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Self-Development is a way of Life. Our Personal Development never endsWe are never too young or too old for Personal Growth

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Within the experiment we call Life, most of us strive to find the recipe for lovehappiness, fulfillment, to get to the finish line healthy, sane, inspired and laughing.

This is a story of such an endeavor, of a dream to discover the sacred stone that transforms metals into gold, helping our souls live the highest potential ever. 

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Join us in this journey of Soul's Alchemy Discoveries, following the flow of Tantra, transformation, and the Rhythm of Creation into Love, into Now, into Being

We all have an extraordinary potential to transform ourselves and tap into our Highest Potential


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We are here to inspire your .

Spiritual Symbols with Their Meaning

We examine Self Development tools from various Spiritual traditions: Spiritual Symbols and their Meaning

 Choosing Conscious Living Celebrating Your Uniqueness

Caduceus Healing Symbol

Wu Wei Spiritual Poem from Tree of Life a True Story Novel by Nataša Nuit Pantović Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Book 9

In Search of the Highest

Check our Selection of Spiritual Articles and Learn for Gurus and Sages of our Past Socrates

From Hindu to Buddhist, Christian to Tao, ancient and contemporary philosophers and gurus, to inspire you on your Journey to Enlightenment.

About Education  About Chinese Alchemy  About Happiness  About Mindfulness

Why Vegetarian How to Meditate Properly Quotes  About What is Love Spiritual Diary

Mindfulness as a Life-Style Love Mindfulness

Now, how can you help? For the Benefit of All!

Within this wonderful business of publishing, a small publishing house cannot possibly compete with billion $ businesses. 

We are a sort of “fair-trade” producer somewhere in a less developed part of the world.

We face the same problems any small producers face trying to compete with monopolies.

So, for all the Free Thinkers out there, do be a conscious buyer, if you wish the quality to remain, buy your goods from smaller manufacturers.

In our case, do buy our books, you will spend $5 and if there are 100 of Free Thinkers out there, we will get $500, it still will not make us billionaires.

The fact that you are reading these articles is a mirracle in its own right because we do not have a marketing machine behind us, we just worked very hard to make this happen!

This website has more than 250 well researched articles and some of them have been shared 1,000s of times so we hope that you will love your journey through it! 

Do leave an Amazon review, we (in Europe) do not use Amazon that much and our rating is connected to Amazon reviews.

My dear Free Thinkers, there is SO MUCH YOU CAN DO, just think creatively and join us in our mission.

Adopt a child, sponsor a school in Africa, make a movie about Conscious Living, stop using plastic, pay respect to your body, mind, soul.

Only together we can make this dream of Conscious Living work! Together we will enter the world of Conscious Parenting, Mindful Being, Conscious Creativity, or Alchemy of Love.

We share knowledge - the best we can!

So do Act Now! Share, read, comment! The world needs your positive input!

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