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Free Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

Free Online Guided Meditations, Meditation Downloads

Free Guided Meditation by Nuit

Meditation is a journey

Meditation is a  training

Meditation is a spiritual and transformation tool

'The one infinite is perfect, in its simplicity... This is the one Whole, God, universal Nature, occupying all space, of whom naught but infinity can give the perfect image or semblance.'   Giordano Bruno

Sit comfortably and experience our Guided 

Enjoy meditating!

Secrets of Meditation

Through the practice of meditation, we enter the world of and spirit, and with patience and training we start yielding results.  Allowing the stillness to come into our life we allow a huge potential of creativity, inspiration and wisdom to become part of our life.

Meditation Downloads: Shine Love, Listen to Your Soul

Free Guided Meditation on Compassion / Love as Divine Flow

Relax and enjoy 11min of guided relaxation and concentration on Love.

Practice as soon as you wake up and enjoy the benefits of allowing Love into your life.

Free Online Guided Relaxation: Breathing Meditation

Guided Relaxation with the breathing exercises. 
Deep Breathing Exercises will help you enter a deep meditation.

Deep Breating and focus on breath is a preparation for silent meditation.

Yoga Breathing is a wonderful self-development tool that improves overall health.

Enjoy this 11min online guided meditation!

Guided Meditation: Free Download, Expand Your Consciousness

Sit comfortably, relax and listen to our free online guided meditation.

This meditation focusses on the expansion of consciousness.  It leads the meditator through the state of expanded consciousness, and the merge with Universal flow of Love, Consciousness and Bliss

We hope that this meditation will inspire you to work on your self-development and spiritual growth and that you will continue exploring the wonders of guided meditations.

Learn How to meditate

Awakened mind remains focused on the Divine (Love, Life), heart stays filled with Divine Love, and we become One with All, staying aware of the Divine presence in everyone and everything.

Understand Benefits of Meditation

Meditation on Divine Consciousness - Guided Meditation by Nuit

Stay inspired!

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Meditation Symbols

What is matter, energy, spirit, consciousness, soul?  What is Spirituality?     

Your Spiritual Journey

Guided Meditation Divine Consciousness

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