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Interview by Ema Sintayu

Natasa Pantovic on her biggest inspirations behind her books, her life journeys around the globe and her ventures within the business world


As ancient worlds consciousness researcher, Serbian/Maltese author and businesswoman Natasa Pantovic and I sat knee to knee from one another, she spoke proudly to me of her several accomplishments throughout her life.


Since I had previously researched that she had written up to ten books as an author, several of which had taken years to write, I began with my first question:

“I researched that you’re an author that has written up to ten books within your career, this doesn’t sound like much of an overnight process, so how many years did it take you to write them, and when did you begin?” 

“It is a lifetime Journey isn’t it?”

She answered, laughing gently before continuing. “I have published my very first book in 1993 in Serbia, a very long time ago, I’m actually at the moment fifty four years old, so I had a huge amount of years to do all of this.”


Natasa Pantovic with Ema Sintayu on her biggest inspirations holding ancient Serbian from Vincha and her book Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of the Name of God

She continued to explain that she had recently published eight books with an independent publishing house called Artof4elements that she runs herself. The publishing house part of a venture she took part in with eight other authors, who so far together managed to publish forty four titles. 

Natasa then also gave more insight into her past focus and experience within the business world, revealing that she had been a Management consultant for twenty years and a head of Business development for large companies such as Deloitte, which gave rise to many opportunities. One of them being the ability to travel all over the world, and live in many different countries. 

From her magnificently insightful answer, I took note that the woman before me was clearly quite an adventurous and hardworking person, which led me to my next question for her:

“Wow! All you have just told me sounds like a very long and intense life process, similar to the way your books focus on a wide array of topics - which mostly tend to delve into the past as you’re also an ancient worlds consciousness researcher-  where would you say you pull most of your inspiration and ideas from?”

Natasa nodded in approval, confirming that she is very inspired not only by the ancient world she researches so intently, but also by Archeology and the Philosophy of sound, adding that : “My latest book, called ‘Metaphysics of sound’ actuallydwells within this area of knowledge.” She went on to explain that ancient world history, ancient goddesses and a mix of cultures including the Serbian and Maltese language  are very inspiring to her.

When I pointed out that writing takes a lot of effort and time, I also asked her which book she needed the most time to write and research, to which she immediately answered that it was her first book ‘A-ma’ that took her the longest to finish writing. From delving into subjects such as the Age of Enlightenment, Chinese philosophy, Greek mythology and the development of thought within Europe, the character Ama stayed with her for a number of years. Ama stayed with her even long before Natasa had traveled to Ethiopia and adopted me to be her daughter!

On that warm note, and my thanks to her for allowing me the honour of having her time for an interview, we ended our talk.

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