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Spiritual not Religious fight for Goodness

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Have you ever read Koran?

Perhaps this is not a book that you keep on the top of your reading pile, but while browsing through an old books section of my favorite bookshop I came across this most wonderful hand-woven translation with both ancient Arabic and English writings of this ancient text. Now, I am conditioned, as all of us Christians are, to „be aware“ of this book but its physical beauty went beyond my conditioning so I bought it and for the first time read it.
Muslims and Christianity Jesus image

Koran and Jesus

Now, did you know that 1/3 of Koran talks about Jesus, his life, his virgin mother birth, his miracles, his resurrection? I was not at any point aware that Koran is actually a written document about Jesus! This fact has completely shocked me! So, we have been fighting for centuries protecting our religious beliefs and Muslims actually believe in Jesus and all the stories surrounding Jesus! Ok, what about this firm statement that is re-repeated within Koran a number of times: „Kill the non-believers!“

Koran and Laws

The other 1/3 of Koran are various laws that existed within the Turkish Empire and other Arabic Kingdoms, laws governing women, property, family and they are more or less a very similar set of laws we all had just a few hindered years ago. Laws discriminating against many (especially women), yet protecting the basic family structures within a typical society. If Koran spends 1/3 of its breath and length discussing Jesus and the old testament, not attacking Jesus, but talking about his merits and miracles, the „non-believers“ are surely not Christians but the ones that disregard the Laws of the country. So, Koran really encourages Muslims to fight hard against the criminals within their countries.

Someone else fight for power and gold is hidden within our religious wars!

We all recall the Inquisition and various Popes quests to conquer the Holy Lands, to fight the Muslims, Protestants, Jews. The Christians became „non-believers“ in the eyes of Muslims and vice-versa because different Empires needed an excuse to fight for supremacy and collect its gold from various parts of the planet.
The number of killings ordained for different Kings is vast and they were all perfectly manipulated by our huge religious sentiments, our drive for goodness, our sentiment towards perfection...
If we turn the argument around, the Muslims are Christians that also believe in Mohamed. So they already had their second coming of Christ... Jews still await their coming of Christ. Today we dont quite see that a Protestant is any different from a Catholic or an Orthodox Christian, yet we do not see a Muslim with the same eyes. 

So Muslims are after all!

Can you say this and deeply understand the meaning of it! The strongest „philosophical“ difference between the two is our belief (or not belief) in the trinity that gave Christ the power and significance of the Lord. Many would argue this fact, Christians or not, would you die for it? I dont think so! The amount of manipulation, we as pesants of society, had to go through is deep and profound, so that we can go and fight for our Kings.
Whether Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Pagans, Buddhists, the underling principle is the same: people governed by virtues and goodness could not properly function if surrounded by thieves and murderers. „Non-believers“ were those thieves and murderers. Do you blame Koran for being so harsh towards these non-believers a 1,000 years ago? The problem becomes more profound when the book that governs your laws is 1.000+ years old.
Muslims are Christians Spiritual not Religious
Fighting for our Kings, Popes or various shady personalities, presidents, or leaders, we forget that it is not the religion that defines us or divides us, it is not the symbols we worship, including the modern ones, but our hearts loving purity with its strength of non-violent determination to live in harmony with other beings on Earth.

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