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Mindfulness Exercises: Ten Tiny Changes

Mindfulness Gift: Ten Tiny Changes

Conscious Relationships and

mindfulness gift: train unconditional love

Give your family something special this Christmas, give them a mindfulness gift especially designed to strengthen the connection within your loved ones while sharing your heart, your time, your positive intentions and enriching your life-style.

Introduce ten tiny changes within your relationship world, making a  effort to create some special time with your family and friends changing some of your sub-conscious behavior patterns, nasty habits and uni-conscious fights.

First of all try to remember and note down 10 particular habits that occur within your relationship world with your parents, siblings, friends or with your partner.

You know the ones that make you say: ‘OMG I did it again!’

Some examples of these perfectly imperfect behaviors we all have are:

  • Your obsession to keep a particular door open at all times even though it really annoys your parents,
  • The habit to keep the TV on at all times no matter who has entered the house,
  • Your habit to answer your mobile and ignore your kids when the dinner is served, and to read the newspapers at the table,
  • Words that you do not mean and leaving the house without a kiss, or a hug
  • Squeeze the tooth-brush in exact the same way
  • You get the point, identify any weird and wonderful habits that we all secretly and sub-consciously worship and try to change them. 

Mindfulness Gifts

Surprise your partner, friends, parents or children. Change these habits. While changing the habits, prepare the mindfulness gifts to your loved ones.

You can prepare your mindfulness gifts secretly, openly or simply discreetly.

There are many examples of these little treats for your family and let your imagination be your Creative Conscious Guide.  These could be anything from helping your partner with the house chores, switching off the TV and preparing a supprise 'Pancake Eve' or doing an unusual breakfast ceremony. Buy a present for no reason, prepare a relaxing bath for the tired partner, or simply do not get angry with your kids for messing up your day.

I would also suggest improving your driving habits but personally I find this task too difficult to handle and comprehend so I will leave the "driving virtue" suggestion to whoever else has managed to master the monsters within this task!

At the end of the week take some time to discuss these mindfulness ‘tiny’ changes. Did your partner or kids recognize the presents and how did you feel giving or receiving these ‘mindfulness’ gifts and ‘conscious’ relationship wonders to your patterns, habits and the way of life. Did your ‘ego’ feel at all challenged with this self-remembering and self-observing ‘angel’ that helped you implement your mindfulness gifts.

With these ten tiny changes, you will hopefully challenge the Master of Habits of your Mind that often rules all our Relationships and attempt to exercise Willpower towards more , Tolerance and Beauty within your Life..

Practice Virtues

Practice Assertivness

Enjoy the Exercise 

Happy Holidays!

What is Mindfulness?

What is Alchemy?

What is Spirituality?

What is Creativity?

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