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Eat Mindfully Most Important Tips

Guide to Mindful Eating

Food for Health

by Mirjana Musulin

Observe your body  

If you suffer from the skin dryness you might luck liquids or have a problem with your digestion system.

Follow the signs of your body  

Observe your looks, your skin, eyes, nails and hair, because they might indicate the lack of vitamins, minerals, or problems with some organs.

honor oneself Food for Health mindful eating

Don’t skip your meals  

It is the best to have a routine with your meal time-table.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Avoid your dinner so that it does not over-stimulate your stomach during the night.  It is the best to have your dinner till 7PM, at least 3 hours before going to bed. 

Eat smaller portions more often  

The size of the portion should be the size of your fist.  Use vegetables and fruits often.

Chew your food properly

Chew your food properly to help your digestive system process the food.  The digestion starts in the mouth.

Food for Health and Your Drining

raw fruit juices mindful eating ebookDrink a lot of water, make your own juices and drink herbal teas.

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Do not drink during the meal or just after the meal; wait at least ½ hour, so that you do not dilute the stomach liquids that digest the food.

Food for Health as you Wake up

As soon as you wake up drink a glass of warm water with a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon, to cleanse the body of toxins accumulated in the stomach and intestines and to lower the cholesterol in the blood.  If you suffer from a higher levels of sugar in blood, add some cinnamon to the liquid.

If you suffer from a stomach problem and cannot live without coffee or/and you regularly take medicine, after the glass of water take a tea-spoon of cantarion oil for internal use (St.John’s wort oil), because its healing properties help the stomach heal its wounds.  If you wish to make your own oil use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil mix with St.John’s wort (in latin Hypericum perforatum) and keep in the light place for 21 days until the mixture gets its red tincture.

Food for Health and Your Choice of Food 

Reduce the consumption of anything processed: white processed flower products (pasta, pizza, white bread) and increase the consumption of unprocessed whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits, so that you strengthen your immune system to increase your metabolism.

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food for health main principles artof4elements

Buy organic fruit and vegetables and products that are not GMOs

Do not use food items that have additives and nitrates.

If you use vegetables and fruit that might be sprayed, keep the soaked in water with some soda bicarbonate for at least 15 minutes.  You might need to reduce the soaking time for strawberries and other berries so that they keep their shape and nutritional properties.

Remove from your diet cakes, sweets, cookies, alchohol that contain all sort of ‘hidden’ sugars and instead for your desert use dark chocolate or fruit.  All these are too acid for your perfect diet.

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Use butter instead of margarine, eating margarine is like eating plastic.

Instead of crisps grissini, and lots of fast food snacks, use healthy snacks: nuts, popcorns, and dried fruit.

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If you have problems with constipation add oat’s bran and linseed to our recommended breakfast.  Make sure you take enough liquids so that your stool is regular – daily.

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