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Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

Symbols and Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

‘Numbers and numerical proportions have a certain meaning for the cosmos and the world. It is in numbers, we might say, that the harmony that dwells through space is expressed’

Rudolf Steiner, Occult Signs and Symbols

the mystics tarot and kabbalah

The Symbolism of Zero 0

symbols and signs meaning of numbers tarot fool zero It took Europe relatively long to accept the concept of zero. Accepting zero, enlightened minds of the time finally acknowledged the possibility of an idea that has no form and does not exist.  For some Monastic Orders Zero provided a framework for the development of atheism

Zero is associated with nil, non-being, nothingness, emptiness, and with zero defining non-quantitative as non-existent, everything non-quantifiable could now be defined as non-existent - including

Accepting zero led to the invention of relative numbers, negative quantities, infinite decimal points, abstract and irrational, imaginary numbers.  It led to the birth of complex mathematics.

0 is symbolised by the Tarot card called: Fool, the Element of Air

symbolism numbers aleph zero Represented by the HEBREW LETTER: Aleph = Bull or Ox. It is the sound of free breath, unstructured, unconditioned Silence, Tao of Taoists or Kundalini Life Force of Hindus.

Spiritual Meaning of Number One 1

symbolism numbers beth one 1 is represented by the Tarot Card called The Juggler, the Hebrew letter Beth = House represented by Mercury that is action in all forms.

symbols and signs spiritual meaning of numbers tarot oneTree of Life, Tarot and Number 1

The Aces are the ‘root’ principles of each element. Mercury represents Spirit ruling the four elements. Within the Tree of life in Kabballah Spirit represents Kether.

‘Energy sent forth. This card therefore represents the Wisdom, the Will, the Word, the Logos by whom the worlds were created.’ Crowley

Egyptian Symbolism of Number 1

1 in Egypt appears as a  of individuality. The creator god, oneness that becomes many.

Chinese Spiritual Meaning of Number 1

In China the number 1 yi is an auspicious number. One has the energy of the initiation, new growth and new potential. It is a prime Yang number. The one represents the horizon or heavens.

Spiritual Meaning of Number Two 2

Tree of Life Tarot and Number Two

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, Symbolism of number two Kabbalah gimel 2 is represented by the Tarot Card called High Priestess, it is Hebrew letter Gimel = Camel. Ruled by the Moon, the female symbol.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, Symbolism of number two Crowley Tarot Card Two is the possibility of form.

The elements appear in their original harmonious condition.

Within the Tarot symbolism the energy of fire (wands) is represented in its best and highest form as: Lord of Dominion.

The energy of water (cups) is manifested within all its beauty as: Lord of Love.

The energy of air (swords) is represented as Lord of Peace.

The two of Pentacles represent the energy of Earth, and are called the Lord of Harmonious Change.

Egypt Symbolism of Number Two

In Egypt: 2 is the number of duality and unity, harmonized opposites, the two eyes of the god of heaven. Heaven is a female and the gods of the earth are male. It is unity rather than diversity that is emphasised in the Egyptian art.

China Symbolic Meaning of Number Two

The number 2 二 èr is the prime Yin or feminine number that represents balance.

Two is one doubled, mirrored, reflected within the state of harmony.

Spiritual Meaning of Number Three 3

Daleth Kabbalah number three 3 is represented by The Empress. It is  Daleth = Door governed by Venus. The Formula of the Universe is Love. Venus combines the highest spiritual with the lowest material qualities. Within Alchemy She represents Salt. Salt is the inactive principle of Nature. It is the Gate of Heaven.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, Symbolism of number three Crowley Tarot CardTree of Life Tarot and Symbolism of Number 3

The Tarot cards with number three refer to Binah that symbolises Understanding. The idea is represented by a triangle that symbolises stability. The stability of wands (fire) manifests itself as Virtues. The three of cups (water) manifests as Abundance. The three of swords (air) emphasise the energy of division within the Sorrow and the three of pentacles (earth) crystallises as: Work.

Egypt and Number 3

In : 3 three is the number of plurality. Re, Isis, and Anubis, three Gods representing a closed unified system which is complete and interactive among its parts. There are many triads of deities symbolising this triangle of forces: Amun, Re, and Ptah or Osiris, Isis and Horus in its father, mother and son relationship. In some Egyptian triads the Egyptian king took the role of the divine son. The Egyptian year was divided into three seasons, and each of the twelve months was divided into three ten-days periods.

China and Number 3

The number 3 三 sān represents heavens, earth and mankind. It is considered a lucky number. The character sounds similar to the character for ‘birth’.

Spiritual Meaning of Number Four 4

Tree of Life Tarot and Number 4

Hebrew Kabbalah Symbolism Four 4 is represented by the Tarot card called: The Emperor. The letter associated with it is  Tzaddi = Head. The astrological sign is Aries ruled by Mars. Alchemical symbol of Sulphur, male fiery energy of the Universe.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, Symbolism of number four Crowley Tarot Card 4 symbolises the Initiative of all Being. Hindu call it: Rajas. The four is symbolically ‘below the Abyss’ within the Tree of Life, so it means solidification.

In the Wand suit (fire) we get Completion. The four of cups (water) is called Luxury. The four of Swords (air) is called Truce. The four of disks (earth) manifest Power.

Egypt Symbolic Meaning of the Number 4

In Egypt this is the number of totality and completeness. We see: four sides of pyramids, the four sons of Horus, four magical bricks, four pillars of the sky, four elder spirits, four cardinal points (directions: north, south, east, west). The ritual of the king’s coronation used the four directions: four arrows were shot to the four cardinal points and four birds released. The symbolic use of the number four is frequently the one of completeness, the completeness of a square.

China Symbolic Meaning of Number 4

The Number 4 四 sì is considered an unlucky number because it sounds as the word ‘death’ in Hong Kong it is common that the 4th floor within a building just does not exist.

Jung and Number 4

‘The symbolic structures that seem to refer to the process of individuation tend to be based on the motif of the number four such as the four functions of consciousness, or the four stages of the anima or animus.’

Man and His Symbols by Karl Jung

Spiritual Meaning of Number 5

Kabbalah Tarot and Number 5

Vau Hebrew letter symbolic meaning of number 5 5 is represented by the Hierophant. The letter  Vau = a Nail. Astrologically ruled by Taurus that is Earth in its strongest and most balanced form.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, Symbolism of number five Crowley Tarot Card Five shows the idea of motion that is not balanced.

The five of Wands (fire) is called Strife.

The five of cups (water) is called Disappointment.

The five Swards (air) symbolises Defeat.

The five of disks (earth) is called Worry.

Chinese Symbolism of Number 5

The number 5 五 wŭ is associated with the five Chinese elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Metal. It is a strong number combining the energies of 2 and 3. However it is associated with the word ‘not’ and some consider it unbalanced and unlucky.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 6: Lucky or Unlucky?

Kabbalah Tarot and Number 6

symbols and signs meaning of numbers hebrew letter six 6 is represented by the Lovers ruled by Mercury, sign of Gemini. Letter  Zain = Sword. Symbolising Analysis and Synthesis.

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers, Symbolism of number six Crowley Tarot Card The number six within the Tree of Life is attributed to Tiphareth. Tiphareth is at the centre of the Tree of Life. It is the only Sephira that communicates directly with Kether. It is balanced horizontally and vertically symbolicaly representing a cross.

It symbolises the Sun.

It represents consciousness in its harmony.

The number six represents the energy of the elements at its best manifestation. The six of Wands (fire) is called Victory. The six of Cups (water) is called Pleasure. The six of Swards (air) is called Science and the six of Disks (earth) is called Success.

China and Meaning of Number 6

6 六 liù in Mandarin is pronounced similar to ‘flow’ and is considered good for business, it represents wealth, six also represents longevity, expansiveness and celestial powers.

Magic Number 6

'Its number is 6. It refers therefore , to the dual nature of the Logos as divine and human; the interlacing of the upright and averse triangles in the hexagram. It is the first number of the Sun, whose last number is 666, "the number of a man".'

Crowley about magic of number six

The Meaning of Number Seven 7

Tree of Life Tarot Meaning of 7

Symbols and Signs, meaning of number 7 7 is represented by the Chariot, Letter Chet, Ruled by Cancer that is the cardinal sign of the water element.

spiritual meaning of numbers tarot card seven The number seven is attributed to Netzach within the 's Tree of Life.

Their position is unbalanced and they bring forth the degeneration of the element.

The seven of Wands (fire) is called Valour and it represents Mars with its worst energies.

The seven of cups (water) degenerates into addictions, madness, false pleasure where Venus goes against Venus.

The seven of Swards (air) is called Futility.

The seven of Disks (earth) is called Failure.

Egypt and Number 7

In Egypt the number seven carried within the concept of perfection and effectiveness. It is 3 and 4 combined and it carries the qualities of completeness and self-sufficiency. The number seven is of a great importance in Egyptian magic: seven scorpions escort the Goddess Isis to provide her with maximum magic protection. It is seven days that Nut carries her child within her womb.

China and Lucky Number 7

In China the number 7七qī symbolizes togetherness. It is a lucky number for relationships. The character sounds like the Chinese word qì meaning ‘life essence’. Many ceremonies in China are celebrated on the seventh day to acknowledge seven as the number of a perfectly completed cycle.

Magic of Number 7

7 is often chosen as the 'luckiest' number. A resent poll of 30,000 people in the US confirmed that 7 is the favorite number followed by 3. A ten per cent of people gave 7 as an answer as their lucky number choosing from the infinite choice of numbers available.

‘Seven is the number of perfection. Observation of man himself will make this clear. Today he is under the influence of the number five insofar as he can be good or evil. As a creature of the universe he lives in the number four. When he will have developed all that he holds at present as germ within him, he will become a seven-membered being, perfect in its kind. The number seven rules in the world of colour, in the rainbow; in the world of tone it is found in the scale. Everywhere, in all realms of life, the number seven can be observed as a kind of number of perfection. There is no superstition or magic in this.’

Rudolf Steiner about meaning of numbers, Occult Symbols and Signs

Meaning of Number 8

Kabbalah Tarot and Meaning of Number 8

Meaning of number eight, Tarot, letter tet tree of life 8 is represented by the Tarot card called Justice, letter Tet. The sign is Libra, representing Balance, the cardinal sign of the element Air.

symbols and signs, meaning of numbers, crowley tarot card eight It symbolises Karma and it is manifested within ‘Love is the law, love under will’.

The eight of Wands (fire) is called Swiftness. Fire no longer has the element of destruction.

The eight of Cups (water) is called Indolence. Sorrow rules the water element bringing in internal and external stress.

The eight of Swards (air) is called Interference or unforeseen bad luck.

The eight of Disks (earth) is called Prudence or ‘put some money away for the rainy days’.

Chinese Lucky Number Eight

The word for 8八 bā sounds similar to the word which means ‘prosper’ or ‘wealth’’

The number 8 is viewed as so auspicious that a number with several eights is considered very lucky.

In 2003, A telephone number with all digits being eights was sold for $280,000.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics in China began on 8/8/08 at 8:08:08 PM

Eight is an important number in Buddhism. The Eight-fold-Noble-Path is given by Buddha as an instruction towards enlightenment. Eight is found on many religious symbols surrounding Buddha.

Divine Meaning of Number 9

Tree of Life, Tarot, Number 9

Symbols and signs, meaning of numbers, Tarot, number 9 9 is represented by the Hermit.  Yod = the Hand, symbolizes the Father, Wisdom, the Logos, the Creator, Mercury

Zoroaster says: ‘the number Nine is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection.’

Jung about number 9: 

‘The nine has been a "magic number" for centuries. According to the traditional symbolism of numbers, it represents the perfect form of the perfected Trinity in its threefold elevation.’

meaning of numbers divine nine Crowley tarot The nine of Wands is called Strength.

The nine of Cups is called Happiness. 

The nine of Swards is called Cruelty. The original disruption is raised to its highest power.

The nine of Disks is called Gain. The earth becomes more and more solid.

Egypt and Divine Nine

Egyptians see nine as the number three multiplied by itself, a great number that multiplies the qualities of the number three.

China Meaning of Nine

In  the number 9 九 jiŭ was associated with the Emperor. The Emperor's robes often had nine dragons, and the dragon had nine children. This number symbolizes divine harmony.

The number 9 is the same as the word for ‘long lasting’ so it is often used in weddings.

Meaning of Number 10

Tree of Life and Meaning of Number 10

meaning of numbers ten Crowley tarot10 is represented by the Tarot Card called Fortune. The letter is Kaph = the palm of the hand. Ruled by Jupiter, the Great Fortune planet, manifesting Universe with its 3 forms of manifestation: rajas, tamas, sattvas.

The ten of Wands (fire) is called Oppression. The constant use of force kills the energy manifestation. The ten of Cups (water) is called Satiety. The ten of Swords (air) is called Ruin. The ten of Disks (earth) is called Wealth.

Egypt and Number 10

In Egypt this number was connected with the measurement of time and space

Pythagoras and Number 10

The Tree of Life, Tarot and Four Elements

When analysing numbers and the mystery of Kabbalah and Tarot we must remember that in Europe in 12th century Tarot was as common as a pack of playing cards.

Among the principle elements of Qabalah, we find:

10 sephiroth, or categories of manifestation, each existing in four Worlds reflected within the  Minor Arcana within Tarot: 10 numbered cards each existing in four suits.

The four suits correspond to the four letters of the Divine Name Hwhy, Yod Heh Vav Heh, to the four elements of the alchemist, and to the four Qabalistic Worlds.

- Disks, Earth, Physical‐Material, the World of Action H Heh Daughter

- Wands Fire the Archetypal World (Mental) y Yod Father

- Cups Water the Creative World (Emotional) h Heh Mother

- Swords Air the Formative World (Astral‐Psychological) w Vav Son

The Knights represent the power of letter Yod. They are the most sublime, original and active energy of the element: lightening, rain, wind and mountains.

The Queens represent the letter Heh. They receive, ferment and transmit the energy of their Knight.

The Princes represent the forces of letter Vau. A son carrying the combined energies of his parents. He is the intellectual image of their union.

The Princesses represent the forces of He. They represent the energy sent forth in its completion, its crystallization.

Pythagoras Numbers and their Power

Starting with a point that is symbolically the centre, the seed, the source and drawing a circle around it we get the symbol called the Monad. The Monad represents the number one. The Monad is also called Essence, Foundation, and Unity.  believed the Monad to be God

pythagoras symbolism of numbers divine spiritual meanings

Contemplating itself, the circle becomes two. Creating a line that connects the two centres of the circles is called Dyad. Greek philosophers believed that the Dyad divides and unites.

The equilateral triangle represents the Triad. The triad symbolises , peace, and harmony because the triangle represents balance, stability and strength.

spiritual meaning of numbers pythagoras

Tetrad is a shape of a square that exists within the circle. Four symbolises completion.

Pentad is the shape of the star. The pentad was used as a secret sign among the Pythagoreans.

The image of the pentad is found in nature in leaves and flowers. The Greeks believed each point of the pentad to represent an element: water, earth, air, fire, and idea.

The Decad represents the number ten. Symbolizing both material world and heaven, the Decad is our formula of the creationion of the universe.

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