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During Alchemy of Love  Courses we will be experimenting with transformation tools that were used by Sages and Gurus for centuries to lead people to their True Self.

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books by Nuit

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Online Self-Development MODULE 1 / WEEK 1 Attitude towards Body

We will help you examine your body, your health, your exercise regime, the food that you eat, your habits and patterns.

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Chanting Mantras with Best Chords Book

12 Best Mindfulness Exercises

Free Transformation Tools and Personality Questionnaires

Online Self-Development MODULE 1 / WEEK 1 Attitude towards Body

We will help you examine your body, your health, your exercise regime, the food that you eat, your habits and patterns.

Online Self-Development MODULE 2 / WEEK 2 Attitude towards Home

We will help you examine your home, the environment that surrounds you, your habits and patterns related to your surroundings.

Online Self-Development MODULE 3 / WEEK 3 Thinking Patterns

You will examine your Mind and your every-day thoughts.  You will look into your conscious and sub-conscious addictions, identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Online Self- Development MODULE 4 / WEEK 4 Time / Life Wasters

Often we waste time unconsciously and we need to apply a conscious effort to record this time and activities, so that we become aware of the wasters of our life.

Online Self-Development Course Module 5 / Week 5 FREE MIND: Your Feelings

We will help you examine your world of feelings and emotions.

Online Self-Development Course Module 6 / Week 6: Your Core Beliefs

Your enemy within are your core negative beliefs.  Negative beliefs hide from the consciousness and they get exposed by the magic of mindfulness and awareness.

alchemy of love module 6 imaginary life

Online Self-Development Course Module 7 / Week 7: Relationships

We will help you examine your relationships, your ability to love and tune into your-own and other people’s wants and needs

Online Self-Development Course Module 8, Week 8: Your Greater Surrounding

We live in our Greater Surrounding.  Our capability for love grows and expands into our surroundings – Earth, animals, plants, our neighbors,  strangers…

Online Self-Development Course Module 9, Week 9: Your Dreams

Turn away from your dream and it will come back to you.  Follow your dream and it will give you a tremendous amount of pleasure and learning.

Online Self-Development Course Module 10, Week 10: Your True Goals

Identify your True Goals and Actions to achieve them…  Listen to your Heart and follow your Mind!

Online Self-Development Course Module 11, Week 11: Spirituality

Online Self-Development Course Module 12, Week 12: Spirituality and You

Tools used: We will help you design your-own meditation, You will learn about the magic of Your Soul's Diary, we will help you start Your Spiritual Diary and at the end you will design Your Personal Development Plan.

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