your teenage son steals and lies for his gaming addiction

How to stop your teen stealing for his Gaming Addiction

and Psychology of Gaming

Power of Mind  by Nataša Pantović

Psychology of gaming free conscious and subconscious mind and soul

All the World's Psychologists protecting your kids'  would now tell you - do not come from a judgmental place or use fear as a way to try and get them to stop - and yet you have experienced that this little paradise you call Home, that you have created, is a very hard work to manage on a day-to-day basis. turning towards

“This Gaming Addict of Mine Stole from us, His Parents, our Credit Cards to buy the Sport’s Management Game, to upgrade Roblox, recently he bought pins from Stationary for Forthnight.” My husband will kill him.“ the next thing I know he will be stealing for drugs.” said my friend, please give me some Conscious Parenting advice so we prevent relapse.

Dare you not to Pick Up the Fight

Psychology of a Gaming Addict

Let us first give a due respect to a true testimony of a kid Gaming Addict who Steals Parents Credit Cards

“I started actually gaming playing Pokemon. I remember playing through the night trying to beat the game. I remember finishing my work so fast in second grade, my teacher would let me go to the computer room and play some sort of airplane game on the computer... the monthly subscription was ending, I stole my parent’s credit card and payed for another month. Then when they were asleep I would get up in the middle of the night to login and play throughout the night. I got really into it because all my friends were playing it. The idea of multiplayer games was so attractive... A lot of the games cost a dollar, and the Kindle was already connected to my parent’s Amazon account. You can imagine what I did. I bought the first few games carefully, waiting to see if my parents would find out. When they didn’t, I ended up spending $400 on stupid Kindle games. I’ve spent over $1,000 on games when adding it up. All of this money is put to some virtual world, trading my real money or my parents real money for some fake gold or gems or something stupid like that..." to Read More

Now, does the above ring a bell? Can we acknowledge that this is a problem and that we are not talking about an isolated case? In our urge to protect our kids, or in our ignorance - if we do not have kids of that age, so have no experience within this matter - we will deny the problem.

The Problem Denial

Free Conscious Subconscious mind soul kids

Any mother’s instinctive urge to protect the little one’s brain cells from various accusations is not without its cause

check Power of Mind or Our kids Unconscious Mind and Success

and our collective problem denial is often caused by new experiences that are emerging from the new technology that surrounds us.

During our recent past, pre-electricity, we handled our finances with little or no money within a household, so the real issue of stealing money without being caught was not existent. No credit cards that could be stolen, no pins used over Internet, with no transaction to be seen.

So the Humanity and all its Psychologists had not a chance to measure how a “normal” child would act within a modern set of circumstances, would he, a ten years old, steal for Games.

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technology matrix lonely path to happiness

Acknowledging the problem takes us a step further towards its solution

We behave or misbehave towards our-own body, our , environment, animals and plants, and our planet Earth.

If parents would stop hiding and lying about their sons stealing money for Games, we as Humanity would acknowledge that something ought to be done.

Goodness combined with  within us would tell us, that the true culprits within this little game are the Gaming companies that are offering a highly addictive content to our kids and are allowed to charge a ten year’s old for upgrades, new skins, or new games while accepting payments from their accounts.

Are we avoiding the problem pushing the blame towards the Gaming Companies? Just think about any highly addictive substances – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar. What would happen if we allow our kids to use them uncontrollably, would they not steal for absorbing more of them?

Are Games Addictive?

Every month, over 64 million active players come to Roblox to play. Fortnite total downloads have officially topped 125 million since its release in 2017. Ask any parent to give you an honest answer to this question. Just an honest answer. Make your own investigation. It is sooo easy to “drug” kids with Games, parents or care-takers have all the time in the world while kids are absorbed within the play. Is this the world we really want to live in?

So Measures – how to stop your kids from stealing?

  1. First of all, you are not the only one who is experiencing this problem; it is Universal, do not keep silent about it;
  2. The Future Laws will hopefully take better care of the real abusers, the Gaming Companies, and the ways they market and sell their services to 10 years old;
  3. However, in the meantime, with the same problem re-occurring you wish your kid not to grow into a drug-abuser.
  4. No matter how difficult this sounds, you will have to disconnect the Game in question, the Game your kid spend money on. That is the only way to make him realize that stealing will not work. This might be almost impossible – because of an amount of money spent within the Games, we see it almost as an Investment that now has to be cancelled, deleted, removed and our kids put such a tremendous drama, exercising pressure, we tend not to remove the Game. Unfortunately for our carefully “guarded investment” It gets disconnected automatically by our kids, usually just a month later, when a new game comes into force.
  5. Meditate, how addictive the gaming is? Can you stop your kid from playing games during the week and allow it for a couple of hours during the weekend? Can you exercise your Willpower and protect your young ones from such a destructive source of entertainment? When games are allowed during the week, there is virtually no time for anything else, no time for reading, no time for music, no time for play with other kids. Think about it…

Life transformation books lists goodreads with Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting

life transformation books lists goodreads with Mindful Being and Conscious Parenting

Are you sacrificing your kids future when allowing TV / Internet / Games endless entry into your life? Are we sacrificing Humanity’s future with such an approach to Life?

Will you guard your family’s free time, as a Knight, or a Priestess, or a Gaia's Lover and guide it into the realms of Nature, , Creativity, Beauty?

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