Quantum Physics Applied to Philosophy within Male / Female Relationships

Microcosmos of Relationships

Applying Quantum Physics Consciousness within of

Using Poetry as Spiritual Tool or 

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

The War of Genders is as old as Humanity. It has very established patterns within our Sub, or Conscious and Unconscious behavior patterns.

Yin Yang Manifestation of Consciousness within War of Genders

Did you know that your country is a Microcosms manifesting its states of Consciousness, breathing, living in an endless spiral of applying knowledge, understanding mishaps, constantly measuring collective and individual states of Consciousness?

Did you know that your family as a Microcosms reflects an environment of our ever-breathing Country, our ever-loving Gaia, our so complex and puzzling Solar System, our Cosmos?

Did you know that your within its journey towards uses your body’s DNAs and your brain’s chemistry to carry a Microcosms of decisions, influences, thoughts that are all influenced by huge amount of learnings, or external impacts? A soul that is now experiencing Consciousness manifestations within the most air polluted world’s cities in 2018, the WHO's database that measures pollution in every cubic meter of air will tell you of more than 4,300 cities such as Delhi, Varanasi and Patna, in India, who lives every day with this problem, will tell you all about how difficult it is to connect with Prana (in Hindu thought – an essential Life Force) within such an environment.

Taking a stand that our is a separated Unit of Consciousness by our feeble Bodies, from the rest of Humanity, gives us all a huge Blaming Complex when we express what we call “the expression of our thoughts and feelings”.

Fuzzy Logic or Negative Application of Yin States of Consciousness

Know it all has it all and why do we all so hate it...

Female Logic or Negative Application of Yin States of Consciousness Know it all has it all and why do we all so hate it...

We are only Humans

Assuming that we are the only one experiencing a particular thinking or feeling pattern, came from our false sense of Separation.

Experiencing our body move, we get locked within a sense of Uniqueness, assuming this Uniqueness within our emotional and thinking spheres. Do you know of a hundredth monkey effect? It was first time studied in a study of monkeys on Japanese islands in 1952. It is called “the hundredth monkey” because within that experiment that was a critical number at which an imposed idea spread to other islands bringing about non-local learning into conscious or subconscious patterns of studied monkeys. Within similar global conditions, comparable research interests of Marconi and Nikola Tesla resulted in inventing the radio at the same time, even though they have never met or on the physical sphere mentally exchanged. This is an amazing phenomenon, demanding our full Attention and Respect!

Yin / Yang Manifestations of Consciousness

Yin and Yang are in no way good or bad. They are different states of consciousness manifestation. They seek each other, help each other, and complement each other’s beauty.

Going into warmer countries we find predominately Yin states of environment, Blessed with more sunshine, people of these countries had less fights with Mother Nature than their northern neighbors who often suffered cold climate. As much as possible humanity tried to avoid bitter weather, so we kept our emigrational travels through Gaia next to the sea catching plenty of fish and adoring the Sun. For 1,000s of years we lived in caves wherever weather permitted this. The great flood, the humanity first experienced “Cold Age” taught us how to live in cold climates. We struggled for survival at all time fighting with elements, snow, rain, frost for many months during the year.

Within this predominately Yin environment (cold and frost) our Men could keep their families safe only when developing the Yang quality of a strong willpower, and persistence, a clear devotion to a goal.

Within females, kids, old people or when obstructed with sickness, these Yang qualities are weakened.

Appreciating the wisdom of our ancestors, people lived with no water nor electricity within their houses, the family had to be very strong, to protect the weak and at the same time fight against the elements. The same quality is found within Bedouins in deserts that had to fight extreme weather conditions. Ramadan requires that Muslims do not eat during the day-light. Imagine how much this practice strengthens the willpower when at no time one can eat nor drink after the sun-rise or before the sun-set. Now practice this 40 days in a row. That is very difficult!

Universal Behaviour Patterns within Male and Female Reasoning / 

Within a predominately Yin mind, that is a girl’s mind, intuition is much stronger, languages are easier to handle and creativity is at its bloom. When faced with a predominately Yang subjects – mathematics for example, there is an “attack of logic” within this set-up. If the learning is not done with total love but it is executed with discipline, only a few ladies manage to master it.

Within a soceity of predominately Yang minds, where Logic is a natural teacher, Humanity finds it more difficult to master languages. Stronger the Yang mind, stronger the difficulties to verbally express the thoughts.

Articulating very definite thinking patterns (logic) is very hard to master, but when mastered it becomes the most beautiful endeavor. Reading German philosophers in my youth, and knowing the corruption we get from wrong translations, I had a strong urge to learn German, because its language allows human beings to communicate even through inventing “adjectives”. If you are a writer this unique language logic will certainly resonate within you! Imagine if a structure of a language you are using to express your deepest feelings and thoughts is such to allow each carrier of its wisdom to invent a new word.

Quantum Physics Applied to Philosophy within Male Female Relationships tao

Enlightening Wisdom with Reason - Conscious Living

Enlightening Wisdom (highest positive manifestation of Yang based forces within both conscious and subconscious minds) with Reason (highest positive manifestation of Yin based forces within our conscious and subconscious minds) we come across many Battles of the Sexes...

Enlightening Wisdom with Reason and Battles of the Sexes through Time

Yin / Yang Differences materialized within Communication Styles

Applying humanity’s Wisdom and Clear Ratio learning through a struggle in any relationship, we acknowledge that female independence is a major force that materialized itself only recently, only during the last 100 of years.

With her generation, my mum who was born just at the very start of the 2nd World War was a part of this humanity’s struggle for a strong, independent women capable of working and raising children at the same time. If you are a child of parents who lived within this generation, you must have experienced how difficult this battle was. For her, it was mainly an inner struggle to keep the family running while executing a full day’s work in a Secondary School as a teacher of Physics and still doing all the housework in crammed 55sqm apartment, with two kids and soon to be seriously sick with Diabetes husband who is fully occupied with his Juries practice as a Judge, his Phd work and writing of his 25-th legal book on cooperative law. Each of us might have experienced slightly different set of circumstances, yet the struggle of sexes remained the same.

For 1,000s of years, a female depended of her male’s positively applied logic and a good man will take care of his woman taking care of the various decisions within the family.

A male would exercise his willpower, a woman will understand compassion, together in unity they would be able to create miracles and guide their children towards becoming healthy and inspired adults.

For the free men who now know that when we jump the loop within a spiral we feel very excited by the inflow of knowledge and ought to experience it. Within Humanity’s physical worlds and behavior patterns this spiral loop manifested fairly recently. The flow of creative thought is bubbling through us with such a tremendous force that all the rest feels like waste of time, the excitement is at its prime, there is no time for food, stillness, or exercise. When we jump through a loop on a spiral of spiritual growth our souls feel excited with the offered learning and dive into it with a tremendous force.

Within an argument, my friend, an artist who has just turned 50 last year, tells me about her German boyfriend who is an Architect: “When we fight he becomes a 2 year old having tantrums. Within the world of his Reason he claims “You provoke me”. It is very hard to forget things he says because I was abused as a child. It reminds me of my mum that used to vomit her anger and pretend nothing has happened. We are in that moment of the relationship when you realize that you can’t ever trust your parents the way you love them… Throwing things around saying “Am I your servant?” A little dramatic kid. What has started it all – “You make your decisions without me!” I know I am very emotional but I also have a strong Yang side within me, my willpower is strong. We argue a lot, we never have sex, and there is this issue of money, he has absolutely nothing. I need to return to the peace within me so I can again be creative. He disturbs Peace of my Mind. “I do not know what shall I do?” He said he needed a break and he wishes to have a week’s holiday from our relationship! So I let him go! He is too much trouble, perhaps I should let him go forever…”

Do you feel as though you have already heard this conversation? Do you feel as though you have already experienced it within your relationship?

Acknowledging that it is our souls that lead this journey through the elements within Gaia, we understand that there is no one path to God and that each of us vibrates with various wise men, and not-so wise men to learn and experience better behavior patterns.

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Philosophy was known as the Mother of all Sciences.

It was at the very top of the scientific hierarchy. You may not practice it unless you have achieved enough knowledge and experience so you can call your-self Wise.

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