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Power of Subconsciousness

If subconscious mind is more powerful than conscious  live Consciously?

an  by Nuit

The subconscious is an integral part of the mind that modern psychologists acknowledge as an invisible layer of human . My research suggests a form of an amoeba rather than a layer, a hermaphrodite, morphed amoeba that in some of its manifestations is covered in mold. I’ll tell you in a minute why…

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amoeba subconscious mind covered in mold

The subconscious mind patterns are programmed by repetition, -to-soul contacts and deep emotions. If the emotion is “fear” we run a risk of raising a child that will not properly develop Own-Self but stay in the shadows of the Parents’ Will-Power, or a solder that stays overpowered with his King who consciously or subconsciously wishes him to stay mentally and emotionally weak, so he can kill for his King.

When East meets West within the same Research

hermes old man with egg shaped vase Ripley alchemy scroll

Image - Hermes Old Man with egg shaped vase Ripley alchemy scroll

While executing my humble research on Chinese writing characters, I came across some very inspiring findings passed to us “mortals” from Ancient Chinese philosophers. In their inspired Knowledge, they depicted the mind as both feelings and thoughts, flowing from one’s heart and brain. When I found out that if one is saying “I” he points at the tip of his nose, an inner smile symbolically connected the two Eastern philosophies within me, an Indian Guru Sivananda claims that unit meets the Universal within the So-ham , I am It, is what we repeat, exactly where the breath enters the body.

Today while meditating on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea facing the East, I let sun and water as the most immanent physical sources of life, whisper secrets of the life of the unconscious.

God, Shiva, Zeus, Yahweh, the attributes of omnipotence inspired me this morning using the tone of the voice of Tarantino’s main black movie character Samuel L. Jackson who I’ve seen acting within the Hateful Eight, a film released in 2015. Tarantino is an American director, who in the early 1990-s, as an independent filmmaker released Reservoir Dogs and who wrote the script for this film in three-and-a-half weeks, believe it or not... The voice of this black man stirring a deep emotional effect within me, for the sound altered mirrored all the Cosmos or the collective unconsciousness that represents Blacks', Maoris’, Aborigines’, Slavs' or American Indians’ struggle against this molded ameba of the sub-consciousness of Humanity.

Subconsciousness and Religions

Kabbalists use blessings and curses while addressing this Grey Egg, to use an allegory of an Alchemist, a Hermetic Vase or Philosopher's Stone, shaped as an egg symbolizing creation; Hinduists work with tamas, rajas and satvic behavior patterns;

For further research check Yoga Science, and What is Alchemy

claiming that it is possible to control Kundalini, symbolically represented as a Snake, if and only if one is a Guru – the banisher of darkness. Christians and Muslims use Devotion, believing anything else to be a black magic act leading eventually to misuse of power in the exact same way Fascists have abused it, having an all “satvic” positive behavior patterns - causing mass murders, killing for Goodness, regardless of the “Do Not Kill”, the 1st ever principle we have learned as Humanity.

While exploring our concept of unconsciousness, Hinduists talks about belonging to a Karmic group or belonging to a Casta system, an elaborate matrix of supposedly reincarnated behavior patterns. Within the same quest explaining types of human beings an Astrologer talks about signs of Zodiac, or a Gestalt Psychologist explores a family or a Nation constellations

“For indeed our consciousness does no create itself; it wells up from unknown depths. In childhood it awakens gradually, and all through life it wakes each morning out of the depths of sleep from an unconscious condition. It is like a child that is born daily out of the primordial womb of the unconscious. In fact, closer investigation reveals that it is not only influenced by the unconscious but continually emerges out of it in the form of numberless spontaneous ideas and sudden flashes of though.”

Jung, Psychology and Religion: East

This multi layered animal, resonates with instincts, security fears and habits while in the 1st Chakra, ruled by “safety” fears – with small kids and their parents this would be – a fear of dying of hunger. While transcending into higher states of being, within the Hindu philosophy moving from 1st to the 7th Chakra, as patterns deepen and we insist on virtues such as: physical, mental and emotional cleanliness., rhythm, devotion to beauty, gratefulness, compassion, honesty, goodness and conscious behavior, we hope our little ones will stop manifesting unconsciousness in a form of rotten molded ameba, and become inspired conscious human beings

“Everything subliminal holds within it the ever present possibility of being perceived and represented in consciousness. The unconscious is an irrepresentable totality of all subliminal psychic factors, a “total vision” in potentia. It constitutes the total disposition from which consciousness singles out tiny fragments from time to time&rdquo

Jung, Forward to Introduction to Zen Buddhism Read: Peace Humanity Highest Potential is still waiting.

Mystical Christians and Muslims – for better understanding please read Muslims are Christians, and trinity  debate, Tibetan Buddhists and Alchemists all claim with almost certainty that the only way to salvation is to pass the knowledge gained for the benefit of all. Christians and Muslims believe in the ultimate Christ’s sacrifice for the benefit of All of the Humanity.

Alchemists symbolically represent this  towards  as a pelican feeding her baby birds with own blood represented in Ripley’s scrolls as a dragon. On the other side of the world, Tibetan Buddhists devised an elaborative practices where the practitioner takes the suffering of the rest of the Humanity as the Highest ever to spiritually experience goal.

My wish is not to convey nihilism; or “destiny pre-determined” thought forms. We as humanity have mastered these – just study any World’s Religion or Jung tp further understand these.

It is not “suffering” that has ever fascinated me, but the resurrection of Christ within the Universal Spiritual Growth Spiral.

It is not the circle but the spiral in my limited knowledge, I attempt to follow, through understanding the poetry of Humanity’s Consciousness expressions, through respecting the East and West, Shiva and Shakti, Ancestors, Saints and Scientists, mythology and knowledge accumulated within the Humankind.

As within that old and for-ever abused book - the Old Testament mythology where Lucifer shines light through our understanding of pain, as Souls we wish to move out of our fascination with Pain, out of the predetermined Destiny path, out of constant Fear

As a billionaire manager in the US would do, with his knowledge embedded experiences, he would fully understand he knows nothing, but he will employ the best quality specialists to protect his processes, know-how, strategies, human resources, to perform his marketing, guide his finances and he will trust their abilities to execute this complex task of staying the best within the market

Or, as a billionaire manager in Italy or Japan would do, with his knowledge and experience, he would know with certainty he can trust none but his family members, and he will employ endless “family members” to support him in his growth.

Yet we – Humanity - for their own sake, wish them not to kill all the others in this process

Or the Law makers, who know they know nothing of how complex the Human Nature is because the circumstances constantly change, who inquire, examine, research, so the Humanity with all its animals, plants, rivers will benefit.

We will attempt to explore a spiral

In practice what does this mean…

That day, following the Trust in Goodness as Intention, I walked through the streets meeting people truly, Soul to Soul, not just slightly artificially gliding through our buyers-sellers relationships. My kids were with me, now teenagers subconsciously linked to that Karmic Group, creating a destructive smoke around my contact with others, forcing me to remember this lesson in Time and Space.

Knowing that each one of us connects with own family, serving the best possible food, or exhibiting that extra touch of care, I get truly interested in People with their inner smile when speaking to them. Applying my local experience, buying a pastizzi from a familiar place, with no intend to flatter him, but to convey appreciation for his hard work, I told the seller that he bakes the best pastizzis in the World. Listening to my sweet talk, my kids interrupted me with an unrelated chatter several times.

My Dear Conscious friends, you probably do recognize this impulse of an unconscious element within Human Nature as an unstoppable Urge to interrupt the Conscious Element from Expressing, and Manifesting towards all the Strange Others. Your sick mum will unconsciously interrupt any of your expression of Beauty towards others. It is within our willpower to go back to the Good Intend to re-act, re-turn to and re-exercise Love, Understanding, Beauty towards Strangers.

It is subconscious fear that fights against our re-focusing

Surely for a good subconscious reason, a Husband fearing his Wife leaving with the Best Man, or a Wife fearing her Husband going to War with friends for a Cause, or the fact that an unselfish element within the very best of us has led some to abandon families leaving family to heal others, many a Saint has done exactly this.

Physically weaker or sicker we are, more we are attached to subconscious fears of Humanity

When kids focus is within their hunger, there is nothing else that can entertain so good as food. Do you blame them? In our past, kids did die of hunger. Focusing was an important “keeping alive” instinct.

In our Search for Happiness - Philosophy Mother of all Sciences Applied

In our search for , we are very efficient in this quest, we quickly glance from one item to the other, sometimes never truly realizing what a germ we have encountered. Whilst listening to a top musician from Senegal, playing his harp-like instrument, standing on a street corner, for around 20 minutes, I knew with certainty of an often theatre goer, that he compared with the best, from the Halls of London most expensive theatre venues. I felt deeply privileged to be experiencing this moment, truly stopping to listen to his voice creating a mystical experience. In my acknowledgement of this unexpected beauty, my son’s focus was on his hunger.

We still do carry a possibility to recognize profound beauty within a street performer having a choice to stop and listen to him creating or walk away destructed by some unconscious elements.

Later that eve, at Notte Bianca with friends, I experienced the same unconscious element manifested as a drive for fun and pleasure. If one is born within the Karmic circumstances, a family, or a city that has worked hard through centuries to uplift culture like London, Berlin, St. Petersburg, or we had the most amazing luck to have artists as parents we have more trouble understanding that culture needs money, huge effort and deep devotion. It is a taste that is trained, an effort that lives with us constantly, the beauty that is not obvious. Born in Belgrade, City that sponsored culture left right and center, I have seen many lose the appreciation of how expensive and difficult is to create true art.

Exercising their unconscious element, seeking pleasure, 2 young Spanish ladies looking for a Flamenco show, approached our table in a Café on the Straight Street while we were absorbed in the most interesting performance of young ladies performing a Cabaret, on the balconies above our tables. Behind the Courts, prostitutes hid in these houses, about a century back in time. Valletta is a Capital of European culture this year, with huge amounts of money injected into every show. A foreigner invited to perform, these ladies were from Holland, would be an internationally acclaimed artist, who’s past training and experience has been carefully researched. Seeking the ultimate pleasure, their Flamenco show, they interrupted our exploration of the performance of the Dutch Cabaret. Following their unconscious fear to miss pleasure they could not possibly interact with any beauty, and they did their best to disturb our experiences of the same.

Respecting the knowledge of our Ancestors, Saints and Scientists, applying Clear Reason and Intuitive Wisdom following this dynamic of fear, we now ask own Souls how to live life healthier, happier, stronger.

Mysticism within Art Leonardo da Vinci as Role Model

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