We intuitively use Poetry to Heal or express Joy!

Why Spiritual Poetry?

by Nuit

Applying the Alchemy of Love  within the sphere of  Growth we acknowledge that  forces within Gaia play an important role of how we “tap” into humanity’s for 1,000s of years executed patterns, do we do it with a “positive” charge or with a “negative” one.

Pure Logic and Wisdom Together in Unity, might help our journey, Yin and Yang Poem from Art of 4 Elements, Nuit Amazon Books Profile 

Pure Logic and Wisdom Together in Unity, yin and yang poem by Natasa Pantovic from Art of 4 Elements

Listening to our resonating souls we can either enter a spiral of negativity, medically called “depression” or enter into a contact with elements allowing Poetry, the Ocean or Gaia to heal us.

We intuitively use Poetry to Heal or express Joy!

Choosing to be alone is easier for a predominantly Yin based mind: a very young girl, a person that comes from a Yin based culture, like India or a Mediterranean country (a collective culture), or a Yin based profession - an artist, a doctor, a writer, a musician, physical worker, an old person, a sick person, in a Yin environment when it is raining or it is cold. A predominantly Yang based mind: a boy in his youth, from a more Yang based culture (an individualistic cultures), like an Englishman or a Dutchman, from Yang based professions that requires lots of work with people like Managers, Lawyers, or Salesmen, would happily relax or “drawn” their sadness within a Bar full of stranger or with a group of friends playing football or wrestling in the middle of the street, in Yang environment where it is warm.

Gardening or meditation / walking next to the sea will all help us restore the Balance

Gardening or meditation walking next to the sea will all help us restore the Balance
Within a society of predominately Yang minds, where Logic is a natural teacher, Humanity finds it more difficult to master languages. Stronger the Yang mind, stronger the difficulties to verbally express the thoughts. How many English-men living in England do you know that have completly mastered a foreign language?

Within a society of predominately Yin minds, where Wisdom is a natural teacher, Humanity finds it easier to master this skill.

The Chinese as a language carriers within its beauty, the positive learning expressions of Yin minds, and has embodied mysticism, symbolic throught, and philosophy within their most amazing symbols. 

The Ancient Chinese used the Poetry of Symbols to express Life, Ideas, God.

qian_kun 13th century Chinese ancient wisdom within drawing characters

The Chinese characters or symbols (and they have 1,000s of them) are an expression of concepts not words, so a simple translation of a set of symbols into a sentence might become a complete adventurous journey of deeply understanding the intuitive thought of the philosopher drawing the textWhile studying Chinese characters in Cambridge, I asked a Chinese artist, a friend of mine, raised in Taiwan and educated in US, why I cannot find a straight forward word for “beautiful” in Chinese. What he said, vibrates beautifully with the wisdom within this ancient culture, “beautiful” can be beautiful as a flower, or beautiful as a woman or beautiful as an art expression, why limit such an amazing feeling within a simplicity of a word.

The Ancient Chinese used the Poetry of Symbols to express Life, Ideas, God.

Logic vs Wisdom or Yin and Yang Communication Choices

Our ancestors used to live much shorter, some 1,000s years ago, however our patterns are instilled within us as a natural ever-learning implant. A healthy person will see his kids grow to the age of marriage before dyeing that would be at the age of 39. Not much time to experience anything but sheer play of hormones within our bodies. At around half of our naturally to be lived life, we get edgy to see our kids grow into healthy adults. So we marry! Those days we used to marry at the age of 15, these days we marry at the age of 30, slowly moving this line to 40. If we are at all married in our 20-s with the age of 40 we wish to experience it all.

When it hurts, listening to our always resonating s we chose to heal either being alone or confiding in someone we trust.

If deeply hurt we acknowledge that we are hurt. 

Being a heart specialist, my uncle who once told me that all heart doctors die from a weakness of their heart, has died at the age of 70 from a heart attack, and my aunt was experiencing deep sadness following this loss. Afraid for her health to relax her, my uncle’s daughter, also a doctor specializing in sports medicine, gave her some sedatives. They have been teens left as orphants with 3 other siblings, at her age of 13 and his age of 10. At that tender age, for three years, they were sent to an orphanage together. At all our family gatherings I clearly remember them frequently crying and laughing together. At the age of 73, after the second day of strong sedatives she refused them saying: “The medicine does not allow me to mourn my brother. I do not want to take them any longer. My deep sadness needs recognition.” So, she stayed crying for some months to follow...

Many Yogis / Christian Saints use Poetry to Communicate with God / Divine / Life

“The Brahman's education began even in his mother's womb. During the period of gestation she was soothed by songs and chants in praise of continence, which in proportion as they won her pleased attention beneficially influenced her future offspring. After the child's birth and as he grew in years he was passed on from one preceptor to another, until he was old enough to become an auditor of the philosophers. These lived frugally, abstained from animal food and women, and in a grove outside the city spent their days in earnest discourse, communicating their knowledge to all who chose to listen. But in their presence the novice was not permitted to speak, or hawk, or spit, under the penalty of one day's banishment from their society. At the age of thirty-seven his student life ceased.”

Such was the ritual, and discipline needed described in Indian Travels, a manuscript written 2,000 years ago, to build a character of an Asian Yogi whose virtue and training equates the one of a Philosopher in Greece. Did you notice the life-expectancy note - at the age of 37 the life ceased...

This poem Samadhi is from Yogananda's book "Whispers from Eternity"

Pythagoras about virtues and evil

  • Evil destroyeth itself.
  • Virtue is harmony.

Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching 1st stanza

The tao that can be told
is not the eternal 

Patanjali About Calmness of Mind

Undisturbed calmness of i is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.

Dante about Pride and Envy

Superbia, invidia e avarizia sono
le tre faville c'hanno i cuori accesi.

  • Pride, Envy, and Avarice are
    the three sparks that have set these hearts on fire.

St Teresa Prayer about Peace Within

May today there be peace within.

May you trust  that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be content knowing that you are a child of God.

Tolstoy about One and All

"Everything develops, differentiates, moving towards complexity and refinement and there are laws governing this process. You are part of a whole. When you know as much as possible about the whole, and about the laws of its development, you will understand your place in the whole, and your own self."

Aurobindo Spiritual Poetry"Turn all things to honey this is the law of divine living"

Spiritual Poetry Aurobindo turn all things to honey this is the law of divine living

The Mother about 

Only the Divine is the support that never fails.

Infinite Love by Nuit

Spiritual poem about infinite love from Art of 4 Elements poetry book by Nuit

Impeccably living Love      
Purified – replacing matter by spirit 

Cell by cell…

Nourished by Earth Veiled by Fire Carried by Air Dissolved by Water

Filled with God

Intoxicated with God

Becoming Divine

Metal transformed into Gold

Through the supreme magic of the mastery of

Thoughts and feelings

Evoking the infinite

Wisdom buried inside

Impeccably and non-compromising

Living the infinite 

Do you like the song written by Rory Charles Graham, “We are only Humans, don’t put your blame on me”, it somehow resonates perfectly when we are faced with Pure manifestations of Consciousness?

When your 14y old Teen reads your love poem,, Art of 4 Elements Poetry by Nuit

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

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