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  • Ankh
    The Ankh Symbols and Signs by Nataša Pantović Ankh, loved and despised by many, have you ever wondered why... An ancient Egyptian symbol often drawn by our wise ancestors
  • Ancient Greek Numbers and their Symbols
    The Ancient Greek Numerical System Pythagoras   Symbols Numbers  and Tetractys by  Nataša Pantović The divine number, the holy holy Tetractys, we find as a symbol expressi
  • Mindfulness Exercise Circle of Life
    Free Personal Development Tools Mindfulness Exercise: Life Circle Mandala from Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course Recently I was asked to lead a Circle of Life wo
  • Meditation Symbols
    How to Meditate Meditation Spiritual and Occult Symbols During the spiritual training a meditator can use visual images, mantras or words, or feelings and sensations (such
  • Symbols Numbers
    Symbols and Signs Spiritual Meaning of Numbers ‘Numbers and numerical proportions have a certain meaning for the cosmos and the world. It is in numbers, we might say, that

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