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AoL  Promotion Aug-Sep 2021

During the month of August and September for the occassion of #ChineseMoonFestival 2021, #InternationalPeaceDay, we mark the #AutumnEquinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the #SoringEquinox in the Southern Hemisphere, #UKNationalFitnessDay and #NativeAmericanDay for 5 consecutive days  from 21st September to 24th September with 8 free books: 

Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course 

Mindful Being Course, Conscious Parenting Course, Mindful Eating Course

Conscious Parenting Course 

Mindful Living Course by Nataša Pantović MSc Economics and Ivana Milosavljević MEdu Special Needs.

Art of 4 Elements Discover Alchemy through Poetry 

Art of 4 Elements Discover Alchemy through Poetry

Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry by Nataša Pantović, Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar, Jeni Caruana 

Mindful Eating: with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes

View the Independent Best Mindfulness Books Lists where you can find our AoL Books

3 Historical Fiction books also FREE

A-Ma or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagorase, a Historical Fiction set in the 17th century Macau, China 

by Nataša Pantović


Check the Sunday Times Interview with Nataša Pantović A beautiful mind 

or if you are from Macau - “A-Ma: Alchemy of Love”, uma narrativa passada em Macau sobre “a busca pela verdade”

Or Buy a Discounted Copy Now - Ama or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras

Tree of Life a Journey into the Field of Dreams, set in Findhorn, UK 


Tree of Life a Journey into the Field of Dreams by Natasa Pantovic 



New Novel Launched

Metaphysics of Sound: in Search of the Name of God, or a Brief History of the World beyond the Usual by Nataša Pantović free 

Metaphysics of Sound In Search of Name of God by Natasa Pantovic

Metaphysics of Sound In Search of Name of God by Natasa Pantovic 

All the Books and Courses could be viewed / downloaded from AMAZONša-Nuit-Pantović/e/B00TUA1528

Spiritual Symbols with Their Meanings

Spiritual Symbols with Their Meaning by Natasa Pantovic 

Last time the Spiritual Symbols Book became the Amazon Free Books Bestseller with the 1,700 downloads within the Alchemy Category! Check out Why! 


Amazon Best Seller Spiritual Symbols for free books with 1700 free books downloads

Conscious Creativity: Ancient Europe's Mindfulness Meditations by Nataša Pantović

If you have enjoyed the Free Audio Video Excerpts. get your discounted copy NOW!

Conscious Creativity: Ancient Europe's Mindfulness Meditations Audio by Nataša Pantović


Ama Dios: 4 AoL Consciousness Books Combined available on Amazon! Free on 27th / 28th / 29th August

 #booklovers #ChineseMoonFestival #AutumnEquinox #UKNationalFitnessDay #NativeAmericanDay

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