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Personal Development, is a life-style.  Constantly improving our mind, emotions, body, is a way to keep the link between our brain and our soul.

Personal Development starts with a million dollars question: Who am I? and it develops into 100s of mindfulness transformations tools that we could use during our day to reach our highest potential.

Me as an individual, me as a social being, me as a lover, as a mother, as a neighbor, as an inhabitant of Gaia... Who am I? The micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos of my existence all form a part of this amazing web called: Life.

Giving respect to the constant growth that we as human beings can experience, opens an amazing door to: creative thinking, loving relationshipsconscious parenting, mindful living, our spiritual well-being and it gives us a possibility to tap into the positive Force of Knowledge.

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Free Transformation Tools:

Balancing 4 Elements: intuition, thinking, emotions, sensation

The four elements within each one of us are: air, earth, fire, and water, four states of matter Life chooses to manifest on Earth. Jung describes them as four basic components of a personality: intuition, sensation, thinking and feeling.

Balancing our female and male side, our loving, meditative, artistic and intuitive Self with our intelectual, active and social Self is what will bring us completness and we hope happiness.  Sages and gurus of our past talk about this balance.   Taoists with their concept of Yin and YangYogis with their belief in two opposite energy forces that flow through our body, calling them Ida and Pingala, and Jung that arranges the four components of personality into two pairs of opposites: sensations vs. intuition and thinking vs. feeling; Alchemists with their call to unite the opposites of: Venus and Mars, and Kabbalists with their ancient wisdom key called: Tree of Life and their magic dance of symbols and opposites

Through a process of self-discovery, we learn mindfulness, and get in touch with our conscious behaviour and we start to understand the subconscious forces that form our personality and unconsciously change our attitudes. Understanding the side of us that is ruled by instincts, habits and someone else’s beliefs is the first step towards more complex and beautiful existence.

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Our  is the true driver of the chariot called , and it is a source of an amazing inner knowing.

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We have an amazing potential to reach our highest potential, to have truly inspiring careers and loving relationships.

Because we love  chanthing and because we wish you to improve this wonderful spiritual skill we have a very special gift for you this year. We wish to give you our Chanting Mantras with Best Chords by Goce Nikoloski Book for Free!

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Unfortunately, often we walk through our lives asleep, we let our habits rule us, and find it difficult to change our beliefs.  Recognizing the power of our Mind and the power of our Soul, learning the art of Concentration and Love, we are learning to Live with the Flow, not against it. 

Many thoughts create an endless chatter that poisons our lives with prejudices, preconditioning, and various dilemmas that stop the Life Force. Learning mindfulness, learning meditation, respecting Nature and silence, working with Soul's and Spiritual Diary, practicing virtues, reading inspiring books, working on various relationship tools, help us move into the space of inspired, motivated and energized.

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