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AoL Consciousness Research

Art Mysticism Ancient Worlds

History is like s Playing the Hesse's Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras

Mathematics is described as the science of pattern and music as the   of pattern, both using meditation within the process of contemplation developing own language of .

Natasa Pantovic Ama Dios 4 AoL Consciousness Books Combined 90% Discount for Equinox Including Amazon Best Sellers Spiritual Symbols Conscious Creativity

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Christianity and Neo-Platonism

The Earth Fertility of Old Europe

 Runes as the Oldest Inscription Among Slavs 

Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of Name of God, by Nataša Pantović Historical Novel New Book Launch. Fiction Book by Nataša Pantović

Metaphysics of Sound: in Search of the Name of God, subtitled “a Brief history of the World beyond the usual by Nataša Pantović

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Art Activism with Blitz in Valletta & School of Narrative Dance Italy


Ema Sintayu Interview with Nataša Pantovic Author Life, Mission, Inspirations

As ancient worlds consciousness researcher, Serbian/Maltese author and businesswoman Natasa Pantovic and I sat knee to knee from one another, she spoke proudly to me of her several accomplishments throughout her life... Read More

or check...

Sunday Times Interview with Nataša Pantović A beautiful mind 

or if you are from Macau -

“A-Ma: Alchemy of Love”, uma narrativa passada em Macau sobre “a busca pela verdade”

Happy to welcome our new Author Rudolf Ragonesi  with our 2021 publications of 4 books of Aphorisms

or Good-ness, or , happiness, Bliss, throughout human history, we came across the Mother of them all – the mystical, magical, occult, scientific Philosophy, we came across Mysticism, check the Mysticism in Art of Dali or esoteric theachings of the Script of Neolithic Shamans


Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece

Metaphysics of Sound 2nd in the List of Amazon Free Best Sellers, thanks for all your love and appreciation! <3

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Ada Safari, a weekly interview series from Nataša Pantović that examines what are the thoughts of the people we admire, the ideas that define us, with the ancient history explored.


Art of eLements AoL Logo

Ancient Mediterranean Cultures and Advanced Civilizations 

Novelist #NatašaPantović and Poet Dr #RudolfRagonesi at Malta University Book Festival 2022 Launching 2 New Books of AoL Consciousness Research 1. Spring: Standing on the Banks 

and 2. Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God. Book Launch ar Malta Book Festival 2022 by Nataša Pantović. 

This inspiring event was organized by National Book Council (Malta) Bravo to all the creative souls infused by art spirit. Thx for enriching our lives! <3

Congratulation on your 45th Academia Mention Name Natasa Pantovic has Been included within 45 research papers 2021-2022

Congratulation on your 45th Academia Mention Name Nataša Pantović has Been included within 45 research papers 2021-2022!

Mentioned by an Art Theory researcher; by a member of the National Museum of Antiquities department at Institute of Archaeology "Vasile Parvan", by a Politics researcher; by Veda Popovici, by Eirini Koutouvaki, by a researcher in Islington, UK, by a well-known author on Academia, by someone in Neckarsulm, Germany, by Researcher in Rumania and last but not least by a PhD Researcher in China! ❤

EU Business Talks

Nataša Pantović Presenting Artof4Elements Business Opportunities at Euro Business Talk Summit May 2022 organised by Chamber of Commerce Slovenia

Our Authors Live

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