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Body Awareness Questionnaire

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Personality Questionnaires: Body Questionnaire

AoL Mind Map for Series of Books by Natasa Pantovic Mindful Being Course

AoL Mind Map by Natasa Pantovic for Mindful Being Course

We hope to help you discover Your True Self; inspire you to live more passionate and sensitive life; helping you listen to your Soul, finding your-own space in this matrix of life, making a genuine contribution to humanity...

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We highly recommend that you spend a day in measuring your time spent in exercising, resting, and observing your eating habits.  We often do not remember the truth related to our habits and we need to make a conscious effort to record them so that we can become aware of them.

Body is a Temple  by Natasa Pantovic

AoL Training Willpower Exercises

The first step of any change, any self-develpoment, any spiritual journey starts with the training of the Willpower. How to train the willpower? What are the exercises that will help you strengthen your willpower? What are the main tips for this training?

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Willpower Exercises Video

Body and Nutrition

Body needs nurture and care. Take care of your body.

'Body influences the mind also in its turn a healthy body makes the mind healthy. If the body is sick, the mind also becomes sick. If the body is strong and healthy, the mind also becomes healthy and strong.' Sivananda

Alchemy of Love Video: Body and the Perfect Nutrition

Body and Regular Exercise

Keep your body strong. Walk in the nature, do yoga, jog. All these activities will have spiritual value if you add mindfulness to them.

'Jogging, dancing, swimming, anything can be a meditation. My definition of meditation is: whenever your body, mind and soul are functioning together in rhythm it is meditation...' by Osho

alchemy of love mindfulness training mindful jog

Please do checl Alchemy of Love Methodology and if you would like to experiment, and experience  Tools and Techniques

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Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training  Life Coaching

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