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Conscious Living 

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Conscious Living and Listening to your soul

Conscious Living practicing Arts & Sports

Back in time, that has changed only a 150 years ago, pre-electricity, our society was infected with inequality, injustice, and a thought that lived within 90% of us for many millennia’s - the thought of Equality. The total population of the world, post electricity, rose dramatically from 1/2 a billion to 8 billions. During this time of learning how to live together we went through both the 1st and the 2nd World War.

Thanks to our learnings and to the modern technology, we now have an opportunity to study / practice ancient spiritual growth / self development practices from around the world. This exposure to the mix of East and West, South and North, gives us some very inspiring insights.

A grand piano recital of one of the best world pianist Grigory Sokolov that was entitled "The Legend is Back" took us onto a 3 hours journey through Haydn's sonatas and finished with 5 encores at midnight. While on this "single man on a piano" marathon, we as his audience stopped breathing with every pause he performed. He mastered his and the energy of entire Conference Centre crowd, taking us into the highest states of consciousness.

Both music and sports, fully intuitively connect with the mastery of breath and souls' meditations. There is no exceptional artists, sportsmen or dancer without the mastery of deep breath, circular breath, rapid breath, or deep understanding of the magic of concentration.

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Yin and Yang Balance within Human Beings 

Ancient Spirituality and Modern Practices around the World 

Within the spiritual growth arena, in our drive for goodness, humanity used to exercise tremendous efforts to transform Yin into Yang, searching for Balance within Order, applying force to guard “chastity”, "honor", or "inner laws".

Within our understanding of the "wisdom" system, like in any learning, we pass through a spiral, slowly climbing up its various levels – physically, mentally and intuitively mastering the tools, comprehending its more subtle wisdom and beauty. Exercising Tai Chi, for example, takes us into a journey that as a gift combines breathing, movement, and the energy flow.

Watching a Master exercise the Art, we watch him / her exchange with Tao /

Conscious living mountains Serbia meditation nuit stone

Being able to apply a "personal growth" system within all age groups – kids, youth, mature adults, both women and men, including the old, is a sign of within that system. While experiencing different  combinations of manifestations, we all seek the system that both grows within us and helps us grow.

Yoga and Tai Chi as products of Yin based minds

as a system of knowledge went into many details about how energies within our spines interact with the brain, involving drawings (mandalas), sounds (mantras), symbols (within each of 7 chakra). Yoga examines how the various physical, mental or emotional dirt within the body creates emotional blockages. Mastering concentration, or breath, brings both: prolonging life or attaining what Yogis call Yoga has developed some interesting “solder-like” practices for the improvement of Willpower. It was designed for mainly men and learned from childhood. It comes from a predominantly Yin environment where a state of chaos is a norm, so it required discipline, as a male application of force. It assumed abstinence, the death of a practitioner came at the age of 39 anyway, so the time-span of temptations and the strength / ability of practice related to the amount of years of practice were very different. 

Both Yoga and Tai Chi, coming from the East, products of Yin based minds, are meant to be practiced alone. Children because of their Yang nature are less attracted to these exercise systems.

Western Sports as products of Yang based Minds

The western sports were designed for our youngsters paying lots of attention to the competitiveness of our approach and the social aspect of the games, both a sign of predominantly Yang based minds. Applying the western sports to various age groups, we came across the regular nature walks, mountaineering, etc.

A tennis player has to play 6 hours straight within a tournament. If he does not have an inner strength and wisdom to perfect his/her breath there would be no possibility of success. Following the same knowledge, a Serbian top tennis player, Djoković, moved his diet into a vegetarian, gluten free one and later in his life into a raw vegan one, so he could gain benefits from the consumption of “live” foods. He comes from a Yang based culture, in today’s world meat dominated diet, where the ancient Yin knowledge is intuitive and hidden within the practices of Monks, within long periods of Orthodox Christian fasts, or remembered as the natural vow of austerity practiced amongst the poor.

Laika Theatre Art and Conscious Living: No Plastic No Meat Thanks

The Laika Theatre Group, based in Antwerpen, Belgium, uses food to look at the changes and struggles our s face in a typical “fast-food” industrial society, the modern day workers and consumers exploitation, done by fast food giants, the likes of Mc-Donald and KFC.

Consciously and sub-consciously we were invited to take up arms to defend a common ideal, the ideal of mindful living, mindful being and soul-full consumption.

Directly engaging the audience, the stage was designed around us, the actors and singers were dancing, running, flying so we can fully sympathize with their troubles. A suffocated worker, or a fish farm cruelty, sterilized cloths, face-less silver of a Cantina, a painfully soul-less world that knows not of Beauty. In Spain a ‘cantina’ is a bar near the railway station where you can have a quick snack, in Serbia ‘cantina’ is a University's or a large factory's restaurant where one can find cheap lunch each day. In Belgium, where a Theatre Group Laika comes from, ‘kantine’ would be a cheerless space where people eat communally.

The messages from a centralized computer within the performance bring us, the audiance, the knowledge of the reductions, efficiency-cuts, redundancy, death, remind us of the early 20th century Bertolt Brecht play “Saint Joan of the Stockyards”, "Die Heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe", written in Germany in 1931, that transforms the purity of Joan of Arc into ‘Joan Dark’, who battles the owner of a meat-packing plant. Joan is a martyr that believes in God and an innocent in the world of hunger and exploitation. Laika’s cook is a modern day martyr, a Conscious Human that whispers messages of two paths Humanity can take, a possibility of a conscious choice, a possibility of living life in Peace and Harmony with Nature.

During the play that celebrates Life, we all dived into multiple Eco issues we have with plastic, meat-consumption, factory farming, sterile cooking methods, additives, preservatives, the constant never-ending destruction of the Sea, and Forests, and an effort that it takes us to be a Consious Human Being. We were served delicious and vegan food prepared with raw organic ingrediants, by Chefs / Artists who wished not to obey the Fast-Food Life-Style.

Experiencing Laika’s Cantina I remembered how Pure is Conscious Living in the Mountains of Serbia

Gathering Healing Aromatic Plants in Mountains of Serbia

conscious living walking barefoot and vegetarianism

During the medieval times of Serbia, during the 6th century when the Slavs entered the Balkans, we used red-hot stones for cooking, just after milking sheep or goats, the milk would be poured in the hollowed pumpkin with the heated rocks inside. The vegetables were cooked in the same way. Heated stones were used for the preparation of skorup, or kaymak, white butter like cheese. Porridges made from barley, oats and millet and broths with vegetables are still prepared in all the small mountain huts. Bread made from the mix of wheat, rye and barley, was a base of the diet of our ancestors, this is why we find some great baking skills within almost every family in Serbia

During our past, meat was rarely eaten usually consumed during the festivals and the religious holiday.

mindful living conscious eating-rye bread vegetarian diet in Serbia by-natasa-pantovic-nuit

During the first Serbian constitution, the Zakonopravilo, that dates back to 1219, and during Dušan's Empire, a century later, when Serbia vastly expanded over the Byzantine Empire, we were famous for building many Christian Ortodox Monasteries while the country specialised in wine-making and bee-keeping passing the skill down to children for generations. The honey products and seasonally collected dried herbs are used across the country for healing of various diseases.

Within the Orthodox Christianity, a Greek or Slavic version of Christianity that worships no Popes, a Priest is allowed to get married experiencing the family life and parenting troubles. In fact Nikola Tesla was a son of a Serbian priest, whose upbringing and home schooling led to some inspiring applications of goodness within his set of beliefs.

Christian Saints and Vegetarianism

Gathering Aromatic Plants

The hill of Soko Banja’s (Serbia) 5th century Fortress rose sheer up from the plain. It was fortified by a large belt of rocks. Climbing up during the late hours each morning, we saw a dance of vapors of smoke ascending towards the sky forming the most amazing rainbows. I was told that the water of the well is sacred, and was never used accept for healing. It was called the well of the test - it had a couple of sounding vessels attached, opening and closing with the wind. If one of them was opened or shut, the Gods, spirits, ancestors, were leaving a message to the morning worshipers. Statistically, they got a 50% chance to guess any truth or lie, in a sacred place, using a ritual performed by a pure soul, the percentage rose to they believed - a divine answer. Worshiping the elements, we observed sun's rays narrating the story while we silently sang Ra its praise.

We were on our pilgrimage finding a water source at different times of the day, sometime at sunrise, or at sunset, gathering around the source buzzing with bees and insects, drinking healing waters and bathed.

During my stay there we ate no animal food, only oats, berries, and fruits of the season like the locals do.

All four of us had our hair long, dressed in simple cotton clothes like the old Macedonians; we walked barefoot through the mountains. We carried a wooden stick each, slowly moving through the meadows.

We crossed a plane before we met her, an old, wise woman, collecting all sorts of aromatic plants. Recognizing each other by sparks in our eyes, we kept each other company walking towards a water source exchanging healing crafts. She was initiating us into some of the secrets of the plants found in the valley or in the market.

"This is a very useful shrub, she handed what I knew to be cinnemon to me, so attractive to goats, that if you hold it in your hands they will follow you whining like babies and repelling to the ants, that if they smell it they will remove their nest from your home..."

Directly under the cliffs where the chamomile grows, cliffs that are un-accessible to men, a group of youths was climbing the neighboring trees collecting various fruits – plumbs, apples, pears. The butterflies observed this little ritual watching them from the distance, feasting on the sight of people tearing the clustered fruits from the bushes. Each morning when we passed, the trenches were full of new ripe berries, ready to be collected by passers-by with the sun-rise.

conscious living mountains of Serbia

Vegetarian Benefits

Female Logic and Negative Applications of Yin States of Consciousness

Philosophy Mother of All Sciences Applied

Yin and Yang Consciousness States of Universe are NOT positive nor negative Alchemy of Love Books

"Within Gaia, this amazing breathing ever-changing hermaphrodite environment, that is on Her own sufficient, Life flourished. Within her ever-changing atmosphere resonance is supreme. We as human beings and souls materialized on Earth to experience various manifestations of Yin and Yang states of Consciousness inter-exchange with Gaia’s environment." Nuit, Mindful Living

Using Poetry as Spiritual Tool

We intuitively use Poetry to Heal or express Joy!


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