2,500 Serbian Monks in Sacred Mount Athos in Greece Praying Secluded

Energy Psychology in Hilandar Serbian Sacred Christian Mount

Mysticism or Magic

by Nataša Pantović

monastery 12km walk festival of knights full moon in August

If these 2,500 Serbian Monks, scholars, artists and researchers live in Serbia spread around 20 Monasteries within the country, children will learn “bee keeping” from the best, and men would learn “wine making” from the purest, and artists would learn Christian Iconography that flows through a prayer experiencing Christ through every brush stroke.

Walking this story, that has happened on the Full Moon in August, during the Festival of Knights, in the surrounding hills of Monastery Manasija in Serbia, we will explore the variohisus manifestations of the states of , some geometrical figures and fairy-tales that whispered within my .

Old Greek Philosophers used  to pass the  of many subconscious struggles we, mortals, experience, using the most gruesome story-telling tools to keep our memory alive. Fighting against a foggy existence of any words put together that needs a solid emotional platform to give us even a slightest chance to remember – this moment.

Just the slightest chance to truly connect with NOW.

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Monasteries, Saints and People

Hilandar 20 Orthodox Christian Monasteries Energy Psychology

The Monastery Manasija was surrounded by Knights dressed in simple white cotton overalls, wearing beards of all sizes, transformed into the 15th century meeting place, the Festival at its entrance had 3 village men with their bellies in an ice-cold stream, standing still, experiencing the coldest possible waters directly from the Earth’s belly.

Climbing the walls of the Monastery & engrossed within the Festival, it was clear that this scene was missing something essential. There were no Monks around us, no chants going on forever, no sound of Christian prayers endlessly repeting the name of chanting praise to Christ or Marry, none to pass the knowledge of the  or practices of the Orthodox religious culture.

All Serbian monks, all Knights, are these days in Greece, believe it or not, 2,500 of them, praying on an Peninsula secluded from people, technology, Internet, TV, women.

Christian Orthodox Monks Seclusion

Christian Orthodox Monks Seclusion

You might have heard of this special European Christian place called Hilandar, “eternally” given to the Serbian Christian Church as long as there are 7 practicing Monks actively guarding the place, where visits are only limited to men, who wish to experience an Orthodox Christian Spiritual Retreat. Some of the monks spent all their lives without ever seeing a woman walking on a street. No money is ever taken for Food or Lodging. No meat consumed, no alcohol other than wine, no cigarettes, cars or mobiles reception found. They chant twice a day and their prayers last from 4 to 6 hours starting at 2-4:00AM till noon standing behind an Altar singing the most wonderful Christian music of male voices chanted in a typical Orthodox Christians Mass. They pray twice a day.

Founded by Saint Sava, the son of a Serbian King Stefan Nemanja, who was born in 1169. As the youngest son to the King, and with a strong zeal for learning and spiritual work he became a Christian monk following all the ascetic monastic practices. Nemanja followed his son’s example and abdicated in 1196, giving the throne to his middle son, Stefan. Both Nemanja and his wife Ana took Christian monastic vows. Nemanja took the monastic name Simeon, and was later proclaimed a Saint Simeon. Sava obtained the independence of the Serbian Church from the Emperor and the Patriarch, and became its first Archbishop. Together they built the monastery of Hilandar on the Mount Athos calling it a Holy Mountain, Sveta Gora, a place that is today physically located on a Greek peninsula and has 20 monasteries.

They both returned to Serbia building many other monasteries, churches and schools, enlightening Serbian people throughout the lands. Whenever a similar effort was done around the Globe where the educated few passed the knowledge to the masses, their efforts were endless, so they soon were acknowledged as Saints or Gurus – the ones who bring Souls from Dark to Light.

Saint Sava has written a couple of books prescribing the monastic life-style rules – a diet that contains no meat, with row vegan intake 3 times a week and allowing  fish, cheese and wine during the weekends. He also prescribed chanting practices of a typical Mass. His set of spiritual practices are respected even today, the Monks eat twice a day & chant for 9 nine hours a day praying.

Christian Saitns and Vegetarianism

My memories of a mass sung in an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Monastery is a memory of deep male voices and the sound of drums. My memory of a Tibetan Buddhist chant sung within the Monasteries of Tibet in Nepal where I spent a month learning about Tibetan Buddhism is the same deep continuous chanting of God’s names. 11 meters deep within the Maltese Hypogeum, a 7,000 years old Sacred temple carved in stone, the Oracle Room where I prayed silently, resonated with 111Hz, altering states of Consciousness.

Do you get how powerful and spiritually strong this place is?

With such an admirable ascetic life-style, the Holy Mountain represents a focal point of Serbian religious culture, and of Christian Orthodox culture, also holding a title of "the first ever Serbian University". With ongoing daily spiritual practices, with such an amount of chanting, within a place that has self-generated electricity from Eco sources, has no pavements, cars or animals, we get Organic hand-picked Olive Oil, best Organic Wines, and most amazing Healing Honey, and Icons painted by resident artists Monks, all Serbs living in total isolation.

There is of course a burden to our souls, a hitch to this paradise of Monks living together secluded

When a prayer is altered in any Christian Church, the power of prayer is given to the Church Hierarchy, the country itself, people who pray, main states figures like Kings or Prime Ministers, so the country prospers and main wise men are respected and supported even within the spiritual sphere. In an ideal balanced spiritual-material world, the Minister of Education would be blessed so that the school policies are in wise & reason enlightened hands. With 2,500 Monks living in a foreign country, Greece, there is hardly any wisdom passed from Monks to people, there is hardly any interaction with this Spiritual force that lives so isolated.

Picture this, if you are born into a Serbian Christian family, you are a practicing Christian, and you decide to follow the “hard core”, “no marriage” option, within the Orthodox Christianity, Priests are allowed to marry, so they stay with their families running various Churches. You can become a Priest or a Monk. In either case, you stay in contact with people passing the wisdom you gained, otherwise there is no point of your incarnation on the planet and following the Christian path of “for the Benefit of All”. 

This spiritual force of some of the most interesting Serbian Spiritual Researchers that is locked on a Greek Island makes me wonder: is this why a Greek Rockfeller family – boat owners - has such a tremendous fortune? If prayers do matter, where are they all going? if not to Serbian people who should be the carriers and receivers of this subconscious Christian wisdom blessings?

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

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