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Learning about Subconsciousness from Ancient Mythology & Philosophers Prometheus Titans Patanjali

New & Subconsciousness of Group Dynamics

Learning from Prometheus and Titans, Ancient Greek

by Nataša Pantović

The subconscious material or chitta has its own “body” that engulfs the . Each soul from its birth passes through various awakenings, or dissociation from the sub-consciousness.

Mind chitta is an astral vibratory response within the subconscious layers with the precise words, feelings, and thoughts formations. We all enter it unconsciously. An ancient Indian Philosopher Patanjali  recognizes these dynamics within his Yoga Sutras. The Ancient Greeks Mythology and Philosophy Mother of All Sciences resonate with exactelly the same logic.

Creation of humanity by Prometheus as Athena looks on (Roman-era relief 3rd century AD) Italy

Creation of humanity by Prometheus as Athena looks on (Roman-era relief 3rd century AD) Italy

Quantum physics and Consciousness

The infinite divisibility of the atom with its rapid transformation prevents the Soul from manifesting. Two atoms react uniquely different when with each other and two Souls have uniquely different encounters. Two mothers exchange parenting knowledge, two grandpas share their illnesses; two lovers interact through a sexual contact. The circumstances dance within the Universal Flow, creating a type of Dough that subconsciously modifies our thinking principle as a Soul materialized on Earth or someone who belongs to a Group. We naturally belong to various Groups: age, nationality, profession, Religion and 90% of our subconscious mind “belongs” to these dynamics making us learn from each other, yet the conscious mass manipulation or the “molding” of any group’s dynamics is a fairly recent phenomenon within Human History.

Ancient Greece Mythology & Ancient Indian Patanjali’s Philosophy

A few days ago, the Heritage Malta has inaugurated a Roman Villa that was occupied for at least six centuries from 200 BC to 400 AC. The villa was an olive producing villa within this little ancient merchandising world. Note, how misleading the name is the “Roman Villa” makes us travel to Rome in our minds, yet the age points to the Eastern Roman Empire where the Byzantine Kingdom of Greece was, its capital city of Athene and Constantinople (later Istanbul of Turkey.

The Ancient Greece was known as Hellas and the ancient maps show it as the center of the world surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Malta, South Italy, Crete, Greece, Ancient Europe / the area of Thrace and Macedonia, Istambul (later Constantinople) was all a part of this world full of Islands and costal cities.

The School of Athens 1511 AC by Raphael, Italy depicting famous classical Greek philosophers inspired by ancient Greek architecture

The School of Athens 1511 AC by Raphael, Italy depicting famous classical Greek Philosophers

In ancient Greek mythology, human beings were created in the image of the gods, using the mold by Prometheus, a Titan, who was a child from Uranus, the Sky and Gaia the Earth.

Prometheus molded shapes out of earth imitating Gods, Athena breathed life into the shapes, creating the Mankind. The Titans as kids were hated by their father and were rebellious against Zeus, the chief God.

Heracles freeing Prometheus, relief from the Temple of Aphrodite at Aphrodisias 1,000 BC

Heracles freeing Prometheus, relief from the Temple of Aphrodite at Aphrodisias 1,000 BC

Our sources come from the Ancient Greek pottery buried in Funeral rites around 100 BC - 500 BC and since there is not much of it, to understand minds of the ancient Greeks we turn to the major philosopher meditating upon the myths and legends of the Titan Prometheus during the Socratic era of greater Athens, to Plato. The Plato’s philosophical discourses are in the form of the various dialogues mentioning Prometheus. In Plato's writings about Prometheus we read:

“After the gods have molded men and other living creatures with a mixture of clay and fire, the two brothers Epimetheus and Prometheus are called to complete the task and distribute among the newly born creatures all sorts of natural qualities. Epimetheus sets to work but, being unwise, distributes all the gifts of nature among the animals, leaving men naked and unprotected, unable to defend themselves and to survive in a hostile world. Prometheus then steals the fire of creative power from the workshop of Athena and Hephaistos and gives it to mankind.”

Prometheus stole the Fire from Gods against Zeus’s wish who didn’t want humans to become too clever, so for this act Zeus chained him to Mount Caucasus, and further punished him sending a mighty Eagle to tear out his liver each day, to be saved by the hero Heracles, some centuries later. As further punishment for Prometheus daring to imitate Gods with his new created Men, Zeus has sent a great flood to kill all the people. Prometheus managed to warn Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha, who in turn prepared an arc (the Arc of Deucalion), filled it with food and were the only survivors of the Great Flood.

Herakles freeing Prometheus Anceint Greece Vase 500 BC Louvre Paris

Herakles freeing Prometheus Anceint Greece Vase 500 BC Louvre Paris

Molding Sub Conscious Mind within Ancient Greece Mythology 

Titan Children

Uranus hated and feared his Titan children, he locked them deep in Tartarus, so they never see the daylight. One of them, the youngest and most terrible, named Cronus has killed him. His substance touched the Earth creating Giants, the Furies, the Nymphs and Aphrodite. Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea in Cyprus.


You must have heard of Sisyphus who was condemned to roll a rock up a mountain, only to have it roll down each time he reached the top. How frustrating his task was, Up and Down for eternity.


Hades, the ruler of the underground, sub consciousness, the astral world, wears the cap of invisibility and is accompanied by his three headed dog. Hades is the name of the God and the Land he ruled upon. The Land was divided into 3 areas, one for the virtuous, one for the wicked, and one for the souls of the neutral ones. Five rivers pass through Hades: Acheron (Sorrow), Cocytus (Lamentation), Styx (Hate), Lethe (Forgetfulness), Phlegethon (Fire). During the four months of the year, Hades lives with his wife Persephone, a young and beautiful daughter of Demeter who thought us the art of growing crops, who eating his four pomegranate seeds has bonded her-self to return to Hades 4 months of the year, during our winter. 

Our Anscestors, Rituals and Gods

According to Ancient Greeks Malta hid two monsters, the legends say – Scylla and Charybdis.

At Dodona, the ancient Greeks asked the oracle how they should act, listening to the rustling of leaves on a sacred oak tree.

At Delphi there are the ruins of a temple, a theatre and a stadium where the Games were held every four years in honor of God Apollo. People all over Greece would come to Delphi to the Oracle to ask questions of the Priestess of Apollo, Pythia. Apollo is the god of healing, music and poetry. 

At Olimp the games were done in honor of Zeus. 

According to Ancient Greeks the Humankind has already passed through Golden Age of plenty, and Silver Age where the deterioration has started, getting violent during Bronze Age and wicked and unhealthy during this age, Age of Iron.

Molding Sub Conscious Mind within Ancient Indian Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Patanjali in his Yoga sutra tells us in rhymes about Soul, God and Union with God.

Reading his wisdom sutra that "the mind states are five and are subject to pleasure and pain" we came to conclusion that these reflect as 4 (four) elements as:

  1. Voices of Earth, security based instincts related to food, death, injury
  2. Voices of Sex, based on longing and fulfilled longing
  3. Voices of Action based on the Karmic group, profession, winning or losing, short-term focus
  4. Heart based loving vs. hating; giving vs. taking
  5. One-pointedness towards God or Gold carrying the sounds of Aum, Amin, Yahowah, Allah

The power of the Soul can be intuitively or consciously observed through the daily life. However one has to give full respect towards the element Earth that runs through us as the hormonal and chemical balance of a specific age-group, or a specific disease, that physically changes our brains. Within the basic crude our water intake affects waves of “water” layers within us; our breathing affects the gusts of “air” currents or winds, solidifying further the products of “earth” or where we are within the food chain, affects our physic, the flames of “fire” are the life force we get from Sun rays. Activities such as music, painting, sports, reading, all fall under the Patanjali’s “esoteric meditation and study”, two of three spiritual growth methods of liberation from the negative Mind Chitta, the third one being Service. The self-indulgent behavior patterns, obsession with food, mobiles, gossiping or hate, all waste our life-force. Activities such as meditation use Willpower to detach from a thought-form, or chose a more inspiring mind-chitta.

Pulsation, vibration, rhythm

Pulsation, vibration, rhythm exists everywhere as Akasha / Sound / Waves and we hope to reach the vibration of embedded Logic or Love Enlightened Intelligence transcending our microcosmic limitations. The kids resonance is supreme, they tune into subconscious “security” fears of humanity, “food” indulgence, “society” acceptance, all important “survival” mechanisms. This resonance floods the parents’ aura allowing the unconscious mind-chitta of Humanity to rule the day to day arguments and relationships. Being under the physical, mental or emotional stress takes us into a further ameba, giving us a response of a wounded animal fighting for recognition.

Subtler we become, we enter the higher chakras and they tolerate not any Forceful Effort. Listening to the Soul that now Unites with , we flow through Devotion and Love using Opening and Giving as Female Qualities.

Union with the Soul is Spiritual Consciousness.

A-Vidya Patajali tells us is the prime cause of all obstructions. Ignorance or the lack of knowledge is the cause of our prisons, yet we are ALL born into it, we are all prisoners of instinct based thoughts and feelings. It is the conscious choice to turn towards the Beauty, towards the Expansion, towards the Light.

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NARD2022 Malta Nataša Pantović Live Speech

Nataša Pantović. Organised by Animal Liberation Malta. Unfortunately the LIVE recording of the following speech failed the organizers; stopped after 30sec..., "The fight for conscious living has been with the humankind since the beginning of time. We have an honor to be predecessors of giants like #Pythagoras who 2,500 years ago gave us (Europe) music, mathematics, and the noble vegetarian fight. I will share with you positive stories of conscious people involved in changing the world & good omens: This year, I met a 70 years old conscious artist & farmer when hiking through Serbian hills managing his organic farm (and a community center), next to a stream, as a vegan, mindfully; Blessings to his work!🙏When consulting in the UK, visiting a client, a car in front of me suddenly hit the breaks, with a car behind me causing a chain accident, 4 cars bumped into each other. The cause was a duck with its ducklings crossing the British country road; None of us minded! 🦆☯ After a 100 years volunteers have helped a turtle hatch on a Maltese beach. It took many sleepless nights for this to materialize. Hope she comes back again. 🥰 One of our Authors, a Founder of NGO Gaia has personally planted his 10,000th tree. ✌️👍🤝I call this to be a good OMEN. We can together help Gaia be healthier, & our animals live happier. Let's do it!"

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