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Conscious Relationships: How to Train Love

Love and Sex

Spiritual Sexual Evolution: Cultural Revolution Still to Happen

 & Sexual Revolution

Love and Sex Back in Time

What is back in time? Back in time, only just 150 years ago, our little planet had less than 1 billion people inhabiting it, Paris had 650,000 citizens with less than 500 University Graduates. Only 150 years ago, during the time just before the electricity, our laws and social structures were full of "inequalities", women rights non-existent, and SEX: a Taboo. Further back in time we find "darkness", a couple of enlightened minds, some major scientific discoveries, and a major fight against some basic Truths of the Time: whether or not Earth is round and was Marry a virgin?

Condemnations of fornication can be found in every epoch. While it was OK for a man to pursue sexual opportunity, all across the globe, a woman was supposed to be much more virtuous. Only a bit more than one hundred years ago, we lived in a world where the idea of a woman’s sexual freedom seemed unthinkable. The divorce was difficult to obtain, premarital sex was discouraged, homosexuals dared not express themselves.

sexual evolution rhythm of loveGoing back in time, In England between the 13th and 16th centuries, extramarital sex was policed to such an extend that up to 90% of the court cases handled by the Church was about adultery, sodomy and prostitution. A woman was the property of fathers and husbands so if she had sex with a stranger, her family felt that a crime was committed against them.

By 1900, Freud published his Interpretation of Dreams, and put in place the stage for the sexual revolution. Twenty years later, his student Wilhelm Reich, who was a sexual evangelist of the time, published his study ‘The Function of the Orgasm’, that publically claimed that ‘there is only one thing wrong with neurotic patients: 'the lack of full and repeated sexual satisfaction’

Orgone Energy Accumulator

Even though Dr. Reich’s books were burned in Germany he managed to find a fertile ground for his experiments in the US. He invented and presented to his curious audience the Orgone Energy Accumulator a six-sided box, with a look and feel of a small sauna, that accumulated sexual energy. Reich saw sexuality as the primary energetic force of life. The term Orgone shares its root with the word orgasm, that he believed is a fundamental expression of a person’s psychological health. Reich believed that the natural flow of life-energy in the body can be blocked, leading to physical and mental diseases. He believed that his invention collects energy and that its mysterious currents can cure sickness and restore the life force. His Orgone box became a symbol of the sexual revolution. During his time, Reich and his students were accused of being a ‘cult of sex and anarchy,’

Women Sexual Freedom

women sexual freedom face busIt was not until the 1970s that women’s sexual activity outside the marriage was accepted. The young generation of the 1960s that questioned authority and rejected their parents' values, and the distribution of contraceptives (Enovid, the first birth control pill, went on the market in 1960) shaped the course of the revolution. The birth-control pill gave people a choice to have children when they wanted them and the use of condoms protected the couples from sexually transmitted diseases. This was the time of much needed social change, the change that was echoed within all spheres of life, we started to have nudity on TV, and pornography became a part of our society, we were changing out civil rights laws, we witnessed the women’s liberation movement, and the fight for gay & lesbian rights. The moral revolution started transforming every dimension of our life.

Does Virginity Matter?

The cultural revolution is yet to happen, it will take place when the idea crystallizes and gains its grip within various cultures. Around the world, the sexual freedom still needs some time to become our reality. In some parts of the world, women are still abused because of their sexuality: their clitorises are cut, their bodies are fully covered, they are raped, or stoned for the sin of ‘fornication’.

Every year, thousands of Chinese women pay around $700 for an operation to restore their hymens shortly before their wedding so that their husbands can see blood on the sheets during their honeymoon night. To many Chinese,  matters even though the percentage of Chinese women who admit to engage in premarital sex is now around 50.

Conscious Relationships: How to Train Love 

Conscious Relationships How to train love
Sex is simultaneously suppressed and commoditised. Its expression is both hidden and blatantly manifested. The talk of ‘sin’ is still part of our conscious and subconscious make-up and ‘shame and blame’ game can still manifest in chains and control of many.

Within the next stage of this fascinating revolution, we will learn more about our sex and sexuality, more about our-own way to act or re-act to a sexual impulse, we will learn how to distinguish between love and sexual attraction, about , and our chemical responses to the love game, and learn more about energies and its use to stay healthy and happy.

Sexual intimacy makes us vulnerable to our partner and it requires trust and love. Hopefully, the next stage of this evolution will also bring us honesty as an equal partner to the sexual drive.

Sex and Long Term Relationships

alchemy of love

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