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Learning from Slavs and Ancient Neolithic Europe

Researching Russion / Serbian Forbidden Neolithic Archeology

Symbols and Signs Research by Nataša Pantović

In our wish to relate to omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresence , we use , music or poetry to express. since Ratio has no unobstructed pathways towards . The mysticism as a life-long research and devotion to God through beauty (Reconsidering Transcendence in Art), is within all the art works and temple structures of our very distant relatives. It is not just beauty that surrounds them but their deep mystical connection to the sound, symbols and mini universes represented in each sound / word.

Mystical Prayer

Ancient European Megalithic Dolmen near the Zhane river 4000 BC

Ancient European Megalithic Dolmen near the Zhane river 4000 BC

In the Caucasus mountains of Russia, archaeologists had a fiesta discovering and researching hundreds of megalithic monuments known as “dolmens” with the megalithic structures now dated to the same time of Maltese Megalithic Temples: 2000 to 4000 BC. These dolmens, megalithic stones, temples cover the Western side of the mountain Caucasus, in an area of approximately 12,000 square kilometres located on both sides of the mountain ridge 5 km from the Black Sea, near the city Gelenjik.

More than 3.000 megalithic monuments registered to date archaeologically fall within a 1,500 years span of building, dated to the same period of 24 Maltese Megalithic Temples, dated to a period from 2,000 BC to 3,500 BC. These Russian megaliths are equal to the great megaliths of Europe or Near East in terms of age, quality of architecture, building style and the mystery that surrounds its builders.

Built by “Giants” these mini worshiping temples, made of the large megalithic stones were curved to in some cases make a perfect circle. The floor plans of Dolmans are square, trapezoidal, rectangular and round. All of the dolmens are punctuated with the round portal in the center of the facade. In front of the facade is a court yard with an area where rituals undoubtedly took place. Each worshiping complex is fenced by large stone walls, sometimes over a meter high, which enclose the court yard. It is in this area that Bronze and Iron Age pottery was found with human remains and bronze tools, silver, gold, and semi-precious stone ornaments that helped archaeologists date the structures.

Following the Russian river Volga, we find a number of Neolithic settlements dated back to the period of 5,800BC - 4,800 BC. The Algay site, the archaeologists tell us, is located in Low Povolzhye (PoVoŽJe). The pottery found on the site was made from silt that consists of two natural components: plant residue and shell fragments. This pottery was traded between 2 settlements: what is now known as Middle and Lower Povolzhye. 520 stone items were found at the site and the most common tool was the end-scrapers (113 samples). There is a large number of animal bones: saiga antelope, red deer and domesticated dog! Wow! Even at that time! Archeologists have identified that the items from the lower and upper levels at the Algay site are attributed to the same, Eshanskaya (Š-N-K-Y) culture, it is recognised that the site existed for around one thousand years.

Our Neolithic Ancestors

When meditating about our neolithic ancestors, one has to remember that their civilization was advanced enough to invent “writing”. Attempting to connect to the stones as portals, to higher knowledge, our ancestors have mastered symbols and have created the first portable ways to communicate with Gods of Death.

The Ancient Egyptian writing known as hieroglyphics, the sacred carvings found in the Egyptian tombs, are with us since 3000 BC, “medu netjer”, the god's words, simplified so that they became burial texts, left within tombs of Egyptian Priests and Royalty as charms, or blessings to provide an after life protection, a writing system given to Egyptians by God Thoth.

All our Kings have very early realized that the physical mind keeps no memory, and that a typical cultural memory rotates around famine, cholera, natural disasters, earthquakes or tsunamis and wars with the neighboring countries, so they have commissioned priests or scientists to write their-own historical records. Writings always had a Power, to impress, to prove, to give God's instruction, for what was written was the truth. Admittedly, we had only a few books before the age of electricity, or no books whatsoever other than religious scripts circulated among the few that could read and write.


Bible as a Holy Script

Why it is difficult to be a Slav in Ancient Europe

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Many a nation across out little planet will tell you that the history IS written by the winners. Now-days scientists are trying to re-write even the history of the second world war, that was within our fairly recent past, imagine how much of the abuse is within the slaves vs slave-drivers Nations of Balkans. Mystics of our past and present, scientists, alchemists, artists, musicians will all speak of this injustice done by a few, in Power, during our recent and not so recent past .

Even today, when our countries are free, I totally resonate with India, or African nations, or our turbulent near East, for as a Slav I belong to a Nation that could not exist within the Balkan region for they were slaves to Germans, the Nation officially in power, reigning the Austro-Hungarian Empire for many generations. This non-recognition of Slavs as a Nation in Europe, this time in Poland, took Hitler into his first 2nd World War battle in Europe, when he invaded Poland in 1939.

At the time, I had my history lessons, I was told that Slavs migrated to the region in the 11th century, and in my naivety I looked for the name of the King who we followed to arrive to the region. I searched the mythology, the poetry, the stories... Of course, there was none, for no migration ever happens in that way, it is a slow and 1,000 years long process, of family migrating one by one finding new lands to graze or new regions to cultivate. The scientists of the region have moved this date to the 6th century AC and for his research work proving that Slavs were within the region even at the time of the Vincha (the oldest Danube based civilization dating 7,000 BC) a Serbian University Professor Dr Jankovic's research was nick-named “Forbidden Archaeology”.

European Neolithics exploring , Sounds and Scripts, Sacred Script of Neolithic Europe and Ancient China

Knowing all to be a vibration, while paying deep respect to sounds of each and every sacred letter, 4,000 years ago, we now know that all the ancient writing systems, I.e. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu Sindhi together with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean were right-to-left scripts. When deciphering any ancient documents, i.e. Sacred script, it is safe to consider them a “Translation” of an earlier work written in the above mentioned languages.

The real mix and historical factual mess-up has started once the minds of Europe have equated Roman Empire with the area of Serbia, or Macedonia, or Greece or the Byzantine Empire. The Greek civilization was far more advanced than any we have known within this area, dates back to 1,000 BC, yet Babylon goes back to 2,000 BC, Malta goes back to 3,000 BC, Serbian Vincha goes back to 5,000 BC. All in the same region, all carrying “pagan” devotion to Mother Earth, expressed within Slav languages with the sound Dj, Ch, Sh. Check 

The Mystery of Babylon Tower

The Egyptian civilization, ruling the area pre-0 BC, was absolutely stunning, so fascinating that Napoleon had all of his scientists researching ancient Egyptian wisdom before starting his European conquests. The Ancient Maltese temples, Babylonian empire, Cyprus, or Serbian Vinca's Danube civilization all have existed and managed the region of the wider Mediterranean for thousands of years before Christ.

Todor Pešterski in his video Vedic History of Ancient Serbia, in a Roman Vila Gamzigrad in Zaječar in Serbia, shows a mozaic of a typical so called “Roman” Villa full of ancient Egyptian symbols, Goddess worship temple structures, or hidden under the “historical ferry-tale” of Roman conquest of the area that was Barbaric and had no culture or art-works or civilization to relate to.


Todor Peshterski Vedic History of Ancient Serbia in a Roman Vila Gamzigrad

Do you see any Roman symbols within this UNESCO protected site? Some 3, 000 years ago, living as separate sovereign Kingdoms, Arabs, Greeks, Slavs, gave us some most amazing insights into sounds, symbols, large stones temples buildings, or stars observations. Culturally, ethnically different, they were mistakenly considered, first aRoman Empire, and than a part of the Austria - Hungarian or larger Turkish (Ottoman) Empire.

With the knowledge that the ancient European / North African / Near Eastern citizen did not travel, except to Holy Land for a pilgrimage journey, a holy expedition reserved for Kings, or Priests, that wars were constant but totally local, the Danube region and the wider Mediterranean area, including Balkan was colonized, subordinated and subject to slave trading for much of the last two thousands years.

The written history also does change when the time is right, followed by the drive behind some enlightened minds, the drive of various scientific researchers, or the drive of the indigenous people of either US, Australia or New Zealand who find it painful to listen to the Colonial Truth that stil has its roots deep into our schooling and media.


Goddess Axen and Athena

Learning from 300 Ancient Egypt Amarnu Letters or Ancient Greek Canaan Tablets 1,350 BC

Dionysus in Neolithic Europe

Learning from Felix Romuliana Gamzigrad, Serbia and Dionysus

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