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AoL Consciousness Books Promotion

AoL #Promotion November 2022 

During the month of November 2022 for the occasion of #BlackFriday, we mark the festivals with free and almost free #books.

We Start with 2 free New Releases - 

Spring (Book 1), Standing on the Banks Looking on by Rudolf Ragonesi

A Collection of Aphorisms in English

"Thoughts are the most spontaneous and intimate thing we possess, if indeed we can speak of possession rather than a glimpse of the 11 picture, seen through our eyes, that appears before us day to day. They are what make us who we are, as all that surrounds us pushes, drives, moulds and tests us, forming every fibre of our being. Certainly we are not our thoughts, but we come together when we choose to share them. These aphorisms cover the gamut of the human experience, with recurrent themes of love, liberty, the mind and character. “I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed penning them.” The Author

A Collection of Aphorisms Book 1 Spring book 1, Standing on the Banks Looking on by Rudolf Ragonesi

This year's Novel Launched! FREE for Black Friday, for your kind reviews. :)

999 or Playing th Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras

999 or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras

Other Books from AoL team in Malta - 0.99c for Black Friday 24th - 30th Nov 2022

Conscious Creativity: Ancient Europe's Mindfulness Meditations by Nataša Pantović

Learning from Ancient Worlds Mystics about creativity and creative thought.When East meets West in Platonism, Neo-Platonism, Pythagoras, and the Philosophers of Ancient Greece, seen through the art and mysticism of saints, scientists and sages, the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, Jung, Krishnamurti, or Aurobindo... The Universe's Micro and Macro Cosmos is at our feet searching to manifest as deeper knowledge and understanding of our little Self. Following the “goodness” and “democracy” story, we research the Ancient Europe's first civilizations dating back to 7,000 years ago, the culture of Danube, today's Balkan countries, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, etc. 

Enjoy the Free Audio  Excerpts. & get your discounted copy NOW!

Download Your Book Now from Amazon Conscious Creativity: Ancient Europe's Mindfulness Meditations by Nataša Pantović

Black Friday Discounted Novels, 0.99c for:

Tree of Life a Journey into the Field of Dreams, set in Findhorn, UK 

Tree of Life a Journey into the Field of Dreams by Natasa Pantovic

Metaphysics of Sound: in Search of the Name of God, or a Brief History of the World beyond the Usual by Nataša Pantović 

Metaphysics of Sound In Search of Name of God by Natasa Pantovic 

A-Ma or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagorase, a Historical Fiction set in the 17th century Macau, China by Nataša Pantović

Sunday Times Interview with Natasa Pantovic Review of Historical Fiction Book Ama Alchemy of Love

Sunday Times Culture #Art Section Interview with Natasa Pantovic about Ama Playing Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras (AoL Mindfulness Book #1) 5 Stars

"The book explores the rapidly-growing Macao, its changing sights, sounds and smells from different perspectives, from that of a bat to a goddess to a spirit. Its miracle and its enigma are within the worlds of inner alchemy of the Age of Enlightenment.

Check the full Sunday Times Review Nataša Pantović A beautiful mind 

or if you are from Macau - “A-Ma: Alchemy of Love”, uma narrativa passada em Macau sobre “a busca pela verdade”

Or Buy Your Copy Now - Ama Almost FREE! 0.99c

The Discount Schedule:

24th Nov 78% 0.99c

25th Nov 56% 2.99c

27th Nov 33% 3.45c

Our Christmas Offers:

Art of 4 Elements Discover Alchemy through Poetry

Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry by Nataša Pantović, Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar, Jeni Caruana 

Sunday Times Culture Art Section Interview with Natasa Pantovic

Seated on a panel with her fellow writers, Maltese-Serbian novelist Nataša Pantović has been known to use slam poetry to perform her poetic body of work.

Like her prose, the improvised words, tribal music, sounds, lengthy ‘aum’ chanting, are neither too preposterous nor too earnest but endlessly curious. A bridge builder between East and West, following ancient archaeological findings, she often dives into historic settings more than 2,000 years back in time....

Its miracle and its enigma are within the worlds of inner alchemy of the Age of Enlightenment.

Spiritual Symbols with Their Meanings

Spiritual Symbols with Their Meaning by Natasa Pantovic 

Last time the Spiritual Symbols Book became the Amazon Free Books Bestseller with the 1,700 downloads within the Alchemy Category! Check out Why! 

Amazon Best Seller Spiritual Symbols for free books with 1700 free books downloads

Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course 

Mindful Being Course by Nataša Pantovič

12 Modules Personal Development Course. Variety of religious and spiritual movements, such as Yoga, or the New Thought use “mindfulness” for spiritual growth and development. Such an ancient concept in Europe, an innate quality known in Ancient Greece as “Pure Reason” or with Egyptians as “heart-mind” or “Intelligence of the Heart” going back to Ancient Egyptian Babylon’s philosophy, or Ancient Greek Plato’s Soul’s Eye that is purified “for it is by it alone that we contemplate the truth.”, the naming of God’s idea of Pythagoras Music of the Spheres., the mystical practices of Balkan’s Slavs, or Ancient Maltese or Cyprus, or Olimp temple worshipping rituals. In her NET TV Interview Nataša Pantović explains how from the point of view of psychology, meditation induces altered states of consciousness. 

Why European Mindfulness? 

Conscious Parenting Course 

parenting lists goodreads best books with Conscious Parenting Course by Natasa Pantovic family kids

Parenting lists Goodreads best books with Conscious Parenting Course by Natasa Pantovic

Wikipedia Slow Parenting:

"In her book Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents, Nataša Pantović describes the negative social aspects of modern technologies that discourage any other play or activity.

Within her Conscious Parenting Book explaining the importance of Free Play Nataša says: "Children learn intuitively, perceiving the subtle inner relationships observing nature. Free creative play is an invaluable gift that children need to start properly relating to the outside world. Exploring, experiencing and imitating the world of grown-us through free play, children are given a chance to unconsciously learn and emotionally mature through their own games. Too much of today’s learning is structured, children are 'directed', 'instructed' and carefully 'followed' at all times, so they do not have a chance to experience learning through unobstructed observation. In her book Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents."

Mindful Living Course by Nataša Pantović MSc Economics and Ivana Milosavljević MEdu Special Needs.

Mindful Eating: with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes by Olivera Rosić

View the Independent Best Mindfulness Books Lists where you can find our AoL Books

Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

mindful conscious eating healthy vegan vegetarian raw food organic eco recipes from Mindful Eating

Organic Fresh Seasonal Raw Vegan - It is an Art Form

"While sitting and awaiting Nataša at the dawn of this wintry day, mid March, a ginger cat jumped onto my lap purring for attention. A lucky one really, doesn’t need to worry about mindfulness or what to eat and how. We on the other hand spend endless hours thinking and talking about healthy food, conscious living, the best ways to fulfill our highest potential.

Nataša approached our table slowly giving me enough time to have a closer look at this lovely lady. This woman with bluish green eyes and long brown hair slightly whitening at the front has stopped her age clock at around 40 knows what she says and does. In fact she is a very conscious woman, her words are perfectly measured, wise and her whole appearance is very meditative."

Ama Dios: 4 AoL Consciousness Books Combined for 0.99c!


Ama Dios: 4 AoL Consciousness Books Combined available on Amazon! 

 #booklovers #discounts #schedule

Ama Dios 4 AoL Consciousness Books by AoL Malta Promotion Schdule Sep 2022 for Autumn Equinox Business Women Daz and National Fitness Discount schedule

Ama Dios 4 AoL Consciousness Books by AoL Malta Promotion Sep 2022 for Dec 2022.

All the Books and Courses could be viewed / downloaded from AMAZONša-Nuit-Pantović/e/B00TUA1528

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