Alchemy Gold and Living Highest Potential

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy Gold

Living Our Highest Potential

We constantly seek to materiallymentally and emotionally 'better' our-selves, our-family dynamics, and our society and within this journey we learn about the interconnections of all things, about short-lived happiness and long-term fulfillment, about the ways to treat our Mother Gaia and all the ones that share our little and wonderful planet with us: animals, plants, stones. We constantly learn how to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

An Alchemist would tell you that all the beings contain in their inmost centre a precious grain of the elementary gold.  The nature of man reflects the entire universe in miniature. 

Alchemy: Art of Perfecting what Nature left imperfect

Gold is formed in the centre of the earth, when passing through warm and pure places.  

Gold's atomic number is 79.  It is a chemical element with the symbol AU (or perhaps AU(M)?) the Latin ‘aurum’, meaning ‘shining dawn’ because of its colour.  

Gold does not oxidize in air or water and it is one of the least reactive chemical element.  Alchemist would say that it contains no life, that it is dead.  Gold is entirely free from imperfections.  Gold is highly conductive to electricity. 

It is believed that most of the Earth's gold lies at its core, the metal's high density made it sink into the Earth’s centre.  All of the gold found on Earth was deposited later by meteorites that contained Gold.

Perfection of own character, whether towards more kindness, more truthfulness, more knowledge and wisdom has been with us humans as our noble goal for 1,000s of years.  Excellence is our Inner Gold.

Spiritual poem by Nuit

Intentions and Living our Highest Potential

Discover  through 

Discover through alchemy

Magic of Regression                                                                               NEXT POEM 

If we head straight ahead there is a big chance that we shall reach what we are heading for – a Wise One said.

               And the fear entered our Minds and we stopped, scared.

We abandoned our dreams

                      and turned away from our intentions

playing within the playing field of illusions.

               The divine scared us, so we turned back to our earthly selves.

A powerful magic is now needed to bring us back into the path of self-fulfilled, and self-realised.

This is the magic of our willingness to

                        Connect with our Highest Potential,

The magic of our belief in Fairies and their golden dust.

Living Highest Potential spiritual poem by Nuit

Photo by Christine Cutajar Nurisha

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