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Learning from Ancients about Sound Frequency of Supreme God

Supreme God and Sound Frequency

Chanting Mantras

by Nataša Pantović

The philosophical research concerning the divine and poses the question: Is there a meaning / sense / purpose to voicing / writing / reading as us "finite beings" talk about God and Infinity?

Is a human being really able to discuss God and Cosmos?

We all agree that knowing God is a mystical experience, first and foremost a subconscious one. There is an ethical importance in speaking about God / Goodness / Law totally unconnected to the question of faith, or occult knowing of Tao’s existence or non-existence, and whether a Man (as a King or a Fisherman) has the capability to answer to this question.

Meditating on the shores of Mediterranean, paying respect to Silence, to Nothing in all its forms, during the morning of the Equinox, during the Full Moon, I was experiencing the mystical names of .

circle triangle square elements

Within the Christian worlds we often use Amin / Alleluia, Buddhists deeply appreciate the sound and frequency of Aum, the ancient Egyptians remind us that the mystical name of God is Amon Ra. Ra or Ta as the sound of the supreme male quality and Ma as the sound of the supreme female quality, these two combining within the name of the Hindhu’s supreme God B-Ra-Ma, or Be Ra & Ma. Could it that simple? Perhaps not, but do your-own research further…

The mystical Christians preserved the secret of sound of the supreme God, singing the name Ma-Ri-Ya within a song Ave Marija = mystically equals to Amon-Ra-Yahowa. A typical prayer song both in Judaism and Arabic will praise: Allah, and the Hindus priests when devoting their prayers to their Supreme Male God will sing: Om Namah Siva, or Jay Krishna, or Vishnu Jay, and they have a huge variety of Mantras addressing any sort of Gods. Mystical Buddhists will use “Om Mani Padme Hum”

Within the western tradition the names of Gods were hidden with Elohim: the all powerful one creator, El Elyon: The God Most High, El Roi: The God Who Sees Me, El Olam: The Eternal God, EL: the strong one

And also within:

Jehowah: the Lord, Adonai: the Great Lord, YHWH: as “I AM” or YAH: “I AM”, IMMANUEL: Supreme God (during the meditation visualizing Cosmos) within us “I AM” IT.

Check the following example within the Music of the Middle Ages France.

An Anthology for Performance and Study by David Fenwick Wilson Parisian Sacred Music 1. Alleluia: Adorabo ad templum (organum duplum 2. Veste nuptiali (monophonic, conductus simplex) 3. O curas hominum (monophonic, conductus cum cuauda) 4. Ver pacis aperit (two-voice conductus simplex) 5. A solis ortus cardine (three-voiced conductus cum cauda)

Egyptian Amon Ra and Cosmos

Went to the University lecture about Cosmos last week to learn more about this Space-time Odyssey you have heard about from 2014 American science documentary presented by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Tyson starts by explaining how humanity has not always seen the universe in this manner, and describes the hardships and persecution of Renaissance Italian Giordano Bruno.

Flammarion cosmos engraving 19th century

A traveler puts his head under the edge of the firmament in the original (1888) printing of the Flammarion engraving.

The diversity of species as shown in the Tree of Life. The episode covers life evolution showing how DNA, cells, and mutation work, leading to the diversity of species, it describes extinction of species, the evolution of life from a single cell to humankind today.

Not wishing to repeat already explored "When Knowledge Conquered Fear”, starts with the first page of Isaac Newton's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

Prinicipia 1690 Isaac Newton's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

Prinicipia 1687 Isaac Newton's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

Prinicipia 1687 Isaac Newton's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica was the first major work to describe the laws of physics in mathematical terms. This is the time of the Age of Enlightenment when the science went into the direct confrontation with the Religious Dogmas. From that point on, it took us only 300 years of the development of science to reach this point within time and space, however we spent most of that time killing each other.

Macro vs Micro observing Ra, Cosmos, Stars

Determining Earth's distance to the Sun, the motion of stars, exploring the universe, all sciences passed to us through the wisdom of ancient India, China, Egypt, who spent ages researching these questions.

They loved the musing about the nature of light and the speed of light and the light emanated from billions of years in the past. It resonates with our ancestors’ wisdom methods passing the knowledge through sound or music or images. The exchange of the written words between the scientists of our little planet is such a recant event!

Following the light, science comes to the discovery made over 2000 years ago of the camera obscura by the Chinese philosopher Mozi and the suggestion of the nature of light by the 11th century Arabic scientist Ibn al-Haytham, leading to the development of the telescope that allows astronomers to devote their lives to the observation of the stars, planets, the motion and expansion of the universe.

Light Spiritual Poetry Art of 4 Elements

Light Spiritual Poetry Art of 4 Elements by Nataša Pantović

What about going deeper, observing the micro-organisms that live within a dew drop, discussing how plants use photosynthesis to convert sunlight into chemical reactions, demonstrating that all our scents are used to trigger reactions in the brain to aid in the survival of the species. The supreme exchange that happens within our brains!

The ancient Greek philosopher, Democritus (460 BC – 370 BC) born in Abdera, Thrace (here we go Thrace again - do check Esoteric teachings of Golden Citizens of Ancient Greece) meditated that all matter is indeed made up of combinations of atoms in a large number of configurations. Democritus spent the inheritance of his father doing research travelling. At the time when none travelled, he went to Asia, and reached India and Ethiopia. He wrote on Babylon and Meroe; lived in Egypt for five years, and mentioned in his work the Egyptian mathematicians with their supreme knowledge, and many Greek philosophers whose writings he was familiar with. He knew Socrates, and Aristotle refers to him as the pre-Socratic natural philosopher. He is described for his modesty, simplicity and cheerfulness. So the basic atomic structure of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and the process of nuclear fusion comes from the thought form of this man!

When you hear this, are you not puzzled of how slow our progress is…

Amon Ra: Love vs Reason Learnings from Kids


If you have kids, you will know this family dynamic to be Truth, my 11 year old boy, trusts no words of mine any longer, even though I worked hard to speak only Truth during his upbringing. He now trusts not that I know our home telephone number, so he turns to his sister who is now 15 (read:  already went through this stage), who is cruel as any kid from any cultural upbringing would be (they have no patience for difference in growth, circumstances, conscious and subconscious dynamics within each one of us), looks into his eyes and deliberately lies. A minute later, explaining her point of view, she asserts “If you are so stupid not to believe Mum (Parents), this is your problem!” He gets totally annoyed, while me, his mum, respecting the totality of all forms, and accepts this stage of his life, consciously working on transcending vices into virtues.

Knowing that every woman and man is a star is one thing, walking the path while giving the individuals empowerment to act, within this matrix of choices, is something totally different. If we are not ready for the Cosmos manifesting in all its forms within our little ones, including rebellion, we will subdue his or her life-force. A conscious parent has a complete trust in the goodness of the kids, yet they will protect the young ones from alcohol, or drugs, or disturbed sleeping pattern or cigarettes, or dirt, fully aware that the addictive substances will distort our efforts to reach the highest potential or kill us.

A King will always chose Gold that is within his tradition and cultural upbringing, however it is not easy even for the King to shine, he ought to transcend his greed into Buddha’s state of being. When some other human beings are doing all the work, shining, choosing Good / God, drugs or gluttony, even when not surrounded by Gold, is often lying about our State of Being…

Alchemy of soul by Nuit spiritual alchemy poem

Alchemy of , Art of 4 Elements (Discover Alchemy through Poetry), by Nuit

My little one returned from school with a puzzling question: Why do you think “all” hate pigeons? We feed birds, cultivate plants, and respect animals, so what is wrong with pigeons? Explaining the word “all” he mentioned some respectable and reputable human beings. Since we do not have a TV or a Mobile indoctrination within our house-hold, we are a step behind of any brain-washing, so the news of who we MUST or MUST NOT LIKE are a bit slower to reach our ears. Must be a government campaign, I told him, let us check...

Back to the knowledgeable, unfortunatelly not yet wise Internet, very quick to find the Government decision to kill all the free flying pigeons in Malta. This is kind of cool, with the knowledge of people’s reactions you can decipher Government decisions, even though you do not have an access to them. Cool or scary!

Here we go again, we had an activists’ Protest organized all around Europe, last week, Government supported workshops, our University students went out to protest against corruption, we all love University students, we all support them, but why NOW, at this particular point of time? Who needs it NOW? We wish to support activist’s protests of all dimensions, at all times, this is the Individual empowerment that will end in: “every human being is a star” yet if they are Billionaires sponsored, you, as a conscious human being look around and ask that question: “Who is Talking and Why?”.

evolution art of 4 elements spiritual poems by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Evolution, Art of 4 Elements, by Nataša Pantović Nuit

So, on an activists’ meeting this week, a young environmentalist from Russia told the group of the local activists: “It is difficult to fight for something that has never been in your hands”, in Malta the coastal areas were as a possession passed from the Knights to the British to the Developers for the use of the Rich.

How very true, during the very brief period when the lands were truly in the hands of people, the locals were too poor to do anything constructive with them, too shy to admit they have the know how to manage it, and that “doing nothing” is actually “managing it”, “saving it as a natural resource for the future generations”, so the mind-set became: give it to the developers, at least the country’s economy will flourish. Nobody likes it, yet none wishes to fight against it…

Discussing Gandhi and his non-violence politics, and how one needs to be behind own words, my girl concludes, “Yes, we have studied it at school, it is the same with Marx, a German philosopher, economist, journalist and revolutionary, his favorite food was Caviar and wine…” Wow! How subtle the manipulating system is!!!, if my 15 year old will know his fu…g food patterns. She will not ask herself the sub-questions: why are they talking about this person, if he is in the history books, must be that he has “moved” our little planet or upset the set social order; why would he, coming from Germany, Karl Marx (1818 - 1883) who at the time devoted his life to science, studied law and philosophy at university when none used to study, not like Caviar and Wine!!! Do you really think that Buddha who came from a Royal family 2,000 years ago did not like Caviar and Wine! And how does that speak of his drive for Goodness???!!!

During one cold winter weekend while running from a Music Lesson to a Chess Tournament exiting our home, we went through the usual “wear something warm”, it is cold out there, bring some snacks and water, we will stay all day... Half way to the venues his caught revealed his wet trousers, he just picked them up from the washing line!!! My words “people used to die of Meningitis and Tuberculosis, were of no avail, I only got from my daughter: “Yeaaa, he is gone die! Sarcastically, I wore wet uniform to the school the other day and am still alive!” “The circumstances are different!” Screaming! Being 50, yet  returning home so he can change, even though I exercised that extra bit of care, to remind them of the circumstances, is pushing all the limits, and buttons imaginable, yet I wish not to risk one’s life to prove the fu…g point!

What about magic, mysticism and its forever hidden beauty of influencing human minds (a composite of thoughts and feelings)? How did we pass that knowledge? Through colors, symbols, sounds, all these days used left, right and center by our Entertainment Industry to evoke fear or magic wow from its audience. So, is there more to it? Is there a direct channel to God through music, art, prayer, meditation, nature? Will you see it in kids? Try your luck playing the dice with your little girl when she is age 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and see how many times she will get 6, the highest score, now multiply this zeal with 6 billion people and their wish to succeed. If you are a billionaire business or a Government, you will not take chances, but have your symbols, mysticism, magic, sounds perfectly reflecting all your goals. In today’s world this science is called: Political Marketing.

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