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Guided Compassion Meditation

Love Meditation

Shine Love

Guided Comassion Meditation: Open to love and wonders of life

Our  is constantly active. Seeking stillness within the Mind that is in motion is impossible if we do not use the motion itself. When the surface of a lake is still, we will be able to tap into the magic of super-conscious. This is impossible when the surface is agitated by waves of thoughts, emotions, habits, fears. We use  as a focus, to help us still the thoughts.

 Guided Love Meditation by Nataša Pantovič 15 min

Love is Divine

That is the extraordinary thing about love: it is the only quality that brings a total comprehension of the whole of existence...

Krishnamurti Quotes on Love, 1980

Conscious Relationships: Chemistry of love and how to train unconditional love

Chemistry of Love and How to Train Unconditional Love

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and Training Virtues

Training virtues through the development of qualities such as truthfulness, openness, love, honesty, compassion to all living beings is found as a spiritual tool of all the major religions. Within the process, the Soul becomes intoxicated with good qualities, and one start fully and deeply loving and trusting oneself and world around.

Do not Harm

Do not harm yourself or others physically, mentally or emotionally. We hear these simple and powerful words, everywhere. Do not kill. Do not lie. Do not harm other beings on Earth. Stepping into the world of virtues, we come across the magic of the control over thoughts and feelings that are driven by fear, attachment and instincts.

alchemy of love compassion meditation do not harm

Living Love

Chosing to love, chosing to be open, chosing to be happy in every single day situations we gain Freedom to Be.

Freedom is Waiting, the Art of 4 Elements Poem

Open the door of your inner prison and
Liberate Freedom from Her chains

Freedom of expression, thoughts, words

Freedom of dreaming your-own Life

Reclaiming your Magic
Imagining a Better World
Inviting a Divine Purpose
Dancing your Highest Self

You will gain: Freedom to Be a snake, butterfly, spiral…

Experiencing the Centre of Life

At the very core of Evolution

You will gain A capability to change The pulse of the Universe

Open the door: Freedom is waiting

Practice Meditation

The art of meditation is the art of stillness, the art of motion within no-motion, action within no-action. Sit still with no movements for at least 30 minutes a day.

Meditation Method: Concentrate on Love

Concentrating on love our mind becomes ‘busy’ connecting with our inner source of Love, Peace and Knowledge using the powerful imagery of positive imagination and feelings. You can use the following type of love :

  • Breath in and breath out the energy of Love. Concentrate onto this flow for 5-10 minutes
  • Feel the warmth of love within your heart. You can use any of the following image to inspire you: a lotus flower opening within the heart and spreading the warmth of love, an image of your Guru, Buddha or Christ, inspiring the energy of love within your heart. Stay with this image around 10 minutes.
  • Send the love energy to someone you really care about
  • Send the energy of love to Earth and all the being on Earth
  • Send the energy of love to Universe

Mindfulness and Love: Be Love

Stay within the meditation, within the stillness, with an open heart, feeling the energy of love. Since love is the light, you might experience the pure light becoming a part of your being.

  • For the best results practice meditation every day.
  • Loving kindness is a meditation practice taught by the Buddha to develop selfless love.
  • Love is a key attribute of God in Christianity and it is used within the main Christians prayers and devotional songs.
  • Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion and Love) is one of the 4 Paths to Enlightenment and the way to God for many Hindus.
  • Practice love and loving kindness towards: a respected or a beloved friend; or send love to a hostile person. This will break some of the most amazing barriers and stereotypes within your mind;

Secrets of Meditation, Why and How

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Our philosophers, our poets, our scientists, tell us that the formula of our Universe is Love, governed by Venus.

What is Unconditional Love

Mindful Being for Mindful Living Course

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