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Alchemy Poem from Art of 4 Elements Poetry Book

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Spiritual poem by Nuit

Intentions and Living our Highest Potential

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Magic of Regression                                                                               NEXT POEM 

If we head straight ahead there is a big chance that we shall reach what we are heading for – a Wise One said.

               And the fear entered our Minds and we stopped, scared.

We abandoned our dreams

                      and turned away from our intentions

playing within the playing field of illusions.

               The divine scared us, so we turned back to our earthly selves.

A powerful magic is now needed to bring us back into the path of self-fulfilled, and self-realised.

This is the magic of our willingness to

                        Connect with our Highest Potential,

The magic of our belief in Fairies and their golden dust.

Living Highest Potential spiritual poem by Nuit

Photo by Christine Cutajar Nurisha

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