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Manuel Theatre Youth Production T.M.Y.T

 by Nataša Pantović

It perhaps takes a special kind of courage to perform at Malta’s National Theatre, Manuel Theatre, built in 1731 by the Knights of St. John, in one of the oldest working theatres in Europe, as a young 18-25 year old artist staging a Maltese production. There they are, handling a space and expectation of audience that has seen arguably the greatest shows of Malta, but still working with amazing 'but we think we can make an extraordinary piece of music theatre...’

Manuel Theatre 9th April 2022 Dancers

Manuel Theatre 9th April 2022 Dancers Opera Ciklu, Photography by Karl & Camille Fenech

Introducing tales from 21st Century women, set to lyrics, music and dance highlighted contemporary social issues. Without using the obvious, subtly but significantly tweaking the story interpretation, reunited with the nuclear family in the production. Led by their teacher’s motto: “There is nothing more beautiful than giving your soul to the audience:” the performers were able to zoom in and out and tell a bigger story of individuals and about community

We were invited to join a 70 minute journey through various life struggles as the young cast of opera singers and dancers experimented with contemporary youth opera and dance, inviting the audience to join the conversation.

Manuel Theatre Youth Opera & Dance

With contributions from international composers ĊIKLU was staged on the 9th April as the T.M.Y.T latest work managed to trigger our imagination using spectrum of tools to their fullest potential.


Opera Ciklu at the Manuel Theatre Contemporary Youth Dancers

If COVID has thought us anything, it is that art has the power to bring us together. Both teams of opera and dancers at the Manoel Theatre worked together to deliver their mission in new and innovative way.

On some instances, while they were performing, it would feel for a moment that time had stopped, that Gaia had stopped turning, as the entire audience, cast and crew would stand, quietly absorbing the humanity of ĊIKLU’s work.

03-ema-pantovic-at-the-manuel-theatre-9th-april-2022-dance opera ciklu

Opera Ciklu staged at Manuel Theatre Valletta Dancers

As they moved the production into the auditorium, we could marvel at how the dancers and the singers held the audience mesmerised. Each scene changed how we felt with the slightest change of ambiance, light, a meditative pause, yet somehow they never lost the central message of the tale. This performance was a beautiful recording of the group journey through feelings and mutual bonding evolved through endless workshops with teachers, Douglas Comley, Kate Fenech Field.

Manuel Theatre 9th April 2022 Dancers Opera Circu Malta Youth Theatre

Manuel Theatre 9th April 2022 Dancers Opera Circu Malta Youth Theatre

Fierce, kind, and properly brave, they danced and sang their truths making the Manuel Theatre’s ecosystem a fully inclusive organisation.

Aliyah Grech, Aimy Lecuyer, Ema Pantovic, Elise Baldacchino, Emilie Visanich, Emma Chetcuti, Rachel Fleri, Rebecca Cachia performed the role of Contemporary Dancers forming part of TMYD.

Angelica Buontempo, Daphne Camilleri, Madeleine Gruppetta, Maria Grazia Grech, Maria Mallia, Mariette Borg, and Michaela Agius performed the role of Opera Singers forming part of TMYO.

The cast also includes Stage Manager Pamela Kerr, Creative Directors Douglas Comley, and Kate Fenech Field.

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