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Our Mindfulness Books Recommended as Best Books

Conscious Parenting made it to the list of 5 best self-development books for kids!

Conscious Parenting Book by Natasa Pantovic Nuit

5 Best Personal Development Books for Kids Zero to Infinitude Books Recommendation

"The five personal development books for kids that I am going to suggest you here will help you to teach your kids the most important principles and the right way of thinking that will fill their future with great possibilities. Children have a mind that is easily influenced by what is repeatedly told to them or things that evoke strong feelings in them, and all this becomes their truth, which decides how their life is going to be shaped."

Best Books on Happiness List Books-Scrolling Recommendation

Alchemy of love mindfulness training books

Celebrating another "MADE to the LIST discovery! Please check this List of the Best Books on Happiness. You will find the usual suspects that we all love to read and the #40 is reserved for A-Ma Alchemy of Love, my Spiritual Historical Novel! Check the list further and you will find some of other Alchemy of Love .

"“What are the best books about Happiness?” We looked at 244 of the top titles, aggregating and ranking them so we could answer that very question! It seems like there is always that one person who says’s “Just try being happier” when you are in a less than stellar mood, as if that idea had never crossed your mind..."

Medium Recommendation for Best Books for Life Transitions

Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Fiction Book

Medium thought that within their recommended 48 books for Life Transitions, they should include the Alchemy of Love Series. You will find 4 of our books within the list! Wow!!

"Making Sense of Life’s Changes. All life transitions have a pattern, which if acknowledged will make tough times more comprehensible."

48 Helpful Books For Life Transitions

Articles published in October:

Were the Christian Saints Vegetarians? Published at OM TIMES

"Vegetarianism and Christianity: Why Not? A typical monastic diet is a semi-vegetarian diet where fish is eaten once a week, all the rest are veggies, beans, grains and fruit... Back in the time of our grandfathers, Christian Saints walked bare-foot and refused to eat meat..." Nuit

Spiritual Writing the most read genre of all!

From Booklikes: We invited Nuit Nataša Pantović, an author, spiritual researcher and trainer, to share her thoughts about spiritual writing. We've learned a lot, now your turn :).

"Even within the ancient marketing, it was clearly understood that if a book is written by God, it stands a much better chance to win huge audience. Paradoxically, if you are a believer, all the books are by force written by God or influenced by His or Her Majesty, cause God as an Omni-potent entity must surely encompass the world of writing, yet a claim that the words are directly channeled by Holy Spirit (a messenger of God) is quite a popular one. Yet the competition within the world of Holy Spirit followers is quite tough, surely such experiences must be unique and sacred, so the other people’s assentation of the same, was at times guarded by deathly sword..." Nuit

Sharing Milestones

Celebrating another milestone! 

Healing with Sound in Ancient Temples Article was shared and liked by  our Mindfulness Researchers and Alchemists 2,360 times!!!

WOW!!! 😃It has been translated and placed on a number of websites, sometimes even breaching our article copy-rights (without the reference to the author). Yet, for all of those who wish to know why the fascination with this article and where does my fascination with Malta's magic begin check the article link.

Healing with Sound in Ancient Temples Article shared 1000s of times

Check also What is Alchemy Article that was shared 296 times!

296 likes shares comments in What is Alchemy Article

Our Books made it to some interesting Best Books Lists

Eastern Philosophy recommended books Goodreads list with Ama and Mindfulness Training Books

Eastern Philosophy recommended books Goodreads list with Ama and Mindfulness Training Books

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