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Mindful Being Dragana's Goodreads, 02. April 2015: Great Self-development Tools

Mindful Being Course is full of useful exercises and great self development tools. The mindfulness course is divided into 12 modules and full of tips about spiritual work. It reminded me of many spiritual tools that I used during my life time of  and yoga. A systematic approach that covers body, mind and soul 'work' is inspiring.

Highly recommended  Training!

Elena’s Goodreads Review of Mindful Being 01.01.2014: Remarkable Work 

Mindful Being Course is a remarkable work of someone who spent 20 years researching the subject of spiritual development. I am so happy I came across this work from Nuit and that she inspired me to implement some simple and powerful exercises within my life. Defining true goals is always a challenge and returning back to the 'real values' with very practical tools is something that I find very valuable within this Course on Mindful Living. Inspiring and deep work!

Mindful Being by Natasa Pantovic Nuit quote about busy mind

Google Reviews Mindful Being towards Mindful Living: Simple Powerful Practical

Simple, powerful, practical. a great collection of spiritual exercises that I used daily. walking bare-foot, showering with cold water, preparing little secrets for my friends and family, going back to writing, drawing mandalas, meditating with inspiring guided meditations, exercising concentration, etc. If you want to learn more about walking a spiritual path or self-development, this is a great course and Nuit is a great Coach. I was surprised by the spectrum of exercises: we covered a personal plan, goals' setting, life cycle, relationship contracts. Some of the best self-development tools done in do it on-your-own mode. This has its disadvantage 'cause I had to go back to my self-discipline to complete the 12 weeks modules on my-own, but since I loved the subject and the writing style I continuously returned to the exercises. 

Mindful Being Official Reviews and Interviews

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Official Review Nuit talks to Buzzfeed Mindfulness Training and Love 

Buzzfeed Interview with Nuit about Mindfulness Training and Love

Sunday Times Nuit How to Improve Divergent Thinking using Minfulness Training Sunday Times Nuit How to Improve Divergent Thinking using Minfulness Training

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Google Review Mindful Being: Course full of Love and Beautiful Ideas

I am so pleased I came across Natasa Nuit Pantovic work as I found it so helpful to do. The self development exercises, the food tips, the meditations and creative way of thinking and being are a joy to experience. It is so full of love and beautiful ideas. I really enjoyed the spiritual diary and relationship section. The 12 modules covered so much and one could go at ones' own pace. A lovely course filled with beautiful creative words and ideas and so helpful towards self development on all levels.  

Google Review Mindful Being: Inspiring Writings

I purchased Mindful Being Gold that gave me an opportunity to experience all of Alchemy of Love courses. Inspiring writings from:
1. the spiritual poems that inspired me to take out my art brushes
2. through the mindful eating with recipes that gave me a lovely urge to examine my diet, experiment with raw and vegan, and re-design my menu, to 
3. the Mindful Being Course that touched almost all the aspect of my life. I felt I was on a crossroad so this re-design was highly appreciated. I felt as though I am in a garage repairing the bits that need a repair that could have gone un-noticed for many moons.
Some lovely exercises observing both wakeful and dreamy states...

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Joanne's Amazon Review Mindful Being: A lovely course filled with wisdom and soul!

I came across Natasa and her 12 week 'Mindful Being' training. I am so pleased I did as I found it stimulating, interesting and what is so good about the course is that she has incorporated all areas of life, from one's home environment, to our habits, beliefs, food and our body, relationships and mind. As a person who works in the health and healing field I already knew much of what is contained in this course but she put a fresh edge on it and simplified some concepts like the meditation into an easier format for daily life. I found she structured her information well and it came across in a workable way. This course really makes one think as there are questionnaires, exercises and so much practical information that I found I could incorporate into my life in an easy way. Above all this course made me more aware of myself and how I behave in daily life. It got me thinking and helped me to changed my behaviour and my thought patterns. It is enjoyable and fun and I loved writing my journal and following the progress over time. I would definitely recommend this 'Mindful Being' course to anyone, young or old, as it is geared towards anyone with an interest in their body/mind and self development. A lovely course filled with wisdom and soul!!!

Mario's Goodreads Review Mindful Being: Spiritual not Religious Inspiring valuable Guide

Mindful Being from Natasa Pantovic Nuit is a self development course that kept me inspired and engaged for a long time. I am into meditation and spiritual work for the last 20 years and I came across many self-development books. The Mindful Being is very well structured, straight forward and full of useful exercises and tools. I very much appreciated the spiritual not religious approach to the subject of spiritual self development because my experience is that a lot of value is lost within the groups that push their religious beliefs. 

The Mindful Being Course is a real treasure for all the students of self development, mindfulness and spiritual growth. It has a mix of mindfulness tools that are distributed within 12 modules of the course. The course left me with the Spiritual Diary and Soul's Diary, two tools I wish to keep writing all throughout this year.

Inspiring, valuable guide and if taken seriously can be the most beautiful companion within one's spiritual journey.

Try it! I highly recommend it!

Mindful Being by Nuit quote about mind powers

Google Review Mindful Being: Module by Module

The Mindful Being book is a 12 module self-development course and I am very happy that I came across it. This is a very interesting and spiritual course full of love and with lots of exercises and tools. The course covers the following areas:
MODULE 1 I am not a vegetarian, so this module was not that 'natural' for me. I needed a bit more time to adjust my eating patterns and build my 'healthy menu'. I learned a lot about healthdiet and mindfulness within eating.
MODULE 2, The exercises around the clutter were quite interesting but not that challenging because I am a very organised person and love to have lots of order within my home :).
MODULE 3, Thinking Patterns. In this module we examined the mind and our every-day thoughts. I have a lot of clutter around my day-to-day thoughts :) so looking into my conscious and sub-conscious addictions, identifying my strengths and weaknesses was just a great exercise. A great module with lots of tips and tools that help one prepare for the meditation.
MODULE 4, Time / Life Wasters.Great experiences throughout the time when the mobile was off during the weekend and TV switched-off. I wish to repeat this often and do more of my favorite walks in nature.
Module 5, FREE MIND: A great soul-full way of asking why do we have anger, or why there are negative thoughts. Not an easy process... This is surely a life-long- journey.
Module 6, Core Beliefs  It is just great that Nuit within the Mindful Being Course works with the negative beliefs that hide from our consciousness.
Module 7, Relationships. I tried to find some wonderful experiential ways to solve some important day-to-day problems. Each couple that is into self-development should do this module and explore various exercises together.
Module 8, Our Greater Surrounding. I try to be conscious of Earth and I always try to further understand animals, plants, neighbors, strangers. I very much enjoyed working on this module.
Module 9, Our Dreams. Great exercises and tools to help the explorer work with this area.
Module 10, Our True Goals. During this week, we identified some interesting 'True Goals'. Some great insights exploring short / medium / long term actions and ways to achieve them.
Module 11, Writing a spiritual diary got me back to mindfulness and awareness. The diary made me stay in touch with the way I treat my body, mind and soul.

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