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From Pythagoras to Aristotle and Plato 4 elements Symbolism

Our journey from worshiping silence towards the worship of God’s names to Idol worship

by Nataša Pantović Nuit

21st Century Spiritual Renaissance

Demystifying Magic When Eastern Aum meets Western Amen

It has all started and in its puzzling complexity ends with the worship of (in Arabic the name for God is Alah) or divine, its omnipresent Cosmic entity, in Taoism known as Tao, materialised through trinity of forces (in Hindhuism known as rajas, satwas and tamas) within four elements of Gaia: earth, water, sun, and air. In their wisdom Chinese philosophers and ancient sages, even managed to further refine them deviding the manifestations of earth into wood and metal, exploring the dance of five instead of four elements. Within the western worlds, inside the works of greatest philosophers, mystics and artists we find this wisdom sparkled knowledge.

mysticism or magic symbolism of four elements

Aristotle Plato Pythagoras

Within the scientific observations of different types of atoms at similar energy levels, the states with the similar behaviour patterns are called: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. The Ancient Greek system of Aristotle, a student of Plato attending the Plato’s Academy found in 387 BC in Athens, better known as the teacher, advisor, consultant of Alexander the Great who was the first one to travel to Egypt.

Aristotle was appointed as the head of the royal academy of Macedon Kingdom. During Aristotle's time (384–322 BC) in the Macedonian court, he gave lessons not only to Alexander, but also to two other future kings: Ptolemy and Cassander. During the reign of the Argead king Philip II (359–336 BC), for a moment in history Macedonia subdued mainland Greece and Thrace. His son Alexander the Great travelled to North Africa and far East and has died in Babylon  in 323 BC in the city he planned to establish as his capital. Alexander's legacy includes the Greco-Buddhism, and the presence of Greek speakers in Persian lands. 

Plato's own most profound philosophical influences are Socrates and Pythagoras.

Plato and Pythagoras shared a mystical approach to the soul probably influenced by Orphism.

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Byzantine Macedonia 1045AC Serbian area called Thrace

Thrace, Constantinopole and Byzantine Macedonia 1045AC today Balkan's Countries

Ripleys scrolls four elements symbolism Christian mysticism

Ripleys Scrolls 1600 AC four elements symbolism within Christian Mysticism

Many educated men and mystical researchers from various spiritual traditions crossed swords on the subject of the use of magic within one’s spiritual practices. scientists were often called magicians and superstition was often our major guide in the development of our philosophical thought.

Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Philosophers 400 BC – 200 AC Closer to Truth closer to God s by Nataša Nuit Pantović Treading the path of the development of Human Thought, giving full respe

The sacredness of ancient worship 

astrology zodic and Christianity mystical knowledge within astrology

Astrology zodic and Christianity mystical knowledge within astrology

In Ethiopia, where Christian tradition is as ancient as 100 AC, I was graced to attend a Mass with endless Orthodox chanting and drumming, within their Monastery, singing names of God enlightened me in how did the first ever Christian Masses look like.

The same experience I had with Tibetan Buddhism while in Nepal singing endless “Om Mani Padme Hum”, while the Tibetan Lama whose 10 days 15 hours a day meditating while chanting about death workshop, expanded his chants to contain the sacred endless readings of Buddha’s texts.

Within an Orthodox Christian Monastery the monks sing their prayers in Latin, Greek or Russian, worshiping Christ and his life chanting. If you have ever experienced an Orthodox mass, you will know that truly none mentally comprehend the readings but we all stay within this mystical experience of images, smells of Frankincense and candle lights, standing in a vast space of a Church for hours.

When in Lamu, in Kenia, I had a privilege to be a part of a Catholic worshipping ceremony. The Kenyans brought the musical instruments, and got engaged in the most wonderful, joyful crowded experience, standing, dancing and singing Christ and Maria’s chants. Needless to say, that I was the only white person in the crowds, just a few had a wish to experience this most amazing standing collective prayer, that lasted 2 hours. The foreigners within this no-electricity, only donkeys as a transport Hippie Island, had a typical priest oriented service lasting ½ an hour, one would find anywhere else in Europe. Later, invited to a dinner by an Italian poet, and a fake yogis couple from the US, into one of the villas so rich to be decorated by Masai human guards, I glanced their most amazing illusions, private planes, yachts and a life-style of drug-addicts you wish never to experience or envy. 

Practicing mysticism or magic? This question was a matter of life and death at one point of our existence

Worshiping Kabbalah with its set of most amazing tools, Gods, Goddesses, prayers, mantras, colors, angels, mystical angels hierarchies, a mystical Jew could easily forget God stepping into any Idol worship, worshiping new clothes, music-stars, or gold. Manipulating magic tools, the way Hitler has done, using sound, abusing words, our mental set-up, psychological response mechanisms, with emotional black-mails of millions, transfiguring the swastika symbol, playing a symphony with our conscious and subconscious minds, he turned our drive for goodness into killers’ instinct.

Tree of Life within Flower of Life Kabbalah Mysticism or Magic

Tree of Life within Flower of Life Kabbalah Mysticism or Magic

Materialized in a body of a chimpanzee, with words “VITRIOL” written on his forehead, a soul of a man, once Alchemist, finding himself within these karmic circumstances can testify we are all confused.

Depending of your belief systems, you will either lough at the above sentence or accept it as a possible reality.

The Muslims’ belief system encompasses a strong dislike of hell, as an after-life experience, and apocalypse, as a likely event of our future, both Old Testament claims, so worshiping idols, drawing them within their Mosques, is just not an option. Their mysticism is expressed within the most amazing Sufi Dancing, poetry expression of likes of Rumi, and use of drumming circles.

The Jewish mystical knowledge is hidden within the most amazing Tree of Knowledge that is a Kabbalist playground of symbols and magic, and their family centered practices are kept within different rituals from the birth of a baby to an encounter with death. Within one of the family rules is the ritual of worship one’s wife at least once a week, within the sacredness of the love ritual, reserving that space and time (Friday eve) for the union, so that one will fully worship God the next day, on Saturdays. Christians also devote one day to worship God, on Sundays.

Love as a Quality and practicing within a family

worship baby Christ

A Baby Breastfeeding, Gaia's family and baby Christ

Within the Christian countries that consciously or subconsciously understood the profound dynamics of worshipping love as a quality within one’s family home, an image of Mary and her baby appeared as a symbol in our homes, at the street corners, in Churches, within all the worshiping places. This is such a delicate state of existence, being in a dreamy reality, co-habiting with spirits or perhaps within a morphic egg, that needs a huge amount of support within its fragility. Worshipping this state when the family is at its weakest, welcoming a new born , at the very beginning of the parenting journey that in its own complexity becomes a tremendous transformative experience to each one of us, parents, is divine .

Both Muslims and Hindus insist that the union with God should stay our daily encounter so they all pray, or meditate at least twice a day

Whilst eating at the best of Macedonia’s Skoplje sweets and coffee shop last year, within the Muslim ancient market side of the city, the owners of the street bars have all at one point just disappeared, got their most beautiful silk woven carpets and joined the crowd praying. It was a beautiful scene seeing them saluting God together.

In his practices, a Hidhuist Yogi or a Buddhist will enter silence as his daily practice, known as sadhana, or dharma and will participate in many elaborative ritualistic offerings that are a part of daily reality of any Temple. Within a typical meditation, a Zen monk will practice no thoughts whatsoever, a Hindhuist monk might add a mantra (what is mantra) or a symbol (what is mandala) to this practice, or follow a set of steps passed by a Guru, recomended for Kundalini awakening, supported with imagary of 7 chakras and their relationships with one’s body.

Pythagoras Music and Mysticism

Pythagoras is known for his many scientific discoveries, including the Pythagorean theorem, Pythagorean tuning, the Theory of Proportions, the sphericity of the Earth, and identifying of the morning and evening stars as the planet Venus. He was the first man to call himself a philosopher, lover of wisdom. According to Aristotle, the Pythagoreans used mathematics for solely mystical reasons, the number one (the monad) represented the origin of all things, the number two (the dyad) represented matter.etc. Ten was regarded as the perfect number and the Pythagoreans never gathering in groups larger than ten. Pythagoras is the father of the music scale as we know it today. 

Within today's worlds, this silent encounter with Divine is within our relationship to true art or enlightened music

the-birth-of-venus-Botticelli four elements within birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus Botticelli, Uffici Galery Florence, four elements within Christian Art

Ancient China 

Ancient Chinese Philosophy within Neolithic art symbols and  spirituality. Any discussion of early writing brings up the question of what IS writing

In ancient China, Confucius and Lao Tzu were also exploring music and the individual and humanity’s relationship with Tao.

Confucius, we are talking 500 BC, was convinced that music has a role in maintaining social order. His idea was that a musical system reflects the proper code of moral behaviour. In his view, Life is about ‘wholeness’ and music is able to demonstrate the importance of regularities and wholeness.

Chinese have a great interest in studying vibration of any instrument.  They compare pitches to the configuration of cosmic Qi energy… Confucius believed that if you disturb the rightful order and structure, your mind is going to be disturbed. For example, he spoke of the music of Zheng comparing it to the colour - purple. Purple, is a combination of colours, a combination of red and blue. It detracts from the purity of red, and it does not have the depth of blue. He claimed that the music of Zheng was not in harmony with the elegant ritual music of ancient China, and that this only reflected the state’s government that was deviant and wicked.

A-Ma Alchemy of Love, historical spiritual novel 17th century China by Nataša Pantović Nuit

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Music is a very important instrument of any soul’s exploration, so it is the singing of names of God, whether we are chanting names of Christ in an Orthodox monastery within their 6 hours long mornings marathons in Hilandar (check Hilandar energy dynamics) or Shiva Shakti mantras (check Sacred chants of Shiva) in the middle of an Indian temple. It is puzzling when within such a versitile world of practices we start believing that there is only one name of God...

Arizona Dream, 1993, Directed by Emir Kusturica

Soundtrack from Emir Kusturica's Arizona Dream by Goran Bregović

"Axel Blackmar: Whenever I try to remember my dreams, I always turn 'em into stories. But dreams are like life. You can't catch it with your hands because you can't catch something you don't really see. If you believe in your dreams, you could be sure that any force, a tornado, a volcano or a typhoon, wouldn't be able to knock you out of love; because love exists on its own."

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