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Benefits of Yoga, Yoga Symbols and Mystical Knowledge

Science of Yoga

How to Meditate Properly

Yoga Science or Mysticism

Yoga science mindfulness training by Nuit

Ever since I fell in love with , 25 years ago, my fascination is fuelled by this amazing Body of Knowledge that flourishes under the umbrella of this Ancient Spiritual Science.  1,000s of years various Yogis devoted their life-times to study the human being, the way we act, behave, or the way our past and present interact within a matrix called our Life and influence our body, , and .

Benefits of Yoga

The experimental and experiential science of Yoga is full of methods and tools that offer to strengthen the , control the mind, work with the emotions and ultimately open the path to , giving one as a unit, a , an Atman, an option to merge with Divine Mind, with Cosmic Consciousness, with Brahman, with God.

Yoga Meditation Mindfulness Training and Divine Flow

Yoga Symbols and Their Meaning

Covering the wide spectrum of goals, from personal health, through to the improvement of relationships, to the inner and happiness, Yoga focusses on all the aspects of this amazing human existence. Materialising as a multi-dimensional art in all the spheres of life, it opens its investigative eye examining:

yoga mantras for meditation om

- symbols and their life within our sub-consciousness (symbolism of chakras),

Main Article: Yoga and Meditation Symbols

- sounds and the way our mind relates to the sound vibrations of the Universe

Yoga and Meditation Article: Mantras for Meditation

yoga symbols meditation sri yantra

- form (yantras and mandalas) and its mathematical relationship with our Souls and the Universe.

Yoga and Meditation Article: Mandala Meaning from Aztecs to Jung

Exploring and experimenting with minute: the control of breath Yoga Breathing, the play with imagination, work with digestion, fasting, showering, Yoga gives every-single-day’s exercises, spiritual tools and suggestions to help us grow into better and more inspiring people.

Yoga and Kundalini

Yogis tremendously respect the Life Force that is within us. Calling it Kundalini, a Yogi, as an experienced doctor or a magician, follows its flow through the Chakras, analysing the qualities and the expression of this Life Force. An anger, for example is a life force directed wrongly through our stomach chakra called Manipura that is coloured red and symbolically represented as a triangle. What a beautiful play of symbolism, knowledge of human nature and imagination! Mistreating the life-force within us with Mal Nutrition or wrong thoughts or emotions may lead to a dis-ease. The disease in turn can be treated by the change of Life Force manifestation.

Yoga and Alchemy of Love Mindfulnes Training Meditations

Yoga meditate still mind is free mind

The happiness can be achieved if the Life Force / Kundalini flows through the Sushuma, the middle channel within our spine, if we balance the wisdom of female intuition with the strength of male action. The major tool and method to achieve Inner Peace and ultimately Enlightenment is . Yoga postures (Asanas), breathing (pranayama), vegetarian diet, fasting, nurturing creative thinking, practicing love, compassion, are all there to prepare the body and mind for the magic of the Alchemy of the Soul. Understanding our body and mind: thoughts and emotions, we allow meditation to happen within our Souls and this experience may teach us how to listen to our Soul.

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Science of Yoga and its Benefits Net Tv Interview with Nataša

 This Article: Yoga Science Benefits of Yoga 

was presented at the NET TV Show on the 22nd Jan 2015, entitled: Yoga Mysticism or Ancient Spiritual Healing Methods.

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