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Learning the Art of Self Development we learn about power of mind, consciousness, mindfulness, true love, and we become aware of the possibility to live life in harmony with ourselves, our neighbours, our relatives, our parents, animals, plants, and the planet Earth.  Through a process of self-discovery, we will learn mindfulness, we will get in touch with conscious behaviour and change our attitudes so that we are not ruled by instincts, habits and someone else’s beliefs.

We are not obsessed by money and that is why you are able to attend our Self Development Course FREE of charge.  Also, all of our articles, choice of spiritual materials, e-books download, spiritual poetry, writings, videos, are FREE and available for all to read and enjoy...  However, we do appreciate money because it can help us grow and spread the inspiration further. 

Every thought, every action is an energy exchange.  Money is simply one form of exchange.  Planting delicious strawberries we exchange hours of nurturing of the plants to receive the gift of berries to nurture our senses.  When we look for spiritual knowledge we make a commitment to be present, to listen, to read, to explore, and experiment applying the knowledge given.  The matrix of technology made it possible to do this exchange on-line.  The word ‘money’ comes from the Roman fertility goddess Moneta.  Money is to be used wisely for both ourselves and the good of all.  The word ‘money’ is m-one-y - my oneness with you.  So I invite you too, to offer your contributions.

Your money will help us be more financially-supported in providing inspiring writings, and spiritual teachings, and it will help us expand and spread the message of Unity of All Paths. If you would like to donate to the Artof4elements, you can do so via the Donate buttons below.
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