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Goddess Worship

The Hidden Secrets of Malta Temples

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Temple of Love?

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Secrets and blessings of the temples... 
Lost temples or temples of love, temples of fertility, temples of healing 

How was God or Goddess worshiped 7,000 years ago?

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The Hidden Secrets of Malta Temples: Goddess Worship

Goddess Worship Rituals within the Temples

Knocking at the door of eternity, looking at the oldest free standing structures, temples, on Earth we observe symbols and discover secrets that we might be able to apply within our spiritual practices.

Walking back 7,000 years

The temples were built from stones as huge as 19 tones!  Today we find more than 30 megalithic temples on a small island of Malta in the middle of Mediterranean.  Who were they, the civilization that left these architecture miracles?  Were these temples of giants?  Or was this little island a pilgrimage site? Did we have people coming from far to worship the Goddess?

goddess worship temple MaltaTemples are shaped like Goddess, with trees, animals and spirals carved on the stones.  Mystical spiral is everywhere within the temples.  Spiral as the symbol of our path to consciousness, from unit point of consciousness, from God within that is expanding to eternity to the transcendent omnipresent, omnipotent God or Goddess.

Statues found dating back 5,000BC suggest a concept of asexual God or Goddess, worshiping Divine that goes beyond sexuality.

The structures, we know today are aligned to the Sun.  During the equinoxes, the sun rays walk through the Temple’s portal blessing the altars.

We find deliberate polarity within the Temples.  The Female and Male aspect of creation is equally worshiped.

Water and Earth was worshiped on 1 side of the Temples and Air and Fire was worshiped on the other side, grouping the elements into female and male manifestations of creation.  All the ancient philosophies resonate with this sacred wisdom: Yin and Yang of Taoists, Ida and Pingala of Yogis, merge of Black King and White Queen of Alchemists, Kabbhala's Tree of Life and its female and male path to understanding the creation.

The temples welcome us with the full light of the sun, leeding us to the reflected light symbolising the light of the moon, and presenting us with the complete darkness that takes us into our souls' meditations.

Evidence suggests that the temples were also aligned to the Moon and the Stars.

Goddess Worship Rituals Underground Temples

The Hidden Secrets of Malta Temples & Hypogeum Underground Temple

Goddess Worship part 2

This video is about the hidden secrets of Temples, the Goddess Worship, rituals, the temple of love and its priestess.

Hypogeum Malta Underground temple dates back to 4-5,000BC

Listening to messages that Temples provide we link to the spiritual messages from the religions all around the world.

Descending into the underground temples, we descend through the spiral into the Earth, into the Earth’s womb.  Descending into the centre of Earth we go deep down, 11 meters into the Earth.

Goddess worship Hypogeum holly of holiestWe find the Oracle Room and the room called Holy of Holies.  The Oracle Room resembles the womb, it is round and full of red spirals and the Holy of Holies is strongly geometrically shaped, with very precise lines and square altars.

The Hypogeum is built for sound rituals.  The musical notes clearly resonate throughout the underground temples.  The stones within the temples shake when 111Hz is resonated.  This is the sound of low man voice, the sound of mantra chanting, bell ringing, sound of Christian Mass Singing.

Temples and Initiations

Above the ground: we had Sun and Moon worship, we also had 4 elements worship.

Underneath the ground: Descending into the underground, priests and priestesses use chanting to reach alter state of consciousness, to become Divine, reconnect Heaven and Earth

This place is a magical place of dreamsvisions and mystical chants, where Priests and Priestesses go into the Oracle, into dream states of consciousness, using musical rituals to reach higher states of consciousness.

alchemy of soul kundalini dance art of 4 elements spiritual poetry by Nataša Pantović Nuit

of Soul, Kundalini Dance, Art of 4 Elements poem by Nataša Pantović

Going into Higher States of Consciousness, Goddess Worship Rituals and Healing with Divine Sound 111 HZ 111 HZ

7,000 years ago, a culture that settled in Malta, and built Maltese Megalithic Temples, had an advance knowledge not only of architecture but of sound rituals that induce a trance-like meditation or higher state of consciousness.   It is likely that the sound rituals were used to lead ‘devotees’ into trance-like meditation.  Read the Main Article

Malta Temples

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