Practicing Spirituality as a Life Style

Mindfulness Training

Practicing Spirituality as a Life Style

Often I am asked a curious question that perfectly reflects our 'busy' life-styles, thinking patterns and life habits:

How much of my time the Alchemy of Love will take?

My answer to this one is usually: 'if you work hard, hopefully you'll manage to finalize it in just a life-time'...

Mindfulness Training, about mindfulness and delight

Learning Mindfulness

Learning Mindfulness gives one a gift of experiencing Life fully.

Learning  brings into one's Life the quality of: Awareness, Awake-fullness, Alertness. It brings into one's Life a possibility to experience Life fully, a possibility to listen to one's Soul, a possibility to tune into the Flow of the Energy of Tao, Energy of Divine Life Force.

Mindfulness and Time for Exercises

Mindfulness is a Spiritual Transformation Tool that works with Mind Training and it just can not be compared with any 'fast food' recipe, or quick 'out of the box' enjoyment technique.

how to live highest potential

Learning Mindfulness does not take Her Majesty Time away from the Spiritual Traveler.

It gives one the gift of time and it creates space for important impressions.

Allowing oneself to be in Silence How to Meditate, to Be with Nature, to explore various Spiritual Exercises, within the Journey, one dive into every single activity with Mindfulness, respecting the needs of one's Soul, respecting each unique Being, our Mother Earth and our amazing Matrix of Causes and Effects.

Practicing Spirituality as a Life Style

Practicing  is a Life long training, that puts Beauty, Inspiration, and Love on the Pedestal of LifeWhat is Spirituality 

Self development Blessing AoL mindfulness training by Nuit quote

A-MA on Spiritual Growth

Ama is the main protagonist of my historical spiritual fiction book and this is a quote discussing this subject

"Remember, a Warrior builds the Web, he does not get stuck within it.  Ama also laughed. 

This Web felt as a living creature that is difficult to understand and catch and that constantly changes. 

Some cultures call it energies, said Ama, or they refer to it as ghosts or spirits that surround us, attack us, or just constantly keep a watch over us; Christianity talks about devils and angels: beings that live around us, help us or hinder our actions throughout our lives. I prefer to call it a Web, a Web that has built its life around our Souls influencing our destiny, our moods, character and our entire attitude towards life and living creatures...

The Web is full of this mixture of narrow focussing, conditioning and other people’s thoughts, Ama agreed. We learn to act copying the models given to us by others, our parents, friends, society and we lose our ability to listen to the Source.

But the time does come when we are ready to understand the secret, ready to learn the Way of transforming black into white and white into gold, the way of transforming suffering into pleasure and then into Knowledge at that time enters freely." 

There are a number of ways and suffering is just one of them. 

"The True Self, if we can call it that way, is the one that chooses the way, the one that understands the flow and that experiences Life fully, through being compassionate and centred in Love, during every moment of the day. The True Self is not positive nor negative but it does have the power to transform negative into positive. "

Ama Alchemy of Love or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras Novel by Natasa Pantovic If you realise your True Self you will not need suffering

"If you realise your True Self, you will not need suffering, you will understand what a waste of time suffering is, when can be your choice. On the opposite scale of suffering you will find Love. So, to stop longing for the states of suffering, we need to actually train ourselves in loving! We need to learn to breath Love, speak Love and be Love every single moment of our lives. Love controlled by Will."

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