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How Old is Mindfulness and Who Does It Belong To

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Mindfulness and New Consciousness

Promises of Mindfulness

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The mindfulness crowd, people practicing , working with alternative healing methods, practicing massages, yoga, tai-chi, spiritual dances, chanting mantras, various mind, body and soul practitioners, all work with the eternal promise of: More Love, More Peace, More Happiness on Earth. Mostly against any injustice, they are the first to fight against outbreaks of violence or wars all around the Planet. The Mindfulness Teachers encourage us to work on our own perfection, towards more  within our lives, more peace within the society, more  in all spheres of Life.  This type work and the outlook on life is called ‘New Consciousness’.

'I want to find out whether I am deceiving myself. I want to find out whether my living is so verbal that when I say,'Well, I just live so completely in the moment ', this is a form of self-hypnosis. I may be creating the illusion that I am living totally in the now, in the moment; but actually I may be very dull, and have no sensitivity to anything that is happening, not only within the moment, but round it.'

Krishnamurti on Mindfulness

and Meditation

The ‘New Consciousness’ is a Christian dream living all through the centuries. Christ wish for perfection is our eternal inspiration, encouraging us to live love and peace through our own perfection: ‘Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heavens is perfect’

Devotees of life wish to understand themselves better, having a motto: living life with  and peace with our neighbors, fighting for a better society whose foundations are within justice and harmony. The Christianity and the New Consciousness Philosophies have never been in conflict with each other.  

One of the best Christian books on meditation I've read was written in the 16thCentury, by St. Theresa of Avila, who used meditations called prayers of union and prayers of quiet (the exact same method is used by yoga and meditation in the East).  St. Theresa wrote beautifully and inspiring about her contact with God through her daily meditations and she whole-heartedly recommended them to her nuns as a part of their regular daily spiritual practice. 

In Middle Ages Christian Priests closely followed astrology and observed planets and their influence upon life of people on Earth. Christian authors also wrote many books on Angels, and many miracles were attributed to the ‘energy’ healing. 

Demystifying Mindfulness

Some people are stll under the impression that  is something new and strange, that meditation and chanting mantras go against the Christian methods or that is the latest fashion that can be learned on a weekend outing.  

We all, Christians and non-Christians are very sincerely trying to put the times of religious wars, religious dogmas and intolerance behind us. Perhaps this clarity of what a prayer is, what a meditation is and how do they relate to each other is an important knowldge that needs sharing. De-mystifying these spiritual methods takes them out of the Religious settings and puts them into the setting of the self-development and spiritual work. Many researchers, psychologists and scientists claim that the power of mindfulness and meditations is great.

Mindfulness Journey is a  Journey

Mindfulness and New Consciousness: mind power Nuit conscious parenting quote

'The self-development journey is a beautiful life-long journey. It takes an effort to be commitment to the beauty of life and a courage to fall in love with practitioners of this amazing wisdom.' Nuit

Mindfulness in every-day life

Living mindfulness is a life-style. Choosing paper instead of plastic, sports instead of TV, veggies instead of burgers, nature instead of Internet, reading books instead of Facebook, listening and helping Mother Gaia with all its sentiant beings, instead of hate, learning, growing and dancing with life. Your life is in your hands, go and explore its wisdom, there is sooo much to learn! When we focus on a couple of trees around us, we live the experiences of personal-troubles (and we all know how deep, varied and vast they are), we might miss the forest that surrounds us, the forest of beauty, inspiration, expansion, love and sharing.

Celebrating the Earth-Day 2018 with a Clean-Up campaign...

Celebrating the Earth-Day 2018, with a Clean-Up campaign

Mindfulness Training

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