seen my kids go through years of practice and training growing into great basketball players. An observer passes by and “dumps its shit” on the Trainer without any knowledge of the circumstances and respect for the work that goes into building a good and professional practice, sport or discipline. My respect here goes to Ancient Greece that thought us how to appreciate the top sportsmen, the way they have honored the Olympics winners.

Music is another one that requires our deep respect. Such strong training, disciplined kids, talented teachers, a combination of factors that ought to be respected to the maximum.

Following my kids training in music and arts for years, I have nothing but deep respect towards musicians and artists that reproduce such a marvel of works. At this point of my life, I refuse to have a TV or a mobile phone because I wish to cultivate the original thoughts and if you are a Free Thinker you will agree with me that the messages from Media destruct one in that quest. Through my hands passed 1,000s of books, a simple calculation of 1 to 2 books a week, since the age of 10, will bring you into 3,000+ and these wonderful books include researches into many world-wide respected philosophers, scientists and wise-men. leaving me with a deep respect for all of them. Often without any financial support, I have travelled through 50 countries and have lived in 5 (Malta, Serbia, Holland, UK, New Zealand), each time trying to understand the ways people think, behave, act. Have been to all the spiritual retreats or personal trainings in my vicinity whether Contemporary, Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, and have spent days on end contemplating classical works of the best Artists, Musicians and Scientists of our past and present. What I found in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America left me truly believing that

“I” as an individual know nothing and “we” as “humanity” or “Universe” as an entity know IT ALL. The full application of Yin and Yang Positive Forces will take us to a number of s within many fields of Life.

I as an individual know nothing and we as humanity or Universe as an entity know IT ALL alchemy of soul kundalini dance art of 4 elements spiritual poetry by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Still I cannot but wonder when after hearing a most amazing performance a “Female distorted Logic” tells me: “When I was in Paris I’ve seen better”. Well, I was in Paris and I think it compares! F**k u 2! <3

Before judging any art-work ask yourself how would you do it, or with how many performances you can compare it with? How many books have you read, instruments and sports do you play? We are not talking “fake” experiences or bombardment of impulses you get from a TV. Here we are talking Art… Here we are talking . Supreme Art is Magic!

When we connect with the feeling of Deep Respect, Complete Owe, Appreciation and Love towards forces that have created order within our little Universe, Gaia, or a village we come from (humanity applied  positive application of both Yin and Yang forces), we disconnect this “Female Logic” that knows not of modesty and cannot possibly appreciate beauty and an effort that is taking place every-single-day to maintain this marvel. 

A Tibetan monk made me and my friend, a Biology Phd Scientist, furious at his lecture, when he spent 2 hours talking about “Loving your Neighbor”. He entitled his talk “Dream Yoga” so his audience obviously had an advanced “mental” and “emotional” set-up, otherwise they wouldn’t come to a lecture that has such an advanced topic. Within his talk he did not differ from an ethics teacher of my 13 year old daughter – in a Christian country, love your neighbor talk is very advanced, and coming from a monk who has never experienced troubles of parenting, or neighbors’ relationships it just disturbed the audience. Unlike his predecessor Rinpoche whose 10 days Retreat on Death caused me Bliss and improved the Wellbeing of all participants, within the "Fuzziness of his Logic" he had no Respect, Appreciation or Love for Science and the background of 1,000s of books we came from.

When this Appreciation turns into Adoration there is only one little step to take it into Stupidity. That is why both the far right and far left thinkers have the same problem with the “Fuzzy Logic”.

I write because my creative force “forces” me to write. While trying to master a foreign language, English, and anybody who has mastered the writing within a foreign language, as a Foreigner, knows how difficult that is, I now write books in English. Having wroked as a Management Trainer and a Consultant within Government and large IT companies, I worked hard to understand how business and marketing rain minds of men. Learning these skills, in my spare time, I organized Festivals, I know, I know, a “bloody” difficult job, one earns nothing unless Government sponsors it, yet we all try doing it, so that Government does recognize us. After volunteering for years, creating 6 Body Mind and Spirit Festivals, a 10 days Conference on Ancient Temples, an International Vegetarian Festival, and a Children Festival, I volunteered with a Christian NGO helping Africa and Ethiopian nuns build their school in far outskirts of the country. Meeting Father George from Gozo who single-handedly supported 150 projects, and Sister Ludgarda who managed an orphenage with 150 kids I felt nothing but pure Admiration

The random occurrence of positive and negative charge is seemingly manifesting within our lives within this huge chain effect. After helping Ethiopia I have decided to adopt 2 kids from Ethiopia.

Can Marry or Goddess energy shine Light through Will of God even within a dualistic environment 

What is Alchemy?

Yin Yang Manifestation of Consciousness within the War of Genders

Quantum Physics Applied to Philosophy within Male / Female Relationships

Conscious and Unconscious Microcosmos within Relationship Patterns

Applying Quantum Physics Consciousness within  of 

The War of Genders is as old as Humanity. It has very established patterns within our Sub , or Conscious and Unconscious behavior patterns.

Yin Yang Manifestation of Consciousness within War of Genders

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